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Job Description : Clinical Coordinator 

Project Location: İstanbul

About Maya Vakfı

Maya Vakfı is a foundation that operates with the aim of making the world a more desirable and safer place for children and youth, by supporting children’s mental, physical and academic development. Maya Vakfı envisions building a future where children can express themselves freely, think creatively and reach their full potential.

Maya Vakfı is looking to hire a Clinical Coordinator to manage all MHPSS programming to support, protect and empower vulnerable populations through MHPSS service delivery. The successful candidate will be an experienced program manager with prior experience in MHPSS and NGO programming with traumatized and/or vulnerable populations. The right candidate is an organized, compassionate, confident, dynamic and independent person with a strong psychology or social work background. This position involves closely assisting the Clinical Director in myriad roles and projects, therefore requires qualities of a reliable assistant and exemplary leader.

This position will be directly supervised and supported by the Clinical Director.

Primary Roles & Responsibilities:

1- Program Management and Leadership:

- Carry out programmatic, technical and administrative management of different MHPSS projects through quality assurance, monitoring and documentation of results.

- Oversee program planning and implementation to ensure program goals, objectives and targets are met and best practice is ensured in all MHPSS services.

- Support clinical team members by helping develop work plans, overseeing implementation and tracking progress.

- Maintain a close relationship with the Clinical Director and ensure timely and accurate delivery of all MHPSS program updates.

2- Coordination and Organizational Representation:

- Participate in Mental Health Working Group and SGBV Sub-Working Group meetings.

- Represent the clinical team in communication with program partners and other key stakeholders including donors, government actors, UN agencies, international and local NGOs, and other relevant actors.

3- Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E):

- Working closely with the M&E Manager, devise program M&E plan.

- Ensure that M&E systems provide adequate feedback to inform program development and course correction as necessary.

- Ensure that all reporting requirements are met on time, and that reports are of a high quality.

4- Training and Technical Supervision:

- Provide trainings and technical (clinical) supervision to the clinical team.

- Create new trainings with the Clinical Director.

Essential Criteria

- Master’s degree in social work, psychology, development or other related field REQUIRED.

- Creative arts therapy background is a MUST.

- At least three of experience in MHPSS and NGO programming.

- At least three years of management experience including project design, execution, budget management, and staff management.

- Experience implementing large donor-funded international development and/or humanitarian assistance programs.

- Experience with traumatized and/or vulnerable populations is desired.

- Strong belief in human rights and equality.

- Good interpersonal skills including ability to gain trust and build relationships.

- Good diplomatic and persuasion skills.

- High standard of spoken and written English and Turkish.

- Good computer skills.

- Ability to work in a stressful setting and adapt quickly to changing environments.

How to apply 

Interested candidates are required to submit a CV and a Cover letter provided in the apply/başvur button referring to the position they are applying for by December 25th, 2019.

Maya Vakfı

Herkesin insanca yaşamayı ve gelecek umudu taşımayı hak ettiğine inanan Maya Vakfı; 5-18 yaşındaki çocuklar ile gençlerin zihinsel,fiziksel ve akademik gelişimine katkıda bulunmayı amaçlıyor. Maya Vakfı, ana faaliyet alanını oluşturan ruh sağlığı ve psikososyal destek programı kapsamında, maruz kaldıkları travmanın çocuklarda yarattığı tahribatı onarmak hedefiyle, çocuklara baş etme becerileri kazandırmaya yönelik etkinlikler düzenliyor. Savaş, göç, kayıp, şiddet gibi nedenlerle travmaya maruz kalan çocuklara, koruma hizmetlerinin yanı sıra, yaratıcı sanat terapileri ve sosyo-kültürel aktiviteler aracılığıyla rehabilitasyon desteği veriyor.
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