Bid Manager (Head of Proposals Writers Department) (Ref: WTG-BM)

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Tam Zamanlı
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WATAN is a leading civil society organization committed to revitalizing communities and assisting those affected by crises, disasters, and conflicts.
Watan is an independent, non-political, and non-partisan organization.
We operate according to a comprehensive approach through integrated programs to address emergency humanitarian issues and sustainably revitalize communities.

Position Overview

The Bid Manager formulates and orchestrates the proposal development team, ensures stakeholder inputs are incorporated properly and timely, and submits high-quality proposals on time responding to bid strategy and donor requirements. Their skills include advanced English writing and expertise in multisectoral and standalone sectors proposals with efficient inter-departmental coordination.

Key Responsibilities

Proposal Management:

  • Formulate and lead the proposal development team to ensure timely and high-quality submissions in response to bid strategy and donor requirements.
  • Incorporate stakeholder inputs efficiently, coordinating seamlessly with various departments.

Strategic Planning:

  • Focus on delivering technically competitive bids that contribute to the organization's strategic goals and societal impact.
  • Provide insightful perspectives on community needs and enhance services based on feedback from unsuccessful bids and donor strategic directions.

Reporting and Budgeting:

  • Directly report to the General Manager, providing consistent reports on designed and ongoing bids aligned with donor management objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Develop and update technical descriptions for all activities in collaboration with technical departments, HR, supply chain, and finance for each geographic intervention area.
  • Maintain effective communication and relationships with donors, attending regular meetings and representing the organization.

Evaluation and Compliance:

  • Create an updated evaluation list for bids, considering technical, economic, accessibility, partnership, sustainability, and compliance aspects.
  • Ensure bids align with donor standards and organizational systems.

Team Leadership:

  • Manage and guide the proposal writer, approving their work and ensuring the development of a robust feedback system for unsuccessful bids.

Institutional Development:

  • Contribute to the development of future bid systems through feedback from unsuccessful bids and continuous improvement initiatives.


  • Advanced proficiency in English writing.
  • Expertise in developing proposals across multisectoral and standalone sectors.
  • Strong coordination skills with inter-departmental collaboration experience.

Reporting Structure

  • Directly reports to the General Manager.

How to apply

Join our dynamic team and make a meaningful impact on communities by leading successful bid strategies and ensuring the sustainable development of impactful projects.