Architectural Engineer (Ref: Architectural Engineer)

Ihsan Relief and Development Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate)
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İlan Detayları

Purpose of the job

IhsanRD is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Architectural Engineer to join its Education Program team. As an Architectural Engineer, you will play a crucial role in the planning, design, and execution of architectural projects within educational facilities. The ideal candidate should possess a strong background in architectural engineering, a passion for educational environments, and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Key Responsibilities


Main responsibility:


- Manage education projects related to different agencies “UN / INGOs”

- Conduct thorough site assessments to evaluate existing structures and infrastructure.

- Coordinating with IhsanRD’s Engineering Unit when required.

- Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in educational facility design.

- Utilize cutting-edge technologies and sustainable design principles to create innovative and efficient learning environments.

- Conduct the required measurements on the ground regarding the site's engineering services in cooperation with the team.

- Check upcoming data related to projects and report to the line manager coordinator for any additional information required.

- Conducting architectural studies with all its accessories using engineering programs.

- Cooperate with the line manager to prepare reports according to the required forms.

- Submit the final file for the required task(s) to the line manager.

- On the ground supervision of the projects’ implementation according to the plan and preparing visit reports. “This role requires field visits into NW Syria”

- Stay informed about changes in building codes and zoning laws that may impact educational facility design.


Note: The Candidate must comply with IhsanRD’s policies and procedures with respect to the safeguarding, Code of Conduct, PSEAH, data protection, and confidentiality, do no harm principles, and unacceptable behavior protocols.


Note: The above responsibilities are key responsibilities. Other responsibilities may be assigned to this position in the future, depending on the workflow of the Education dept.


Qualifications (study - work experience - languages)


A. Main:

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Architectural Engineering or a related field.


B. Desirable:

- Previous experience in the field of architectural engineering work no less than 2 years.

- Previous experience in humanitarian work of no less than 2 years.

- Preferable to have previous working experience in Education projects.

- Administrative experience.

- Proven experience in architectural design and project management, especially within educational settings.

- Strong knowledge of building systems, materials, and construction methods.


C. Languages:

- Excellent command in English and Arabic languages.

- Turkish language is a plus.


Competencies (core – technical)


A. The basic:


• Communication. • Working within a team.

• Planning and organizing. • Reliability.

• Creativity • Ability to work under pressure and in a multicultural environment.

• Commitment to continuous learning. • Gender awareness

B. Supervisory


• Leadership. • Vision.

• Performance management. • Empowering others.

• Building trust. • Insight when making decisions.


C. Technical


• Good at dealing with Internet applications “PowerPI, Chat GPT…etc” • Office suite (Word - Excel - Outlook).

• Proficiency in working on engineering programs (AutoCAD Revit and architectural programs (3D Max..... etc).

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.




IhsanRD shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men and women to participate in any capacity and under conditions of equality in its principal and subsidiary organs.


Interested applicants should submit their applications before the application closing by the end of 31.12.2023, and must include the following:


A curriculum vitae.

The contact details for two references (one of them should be a current employer.)


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Unsuccessful applications will neither be acknowledged nor returned. Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Ihsan Relief and Development

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Its mission is to provide Syrians with critical services to alleviate suffering, foster economic and social development, support a vibrant civil society, and build the capacity of local administrative councils.
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