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Syrian American Medical Society Foundation Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı
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Position: Advocacy Manager

Job Location: Gaziantep
Reporting to: Country Director

Working area: Gaziantep, Turkey

Number of positions open: 1


Key relationships: Senior Manager Programs, IMU team, Syria Field Manager, Headquarters Advocacy and Communications Manager, Advocacy Manager from other SAMS country programs.

Location: Turkey Gaziantep with ability to travel in Turkey, and abroad.

General objective of the position:

The Advocacy Manager is responsible for working with advocacy and communications staff in other SAMS offices and headquarters to influence policies to improve access and humanitarian services, and protection of civilians, and humanitarian workers, and raise SAMS’ profile. The advocacy manager should be able to work on both strategic level, and daily operations.

 Main tasks and responsibilities:

Advocacy Management

  • Work with country director, senior management team, leadership of the organization, advocacy staff from SAMS other country programs and headquarters advocacy, media and communications staff to identify key policy areas SAMS wants to influence, e.g. access, protection, services, funding, administrative policies/issues affecting SAMS staff and operation.
  • Work with country director, and headquarters advocacy and communications staff to develop SAMS advocacy strategies, policies, tactics and tools. That includes developing the advocacy campaigns that serve the organization, and supervision of implementing them. 
  • Map and analyze donors and partners existing and planned assessments.
  • Engage with humanitarian coordination platforms.
  • Work closely and communicate on daily basis with medical teams on the ground.
  • Monitor data Collecting from IMU, SAMS teams on the ground, other organizations working on human rights and humanitarian response, and updates coming from other partners on the humanitarian needs in Syria.
  • Liaison with local, regional, and international media, and representing SAMS on media when needed.
  • Lead the media team in Turkey and Syria, that includes supervision on materials flow to HQ, supervision of content including visual one, for SAMS social media, website, and monthly newsletters in Arabic and Turkish.
  • Representing the organization in humanitarian platforms including civil society alliances, donors’ meetings, UN coordination meetings, advocacy working groups, and others.
  • Working on talking points, presentations, briefings for the senior leadership of the organization when they represent the organization in any platform.
  • Facilitating advocacy events and trips including conferences, and trips to EU, USA, and other countries.
  • Work with HQ to give the leadership updates from the ground to form the messages of the organization.
  • Liaison with human rights and investigation bodies who are tracking violation against humanitarian workers.
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with key policy makers, donors and other stakeholders.
  • Supervision of the liaison with Turkish governmental and non-governmental entities.
  • Supervision of the budget of the advocacy activities.

Office culture

  • Promote and model a positive, professional and respectful office culture.


Mandatory Qualifications required

  • A University degree in Journalism, communication, political science, Media, International relations, or any related field
  • Minimum 2-3 years’ experience influencing policy makers.


  • Fluency written and spoken in Arabic
  • Fluency written and spoken in English
  • Turkish is a plus


The salary will be defined regarding the SAMS Turkey Office salary scale on-going.

Interested candidates may please send their resume and fill the application in the following link

Last date for application is January/ 26 / 2020

Syrian American Medical Society Foundation

SAMS Foundation is governed by an appointed board of director and its operations are implemented by dedicated staff and volunteer medical professionals in five countries.

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