Access & Liaison Officer/Manager for North West Syria

İnsana Değer Derneği Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı 4-9
İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate),Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 1046


İlan Detayları

Position: Access & Liaison Officer/Manager for North West Syria

Starting date:                   August 2021

Contract duration:          One year contract with regular extension

Country Programme:     North West Syria 

Base:                                Turkey, Gaziantep, with regular visits to North West Syria

Line Manager:                  Area Director

About the role:

Organisation programs for war-affected Syrian population focus mainly on livelihood/food security, rural rehabilitation and education. We operates together with our partners several programs across North Western Syria (Idlib, Aleppo) with its four offices and more than 250 employees inside Northwest Syria. Cross-border operations are managed from Turkey where main office is established serving as administrative and logistics support of program implemented directly or through partners in Syria.

Access & Liaison Officer/Manager for North West Syria is responsible for overseeing access, security and safety of all staff and premises.

NOTE: Due to the unique nature of the position, two aspects of the work should be approached with particular importance:

Availability: As an emergency contact, the selected candidate is expected to be available outside normal business hours on their allocated mobile phone and other online accounts, and to continue monitoring and reporting and in case of emergency immediately acting.

Confidentiality: Any information receives in the course of their work regarding safety and security of IDD offices or employees should be treated as confidential. The selected candidate should not discuss such information with any party outside the office unless explicitly instructed to by line manager. 



  • Remote management of the access department inside Northwest Syria with regular mentorship, guidance, support and training provision.
  • In close cooperation with line manager liaise and negotiate with relevant government, UN & NGO platforms, humanitarian actors and other bodies, to ensure organisation has necessary access permissions to the areas of implementation.
  • Closely cooperate with relevant project partners to maintain access and safety of employees.

Safety & Access

  • Endorse and promote Safety processes.
  • Conduct security assessment of organisation premises and areas of operations, oversees implementation of recommended improvements.
  • Train all staff on necessary Safety related issues and/or procedures when/if required.
  • Oversees movement tracking system and ensures relevant SoPs (movement reporting, “lost contact”, etc.) are in place and operational.
  • Maintain and regularly update maps related to all operations in Northwest Syria.
  • In coordination with logistic team management of any Safety related issues including: Fire, First Aid & Health, Vehicle Safety, any other issues relating to it.
  • Support logistics with relevant access permissions for humanitarian cargo and personnel travel.
  • Cooperate with preparation of security related budgeting and financial tracking and planning

Analysis and Assessments:

  • Maintain information network on the ground to be able to provide verified information and early warnings.
  • Cooperation on regular revision & update of Security Management Plans (SMP) – Standard Operational Procedures, Contingency Plans, Risk Matrix, etc.
  • Ensure the SMP are implemented in all organisation activities.
  • Create regular access & safety reports and keep updated relevant area-specific risks assessment.
  • Provide inputs for regular contextual analysis and predicts possible conflict-related developments, threats assessment, design and implements measures to mitigate potential risks.

Incidents and Crisis Management

  • Responsible for early warnings, incidents reporting system, incidents follow up and lessons learned  and recording incidents in IRT (Incident Reporting Tool) with SA as technical link and support.
  • Responsible for ensuring the incident Logbook is created and adequately updated and archived when appropriate.
  • Assist Crisis Management team (CMT) to lead through the whole process.
  • Provide inputs and support for major relocation and evacuation in case decisions are done through decision of Crisis Management Team.

Human Resources

  • Supervision of organisation access team.
  • Responsible for streamlining due diligence and duty of care standards and procedures.
  • Responsible for planning, preparation and implementation of capacity building, personal development plan and trainings related to access & safety & security.
  • Review the subordinate monthly time sheets and other security team related HR documents and verify that all information recorded is accurate.
  • Participation in internal HR access procedures.

Qualifications and required skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree minimum required or equivalent University Degree.
  • Profound knowledge of the areas of Northwest Syria.
  • At least 3 years of experience in areas of access, liaison or safety & security, programming, MEAL.
  • Experience with crisis management.
  • Knowledge and understanding of humanitarian programming. 
  • Profound knowledge of spoken and written Arabic and English language is mandatory.
  • Turkish language is beneficial.

General skills:

  • Ability to work with teams in tense and high volatile contexts.
  • Communication, analytical and managerial skills. 
  • Problem solving approach.
  • Proficiency with MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Maps)

IDD offers:

  • Position will be filled as Manager or as Officer based on the experience of selected candidate and organisational setting at the time of hiring.
  • Salary and benefits according to organisation salary scale and HR policies.
  • Opportunities for learning, trainings and capacity development.