MSYD-ASRA Hatay,Mersin
Tam Zamanlı
Arapça (A2, Level 2, Elementary)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 1533


İlan Detayları

1.       Organizational Background

ASRA, is a non-governmental and humanitarian aid organisation which mainly aims at meeting basic needs and improving living conditions of the individuals and communities who are affected by humanitarian crisis, conflicts, human rights violations and natural disasters.


ASRA continues its works at national and international level within principles of non-discrimination, transparency, impartiality, and accountability, according to the international standards of humanitarianprivacy. ASRA has a role in enhancing living conditions of crisis affected individuals and communities through activities and emergency responses carriedout at national and international level.


ASRA, by carrying out field studies which regularly analysethe conditions of crisis affected people, and publishing situation reports;directs the attention of relevant organisations to crisis regions.


ASRA, pursuant to the principles of non-discrimination,transparency, impartiality and accountability, adopts direct and quick responseto the crisis affected individuals and communities, as the main principle.

2.       JobSummary

This is to provide cleaning services of standards using cleaning products provided by organization. The office layoutis one floors comprising of office space, common areas, as well as visitorsareas.

3.       Respon sibilities& Tasks:

. Maintain office cleanness, which includes cleaning the offices, bathrooms, common areas, mopping floors, dusting computers and phones on daily basis.

. Keeping kitchens, toilets in hygienic condition and replenish sanitary items as deemed necessary

. Advise Procurement staff about cleaning material needs.

. Notify supervisor about any repairs thatshe/he deems necessary.

. Prepare the tea/coffee for the staff on adaily basis.

.Provide hospitality for the office visitors.

. Perform any otherduties as may be assigned by supervisors

4.       Required Skills/Qualifications:

 Abilityto work independently or with minimum supervision

  Personal commitment, efficiency and flexibiliy

    Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues from different culturesand professional backgrounds

Minimum of six months’ workexperience in office cleaning

5.       Additionalresponsibilities:

 In relation to their level of skills and experience the post holder may be required tocarry out additional duties from time to time that are reasonable.


Mülteciler ve Sığınmacılarla Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma ve Destekleme Derneği (MSYD), bir sivil toplum kuruluşu olarak, mülteci hakları, doğal afetler, krizler, çatışmalar, insan hakları ihlallerinden etkilenmiş birey ve toplulukların ihtiyaçlarını, sorunlarını, yaşam koşullarının iyileştirilmesini ve temel gereksinimlerin karşılamalarına katkı sağlayan bir insani yardım kuruluşudur.
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