Area Finance Assistant

Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate)
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İlan Detayları

Job Purpose

The Area Finance Assistant is a key member of the FLAT team at area level.

S/he is in charge of preparing, controlling and allocating payments and expenditures of his/her base under the supervision of the Area Finance Officer. S/he is also a key actor in archive management.

Chain of Command

Under the authority of:  Area Finance Officer

Working Relations


  • Finance Department of Aleppo and Idleb areas
  • Logistics and HR & Administration.
  • FLAT Departments


  • Suppliers, Service providers & Contractors
  • Accountant
  • Legal Counsel
  • Banks/PTT Banking


  1. Make sure that ACTED’s financial procedures are applied while proceeding payment and recording them appropriately.
  2. Produce all reporting and financial information in line with ACTED templates including accountancy reporting, finance reporting
  3. Is responsible for the Area archive management and follow up

Duties & Responsibilities

1.Payment Management

  1. Prepare payment vouchers as per ACTED internal manual;
  2. Liaise and proceed with suppliers/services and Admin payments when approved by the authorized ACTED staff and as per ACTED regional rules and processes;

2.Accountancy Management and control

  1. Register payments voucher once the payment is processed in the cashbook/bank book on a daily base;
  2. Make sure that allocations are correct and matching the allocation table when necessary
  3. Make sure that all information sent to capital in term of accountancy are as per ACTED global rules and processes (accounting codes – harmonization of the libellees – third party codes….)
  4. Control that logistics and human resources procedures are respected
  5. Check and validate his/her bank/cash book on a monthly base before submitting it for approval to the Area Finance Officer for monthly closure;
  6.  Ensure that monthly reconciliations are matching
  7. Submitting original invoices to the accountant for monthly declaration of the accountancy.
  8. Pro-actively follows up advance closure and clearance on a monthly base before recording them in the accountancy
  9. Leads the checking (i) daily to confirm not gaps/mistakes have been made while paying (ii) on a weekly base with his/her referent (iii) monthly with the Area Finance Officer. If any discrepancies, he/she will be leading the investigation and provide solution for approval to his/her manager;
  10. Prepare and record vouchers for any the money currency exchange in the concerned accountancy book;
  11. Prepare and record vouchers for any money transfers between accountancy books and make sure they are matching through the necessary references;

3.Archiving Management

  1. Make sure all payment vouchers and related documentation are scanned and archived as per ACTED internal standards;
  2. When needed, prepare and send the accountancy documentation to capital for review and archiving.

And any other duties assigned by supervisor


  • Degree in accountancy, finance management, business administration, economics
  • Basic knowledge of Excel
  • Previous experience as a cashier is a plus
  • Ability to communicate easily in English
  • Rigorous and detail oriented
  • Previous experience in NGOs / INGOs
  • Turkish ID holder and legally able to work in Turkey is a must.

Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to with their name and position they are applying to in the subject line,Application for [Position] – [Full Name],

The emails without the relevant information in the subject line will not be considered.

Only candidates that are Turkish ID holders and legally able to work in Turkey will be considered.

By applying for this position you certify that the all the details with your current application, are true to the best of your background and knowledge. You accept the legal mentions of and authorize the automated processing of your personal data by ACTED for recruitment, HR management and administrative compliance control purposes, in accordance with European regulations for the protection of personal data.




ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development) is an international NGO founded in 1993 and headquartered in Paris. ACTED implements projects in 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America and the Middle East.
ACTED currently has operations in northern Syria and Turkey. The activities include WASH, Non-Food Items, Food Security, Capacity Development, and Information Management in camps, urban and rural areas.
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