Base and Facilities Officer - Malatya (Ref: Malatya05)

Logistics Officer
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (B1, Level 3, Pre-Intermediate )
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İlan Detayları

Founded in Çeşme, Turkey in 2012 Imece was created with the intention of supporting the local community but had to shift focus at the start of the “European Refugee Crisis”.

Now based in Izmir, IMECE as a  non-profit organization, is supporting displaced people in Turkey in access to school for migrant children, training in solar engineering, access to electricity on the roads of exile.

In response of the earthquake, IMECE is now leading an emergency response in Malatya and Adiyaman areas.

To implement mental health support, IMECE is looking for a Base and Facilities Officer in Malatya:


Main Purpose

Carrying out or supervising all maintenance logistics activities in the base according to IMECE standards and protocols in order to have the material, infrastructure and vehicles in optimal running conditions




-Planning vehicles movements, tracking individual trips, and ensuring implementation of security measures

-Checking the maintenance of the various open spaces

-Checking and ensuring the maintenance of IMECE premises and facilities

-Performing maintenance of logistics equipment for cold chain, energy, IT, in particular: 

  >Inventories and the reallocation of equipment.

  >Checking the quality of the work carried out on generators and electrical installations.

-Preparing orders for his sector activity, do the follow-up, and checking their proper reception and state.

-Carrying out local purchases and ensuring that the line manager is aware of any problems linked to the quality or availability of the items to be purchased.

-Participating in trainings at the request of the line manager




Essential Secondary Education


Desirable experience with other NGOs


  Turkish, desirable English


Computer literacy


Results and Quality Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation, Behavioural Flexibility, Service Orientation





Position based in Malatya

Full time contract

Commitment of 1 month minimum

To start as soon as possible


İmece İnisiyatifi carries on activities for establishing a life based on universal values and eliminating discrimination, injustice and poverty. İmece İnisiyatifi is a movement of culture, thought and action.

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