Area Coordinator (Ref: SR.TR.ANT.AEC001)

Suriye Yardım Derneği Hatay
Tam Zamanlı
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 676


İlan Detayları

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

University or Master degree in administration, Politics, government, international or public relations.

General Work Experience:

Preferably 3-5 years of experience preferably in Admin, Logistics, NGOs or UN Safety and Security department; experience in general office management. Able to support operational tasks. Skilled in organization management and communication. Able to manage the administrative requests from the field. Able to analyze all security/risk data received from the source. Able to address the team in the field and current operation locations in order to monitor the situation and act accordingly.

Skills :

  • Languages: Good in English/Arabic (writing –reading –speaking) other language will be desired especially (Turkish).
  • Computing: Proficient in Microsoft Office including, excel, word, outlook etc.
  • Communication: Strong communicator, ability to negotiate, facilitating and representation skills
  • Time management skills.
  • Team Management and supervisory skills.
  • Able to be a focal point of contact

Abilities :

  • To work extra time as needed
  • To travel in general inside Turkey, to borders and in Syria if required
  • Organizing and archiving documents
  • Establish security and safety plans.
  • To show commitment to social justice and the mission of SYD as an organization
  • To demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
  • To communicate with local authorities in the country.

The main duties & responsibilities 

Safety and Security

  • Lead the development and implementation of innovative security strategy, policy, procedures and solutions for program and operation staff while working with Suriye Yardim Dernegi (SYD) in Turkey and Syria. This includes but not limited to workshop formats, scenario analysis and forecasting, use of IT and graphic design tools and visualization to apply technology in
  • Follow up the updates (economy and population movements) and events regarding the situation in Syria and in the region and prepares a routine and situational reports and analysis for SY Staff. Routine follow up and analyses of the news, daily changes, updates and developments and prepare related reports.
  • Identify and evaluate the new methodology, technology and organizes who could contribute to reduce risks and increase security for Staff
  • Provide presentations to Staff and partners during kick-off meetings and throughout the implementation of the projects
  • Ensure that Staff movement plans are reviewed, and security concerns are implemented, including pre-departure briefings and monitoring
  • Ensure adherence to SYD security SOP’s in the program implementation and activities area, including here activities under partner implementation
  • Conduct regular updates of Field Security Plans, for Syria, and host countries, and Updates are uploaded regularly into SYD share
  • Conduct regular analysis reports, stand up briefings and ad-hoc advisories for operation manager /country director and donors.
  • As instructed by the operation manager, develop standard operation procedure, assessment, Security report and updates for SYD and donor; preparing hibernation/evacuation/relocation reports and update them regularly. Ensure that team is fully informed about these plans.
  • Crossing the border to Syria when it is required
  • Any other job-related task, assigned by the line manager



  • Managing SYD petty cash budget in coordination with the finance department; Supporting Syria related administrative tasks
  • Assist the Operation Manager in the preparation of administrative reports and in drafting routine correspondence and in correcting texts or data.
  • Assist the Operation Manager in the coordination of business/regular staff meetings.
  • Assist to organize internal staff training in coordination with the HR Department.
  • Share and coordinate the administrative information with operations and other staff
  • Assist the Operation Manager in managing the Syria-related tasks  
  • Coordinating between office managers inside Syria and other departments in Turkey
  • Support the
  • Perform other related duties as required.





  • Liaise on a regular basis with head of departments across the group to share and obtain knowledge, best practices that could help improve the organization readiness when it comes to SYD Staff and partners.
  • Attending the cluster meetings and represent the organization.
  • Support the tasks related with border crossing of staff; following the updates by the border authorities. 
  • Liaise with the team in Turkey, in Syria, other NGOs and 3rd parties, UN Agencies and partners regularly about any updates inside Syria or Turkey
  • Supports the Operations Manager and Liaison Team to improve liaison strategy.


Please send a CV and cover letter indicating your experience to the attention of HR Department in Suriye Yardım Dernegi  with the job code “SR.TR.ANT.AEC001“ in the subject line.

“All Suriye Yardım Derneğ members (staff, volunteers and interns) are committed to the SYD policies such as, SYD Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy, Reporting Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Reporting Conflict of Interest, Reporting Misconduct.”