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İlan Detayları

The Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) is a CARE Core Extended Team member based in Gaziantep, Turkey. Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Deputy Director of Operations will Lead the Supply Chain/Logistics Unit, including technical oversight of Procurement/Logistics/ Partner Procurement Support team based in the Country and Area Office inside Northwest Syria. The DDO is responsible for ensuring that CARE Supply Chain Polices are strictly adhered to and committed to improving quality and accountability in the Supply Chain Functions to deliver programs effectively and efficiently, according to donor and external stakeholders expectations. The DDO is responsible for working with the Director of Operations to drive strategic direction and opportunities to uplift Supply Chain performance and capacity and ensure that program procurement and delivery of goods/services/works are carried out effectively and efficiently.

The DDO is responsible for supervising the team of Partner Procurement Support Manager, Procurement Coordinators, Logistics Coordinator and Logistics officer. He/She is also responsible to oversee technically the supply chain team based in the Area office and also provide guidance and support to partner organizations and ensure the capacity building of CARE staff, and partners on the Supply Chain functions and CARE Supply Chain Policies and Procedures. He/she will promote active collaboration and coordination among Supply Chain Team, Program Managers and Area office staff to build a strong partnership in order to deliver CARE Commitments towards beneficiaries who CARE Turkey Country Office support with humanitarian assistance.



Job Responsibility #1 Leadership and Team Management


  • Supervise the Partner Procurement Support Manager, Procurement Coordinators, Logistics Coordinator and Logistics officer and ensure that the Supply Chain team meets the needs of the programs in a timely manner.
  • Ensure close technical support to Supply Chain staff in the Area office, to monitor their performance and provide skills training to fill any gaps in Supply Chain Management and Capacity building.
  • Identify team capacity building opportunities, promote and conduct training and other development activities for staff.
  • Manage the performance of all staff through effective use of the Performance Management System including the establishment of clear, measurable objectives ongoing feedback, periodic reviews, and fair and unbiased evaluations.
  • Develop Supply Chain plan to ensure CARE Turkey Country have preparedness to source and buy, and transport humanitarian supplies at the right time with the right quality. This includes developing a Strategic Sourcing Pipeline (integrated procurement planning) and end-to-end tracking and monitoring of logistics activities, including BIS items and partner capacity building plan.
  • To work with Program Managers and Finance Colleagues of supporting the budget development for the projects.

Job Responsibility #2 Procurement Management


  • Support with the management of the entire process in the planning of procurement activities, ensuring effectively-functioning processes to avoid costly delays;
  • Ensure effective lines of communication between the Project/Program Managers and the procurement team to ensure priority requirements, timely delivery of goods, works and services using the CARE procurement procedures and guidelines:
  • Ensure full compliance of procurement activities with the CARE’s Procurement Manual, Donor’s Regulations;
  • Implement effective internal control, proper design and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system for projects and related reporting requirements;
  • Ensure effective use of internal Standard Operating Procedures in Procurement, control of workflows, continuous business monitoring and improvements in systems and processes;
  • Ensure timely preparation of procurement plans for projects and monitor their implementation by controlling processes including receipt of requisitions, organization of RFQ, ITB and RFP, receipt of quotations, bids and proposals, evaluation and negotiation of certain conditions of contracts in full compliance with CARE Procurement Policy & Procedures;
  • Review and sign on all Summary of Bid Analysis (SBA) ensuring that the products or services are of high quality with reasonable prices including the preparation of a clear justification for vendor selection;
  • Review weekly, monthly and quarterly procurement status report for all purchases and share Offline Report with SMT and all Project Managers on a weekly basis;
  • Promote a zero-tolerance for violations of procurement policies and procedures;
  • Coordinate with various teams on the delivery schedule, payment approvals and vendor payments to avoid any unnecessary delays;
  • Making sure that all the sections within the procurement function work effectively and efficiently;
  • Maintain an up to date Authority Signatory Limit (ASL)

Job Responsibility #3 Warehousing and Stock Management


  • Advice and manage Logistics/ Warehouse staff on the layout and type of Warehouse required for Food Commodities and General Goods i.e. NFI’s.
  • Set up system to take delivery of the goods as per the Purchase Order or Donor given Specifications and check the quality & quantity
  • Oversee the physical management of the stock and in particular, attend to phytosanitary measures and expiry dates if needed
  • Train staff on to Monitor the stock list and controls all goods must be distributed with in the valid shelf life or before the closure of the project(s).
  • Develop a system to have up to date inventory record and share on monthly basis with the Program Staff.
  • Supervise the implementing partner stock movement’s follow up- where required
  • To ensure that Warehouses are secure, well-maintained, and meets health and safe working practice requirements. Oversee warehouse operations. Conduct periodic ‘spot checks’ and put systems in place to increase stock reliability.
  • Build a system to monitor stock movement, analyze, verify and reconcile stock records.
  • Review loss handling and documentation and institute systems to mitigate losses including disposal of unfit commodities (where applicable).
  • Introduce appropriate control mechanisms for management of stock inventory.
  • Organize and retain stock records according to donor guidelines and organization’s policies.
  • Adhere to warehousing best practices including good housekeeping, ventilation, use of pallets, proper stacking, fumigation and rodent control.

Job Responsibility #4 Transportation, Shipping and Customs & Distribution Management


  • Supervise the logistics staff with the planning and organization of the Transportation needs and requirements.
  • Determine and periodically assess transport needs for delivery of commodities to the secondary warehouses and distribution points, including modes of transport and identification of primary and secondary transporter, where applicable.
  • Identify constraints and determine routing for delivery of commodities while obtaining optimal use of resources.
  • Maintain controls to minimize/mitigate transit and other handling losses.
  • Maintain systems to manage reverse logistics of undistributed food for efficient commodity accounting and management, if required.
  • Monitor and analyze performance of transport providers
  • Ensure Transshipments handled in line with the requirements of Custom Authorities at the Zero points.
  • Develop a SOP’s/Process Mapping document for handling Shipments through Commercial Methods or any other setups i.e. through working with Authorize or UN Agencies. 
  • To regularly coordinate with the External Affairs and Public Relationship Department to know the details of any changes announced by the Custom Authorities or any other Government department.
  • Work with program, focal points for the Implementing partners and security staff to ensure that distributions are implemented efficiently, effectively, and securely with a focus on the differentiated needs of gender and vulnerable populations.

Job Responsibility #5 Property/Asset Management


  • Ensure all assets of CARE Turkey CO are managed according to CARE Asset Management Guidelines and relevant donor rules and regulations.
  • To ensure CARE Turkey CO must have up-to-date lists of all assets and inventory items in compliance with CARE Asset Management Guidelines.
  • Set up the appropriate control for proper tracking methods are followed to monitor the movement/changes of any assets and ensure proper control/handling of equipment at all times
  • Supervise and Support the conduct of semi-annual physical checks of assets and inventory items in CARE Turkey CO and provide reports on the outcomes.




  • Master/ Bachelor degree in relevant field with emphasis in Supply Chain/Logistics.
  • Experience in managing complex supply chain operations in a fluid humanitarian setup.
  • Advanced Procurement and Supply Chain/logistics experience.
  • Advanced Training and Capacity building experience.




  • At least 5 years’ experience with Humanitarian or other development/aid agencies in supply chain management including significant field operations experience supporting both emergency programs in fragile contexts
  • Robust experience of INGO emergency programme cycle management, and with experience of working within a complex and matrix organization structure.
  • Significant knowledge of international humanitarian systems, institutions and donors, and of procedures, accountability frameworks and best practices in emergency management
  • Solid project management skills related to organizational development projects and international, cross-functional teams with a proven history of delivering results
  • Experience of building and developing the capacity of Supply Chain staff through the use of training, performance management frameworks and development plans.
  • Ability to analyse information, evaluate options and to think and plan strategically
  • Experience working in conflict and high risk security environments with complex supply chain
  • Previous experience of managing and developing a large teams and the ability to lead, motivate and develop others
  • Excellent interpersonal and team  & IT skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, Turkish/Arabic is preferable.


  • Previous experience of leading and managing Procurement/Logistics operations for the cross-border and specific experience related to Northwest Syria.
  • Experience in Supply Chain ERP system. 

Technical Skills



  • Leadership skills,
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Computer skills
  • Excellent grasp of Local Labor Laws and HR policies, practices and procedure



  • Problem Solving
  • Process Management
  • Decision Making
  • Peer Relationships
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Change management
  • Performance Management
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Functional/ Technical Skills
  • Planning and Organization

Child Protection Policy

Child abuse in all forms is unacceptable to CARE Turkey, which recognizes its responsibility to protect children from harm in all areas of its work. CARE Turkey is committed to ensuring a child-safe environment and is applying a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of child abuse and exploitation.

Discrimination, Abuse and Harassment Policy

CARE Turkey expressly prohibits and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, harassment (sexual or otherwise), based upon race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, disability, or military status. CARE employees and related personnel must under no circumstances take part in any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse (physical, sexual or verbal), intimidation or exploitation, or in any other way infringe the rights of others inside or outside CARE.


Employment is subject to the possession of valid identification documents (passport, residency card, temporary protection card, etc.) and successfully obtaining permission to work by the Government of Turkey (work permit). CARE will submit the work permit application on behalf of the selected candidate after the job offer accepted. Candidate can start to work for CARE only after the work permit is received. Failure to provide the required documents or rejection of a work permit application by the Government of Turkey will result in your employment offer being rescinded.


Interested candidates, please attach a Curriculum Vitae in English and a Cover letter (in a separate file of no more than one A4 page) describing how your skills and experience match the requirements of this post, following to provided link when you click on the apply button.

Applications in languages other than English will not be reviewed.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

** CARE International is an Equal Opportunity Employer **