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Solidarites International Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı 4-9
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Base Representative


Location of position: Gaziantep, Turkey


The Base Representative assists the Field Coordinator in his/her representation of Solidarités International and fully ensures it when the FC is not on the base.

He/she is responsible for external coordination with NWS Clusters, Donors, INGOs and NNGOs, OCHA, national stakeholders and SI partners in the area.

He/she is in charge of the life on the Gaziantep base and ensures good functioning of the different departments and good communication between them.

He/she regularly reports (through the appropriate tools) to the field coordinator and on specific requests.

He/she is the security referent on the Gaziantep base, and he/she ensures compliance with all of Solidarités International’s rules and procedures.

He/she contributes to the context analysis and monitoring in order to feed the strategy planning of Solidarités International.

List of main tasks:

Representation/external communication

  • Under delegation of the Field Coordinator, be the representative of Solidarités International during coordination meetings (cluster coordination mechanism, NGO Forum, etc.) and bilateral discussions with other stakeholders, towards civil society, or any other institution;
  • Under delegation of the Field Coordinator, be the representative and field focal point for donors meetings and field visits.
  • Ensures to remain the point of entry of any formal communications with external stakeholders (INGOs, INGOs forum, UN Agencies, Donors, SI Partners, etc.)
  • Convey the messages requested and report the main points discussed and agreed with the external stakeholders to the Field Coordinator.
  • Keep record of the engagements with the stakeholders (dedicated tools) and update any documents related to the representatives.
  • Establish and maintain a consistent network of contacts (Local and International NGOs, clusters, working groups and donors)
  • Show proactivity and autonomy in the way to engage and communicate with the partners.


Base Coordination and monitoring

  • Ensure Leadership and team cohesion development
  • Conduct NWS Base meetings during absence of the Field Coordinator.


  • Supervise Logistics, and Administrative responsibilities of Gaziantep Base
  • Report relevant related information to the Field Coordinator, anticipate possible concerns and support the decision making according to your monitoring of the situation
  • Ensure general communication and make sure the Field Coordinator’s messages are conveyed with timeliness
  • Conduct briefing (including the security part) to new SI staff or visitors on the Gaziantep base and ensure welcoming is well managed


Security management

  • Be responsible for team and goods security on Gaziantep Base, under the supervision of the Field Coordinator
  • Monitor and analyse the security situation in Turkey and ensure it is understood by the teams
  • Ensure compliance with all security rules and procedures on the Gaziantep Base
  • Ensure the immediate management of any security incidents that may occur on the Gaziantep Base and immediately inform the Field Coordinator.
  • Ensure timely reporting on any security incident in line with SI internal procedure for security management.
  • Produce contextual updates and conflict analysis documents in order to anticipate as early as possible the relevant needs to be addressed within Solidarités International’s mandate.

Reporting/ internal communication

  • Ensure that key information circulates correctly, both on the Gaziantep base with the NWS field Base(s)
  • Draft minutes for each attended meeting and send them to the Field Coordinator.
  • Contribute to the drafting of the General context section or executive summary for internal and/or external reports
  • Draft the general context section of the NWS base situation report and ensure delivery of the context note to be sent at mission level.



Movements and accommodation:

  • Working with direct manager and deputy log manager to organize and execute the movement plan for SI Turkey staff
  • In close connection with the Logistics Manager and the Deputy Logistics Manager, arrange the airport pick up and drop off for SI staff and visitors.
  • In conjunction with line-manger, organize the accommodation for SI staff and visitors in Turkey, either in guesthouses and/or in the hotel
  • Arrange the transportation of goods/materials with proper purchase and handover documentations


Contribution to SI strategy of intervention in the targeted areas


  • Ensure continuous monitoring of the humanitarian situation (including access and protection mainstreaming key questions) in the targeted areas, in support of the Field Coordinator;
  • Contribute to the development and update of SI strategy of intervention in the areas, by collecting and reporting on key information related to humanitarian needs gaps, funding opportunities etc.
  • Ensure overall monitoring of the timely and adequate implementation of SI activities in the field and report to the Field Coordinator;
  • If requested by the Management Team based in Amman, to ensure data collection, verifications and the implementation of ad hoc tasks by facilitating the coordination with the field teams.
  • Under delegation of the Field Coordinator and in his absence, to facilitate communication and coordination with the Syria Mission Coordination team in Amman and the field team.


Compliance and Accountability

  • Conduct visits to local and Turkish authorities and beneficiaries’ representatives to gather feedbacks and estimates on SI’ intervention and transparency.
  • Support internal efforts on compliance and conformity-wise upon request from coordination.
  • Ensure to dispatch official communication during base meeting and participate in induction sessions


Profile Required:

  • University degree (bachelor or master) in international relations, political science, communications or related field + minimum of 4 years experience in NGO at management level, including experiences in reporting (1 to 2 years)
  • If no diploma or lower diploma, 5+ years of progressively senior and relevant experience in coordination and humanitarian field, including 2 to 3 years in a similar position at management.


Other Mandatory recruiting criteria:

  • Knowledge of Major donor guidelines and regulations
  • Demonstrated and Strong coordination and organizational planning is mandatory
  • Experience in Project Cycle Management
  • Demonstrated ability to do Context, risk analysis & data analysis


  • Strong and demonstrated writing skills
  • English (excellent writing, editing, and speaking skills); Arabic and Turkish are a great asset.
  • Excellent Computer skills and full ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel, Power Point, Internet and e-mail skills
  • The position is based in Gaziantep (Turkey), with frequent visits to NWS.

Solidarites International

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s purpose is to provide humanitarian aid and through its relief efforts demonstrate solidarity when populations are faced with political, ethnic or economic oppression, war or any other threatening circumstances.

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