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İlan Detayları

CARE International in Turkey (CARE), together with its partners, is providing humanitarian assistance to people affected by the Syrian crisis, both in Syria and Turkey. The CARE Turkey Country Office was established and registered in August 2013 in response to the dire humanitarian situation experienced by civilian populations across northern Syria. Significant influxes of refugees to Turkey in 2014 expanded CARE’s Turkey operations and resulted in a significant program and operational growth. This pace of growth has continued into 2020. CARE supports communities affected by conflict and/or displacement – especially women, girls and boys – to become self-reliant, empowered and able to achieve basic needs and rights.

The Driver will be part of Administrative team and will be responsible for providing driving services and general support to CARE inside Turkey and cross border in northern Aleppo. The driver will provide safe transportation services and maintaining vehicles according to CARE Policies and procedures.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Job Responsibility #1 Drive in line of Safety and Security                                                                            40 %

  • Provide transportation for CARE International in Turkey and Northern Aleppo, staff per established work plans using the assigned vehicle.
  • In accordance with established and approved project/department work plans, provide transportation for project/department staff including within and outside the project area.
  • Adoption of Safety, Security and skilled driving techniques at all times, obeying all traffic regulations and maintaining up-to-date driving documentation and the country codes.
  • Ensuring that all necessary documents are valid and renewed before the expiration date.
  • Demonstrate safe driving practices and procedures.
  • Deliver project/department inputs and other materials from Main Office sub office locations to field sites
  • When necessary, collect project/department inputs, such as stationary, small quantities of materials and office equipment, from Main Gaziantep Office and deliver to authorize project recipients at sub-office, district or field site locations.
  • If required, participate in ensuring the safe delivery of project funds from Main Office to Field Offices in collaboration with the paying officer.
  • During cross border missions to northern Aleppo, stay in vehicle and ensure the vehicle safety all the time.


Job Responsibility #2 Administrative and Vehicle Maintenance       

       40 %

  • Ensure that the assigned project vehicle is maintained in good working order.
  • Keep an up to date vehicle maintenance/fuel usage/ log book for the assigned vehicle - in compliance with CARE International in Turkey policies - and regularly submit these records to the assigned CARE staff.
  • Ensure that the assigned vehicle has fully functioning seat belts and that driver and passengers fasten the seatbelts correctly prior to the movement of the vehicle.
  • Monitor the mechanical condition of the vehicle and ensure that maintenance is carried out in a timely fashion to avoid potential breakdowns/accidents - through liaising closely with the CARE staff. Such checks to include, but not limited to identification and rectification of: undue brake shoe/disk/master cylinder seals wear; leakage in hydraulic systems of clutch and brakes; breakage/lack of effectiveness/uneven operation of fitted shock absorbers; excessive free-play in steering system; development of cracks in chassis or main frame of vehicle; manifestation of gearbox/transfer box/differential/engine sump oil leaks, radiator and power steering reservoir leakages and; extreme wear/abrasion of tires or inappropriate pressure of fitted tires.
  • Ensure that the assigned vehicle has adequate quantities of high quality fuel, top-up engine oil/brake fluid for all planned journeys and that a comprehensive first aid kit, tool kit and effective spare wheel are available for emergency situations.
  • Maintain the external and internal cleanliness of the assigned vehicle through regular washing - including the engine and its compartment (to aid the timely identification of lubrication leakages).
  • Ensure that the assigned vehicles have adequate credit of highway toll.
  • Submission of the monthly overtime summary according to the log book to assigned Care staff


Job Responsibility #3 Other related tasks     

20 %

  • Perform any other duties assigned by supervisor
  • Provide a mission report and/or handover document at the end of contract.
  • Maintain tidy and organized work spaces and storage areas
  • Supporting operational organization of field trips





  • Valid driving license
  • Syrian and preferable if the driver holds Turkish citizenship as well.
  • Certified driving Turkish driving license.
  • A clean driving record.
  • Completed secondary school.
  • Excellent knowledge of traffic rules.



  • At least five years’ continuous experience and demonstrated competence in driving.
  • Previous experience with the International Organizations/ Diplomatic missions.
  • Familiar with the Syrian context, mainly with Northern Aleppo countryside
  • Able to work under pressure.
  • Familiar with multicultural environment;

Technical Skills


  • Arabic and Turkish are required and English is desired.
  • Familiarity with the basic mechanical repair of vehicles (braking, fuel, electrical and suspension systems etc.)
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations. 
  • Demonstrable high level of interpersonal skills and patience
  • Good mannered, respectful, and reliable character.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Verbal and Internal reporting skills;


  • Basic functional English

Living Conditions

Location: Gaziantep - %50 to field offices


Child Protection Policy

Child abuse in all forms is unacceptable to CARE Turkey, which recognizes its responsibility to protect children from harm in all areas of its work. CARE Turkey is committed to ensuring a child-safe environment and is applying a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of child abuse and exploitation.

Discrimination, Abuse and Harassment Policy

CARE Turkey expressly prohibits and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, harassment (sexual or otherwise), based upon race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, disability, or military status. CARE employees and related personnel must under no circumstances take part in any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse (physical, sexual or verbal), intimidation or exploitation, or in any other way infringe the rights of others inside or outside CARE.


Employment is subject to the possession of valid identification documents (passport, residency card, temporary protection card, etc.) and successfully obtaining permission to work by the Government of Turkey (work permit). CARE will submit the work permit application on behalf of the selected candidate after the job offer accepted. Candidate can start to work for CARE only after the work permit is received. Failure to provide the required documents or rejection of a work permit application by the Government of Turkey will result in your employment offer being rescinded.


Interested candidates, please attach a Curriculum Vitae in English and a Cover letter (in a separate file of no more than one A4 page) describing how your skills and experience match the requirements of this post, following to provided link when you click on the apply button.

Applications in languages other than English will not be reviewed.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

** CARE International is an Equal Opportunity Employer **