Call for Interns in Multiple Sectors

Violet Organization (Menekşe Organizasyon) Hatay
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About Violet: 

Violet began its journey in early 2014 with the aim of responding to the crisis that occurred in Syria with the beginning of the revolution. Violet has developed several sectors to provide medical services, humanitarian and relief support to the afflicted Syrian people. At the beginning of 2018, Violet is running several sensitive programs in the fields of Medical Support, Food Security, Education, Health and the Community Resilience.

Violet is distinguished by its noble goal to support the youth, as it was found for the sake of youth and works for them, and Violet believes in the importance of volunteering in humanitarian work.


About the Program: 

Internship programs comes as a response for specific need which is integrating newly graduated student into labor market. It is a training program that provides to the intern the knowledge and skills needed to start his/her career. 

Intern will be trained to operate tasks in the targeted departments and also will receive trainings and induction about the humanitarian work, policies, & SOPs.


Key Work Areas: Violet is seeking interns within;

  • Compliance: to support the department with legal documentations, Arabic Turkish Translation and Reporting.
  • Human Resources: to support the department with archiving, auditing and reporting.
  • Fund Raising: to support the department with field activities implementation within Turkey programme
  • Finance: to support the department with financial issues, reporting, archiving and other related activities.
  • Supply Chain: to support the department in procurement, archiving, reporting and records.  
  • Media: to support the team with working in social media channules 


Salary: intern will receive the minimum payed salary according to the Turkish Labor Law.

Please fill up the link below to apply: 

Violet Organization (Menekşe Organizasyon)

Violet responds to emergencies in Syria in most humanitarian sectors: Food Security and Livelihood, Non-food Items and Shelter, Education, Health, Protection, WASH & Shelter, and Camp Coordination and Management.
Violet integrates the protection sector in all the aforementioned sectors. With the length of the conflict and the survival of people for long periods at stake, Violet’s response has had to not only be focused on the emergency response but on the immediate implementation of long-impact health and education sector projects in all of Idlib.
Violet worked to establish and develop its organizational structure to start officially as an organization registered in Turkey in 2014. Accordingly, Violet divided the work into key sectors that mimic the divisions of international humanitarian organizations and implemented the appropriate structure for all departments and staff.

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