Big Data Engineer (Ref: TR_DE_106)

LigaData Eskişehir,İstanbul,İzmir,Ankara,Gaziantep
Big Data Platform Engineer
Doktora,Yüksek Lisans,Üniversite
Tam Zamanlı 4-9
İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 992


İlan Detayları

Job Overview:

            Collaborate with other team members and roles to implement and deliver data solutions including but not limited to data sources pipeline, data processing, reports, data web APIs. As a data engineer will be involved in defining and applying engineering standards and best practices as well as Identify, troubleshoot and resolve production data issues.


  • You possess at least a BS in Computer Science or related field.
  • Strong technical background with 2+ years of relevant experience as a Data Engineering
  • You have experience in SQL development, and in building report and dashboards.
  • Good understanding of BI – Data warehouse DB Concepts
  • You have a structured approach to development (measuring, monitoring, and testing)
  • You are dedicated to writing and maintaining high quality code.
  • Previous experience with Bigdata is a plus.
  • Previous experience with Telcom domain is plus.
  • Previous experience with Hadoop Solution Components/Hadoop Administration/Spark is plus  


Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Implement data services solutions (Data Ingestion, Data Processing, APIs, Computations)
  2. Implement and develop data quality control.
  3. Business intelligence and report generation Development
  4. Develop data set processes.
  5. Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve production data integrity and performance issues.



Technical Skill Level
Linux command  Mid
SQL Expert
BI – Data warehouse DB Concepts  Mid
Python/Shel Script Mid
OOP(Object Oriented Programing) Basic
Data Visualization tools Basic
Java/Scala/C++ Good to Have
Hadoop Basic Operations  Good to Have
Hadoop Solution Components  Good to Have
Hadoop Administration  Good to Have
Spark Good to Have
Telcom Concepts  Good to Have



LigaData pioneers open-source big data technology for continuous decisioning. Founded by Yahoo! execs, LigaData collaborates with some of the world’s largest finance, security, and communications companies to help them to select and deploy custom solutions addressing their specific business challenges.
Our dynamic work environment encourages and rewards innovators who bring outside-the-box thinking and leadership skills. We have offices in the US, Europe and the Middle East, and work with clients across the globe. Do you have the entrepreneurial vision and ambition to be a part of our journey? If so, then get in touch.
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