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Position Title: Consultant – PSEA Training Curricula and Materials Position

Type: Part-time; Short-term

Reporting to: PSEA coordinator

Background The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) was founded in 1998 in the United States as a professional society to provide networking, educational, cultural, and professional services to medical professionals of Syrian descent. SAMS Foundation, the charitable arm of SAMS, was launched in 2007. Since then, SAMS has become one of the most active and leading medical relief organizations that is working on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria, neighboring countries, and beyond. Since 2011, SAMS has provided nearly 20 million medical services to those impacted by conflict, delivering over $207 million in humanitarian aid. SAMS has since implemented an integrated model of essential services that emphasizes priority needs, including the delivery of medical education, training, and financial support for physicians and other healthcare workers inside Syria and in neighboring countries. SAMS has established field hospitals, intensive care units, dental and primary care clinics, birth and newborn care facilities, mobile medical units, and dialysis centers. Additionally, SAMS has provided mental health and psychosocial support as well as organized specialized medical missions to Syria’s neighboring countries and beyond. SAMS provides all its programs with the necessary medications, medical devices, supplies, and instruments through procurement and distribution of gifts in kind (GIK). In 2017, SAMS launched its SAMS Community Outreach (SCO) to bring free, quality health care to vulnerable communities in the US.

Scope and objectives of the consultancy SAMS seeks a PSEA/Safeguarding Consultant to advise on efforts to strengthen prevention and response efforts to sexual exploitation and abuse across the organization. The Consultant will be expected to: 1) review, update, and add to existing policies related to PSEA; 2) deliver dynamic, culturally appropriate remote or in-person trainings in Arabic and to PSEA focal points at country offices, as well as implementing partner agencies; and 3) design and support rollout of PSEA reporting and investigation mechanisms, ensuring a survivor-centered approach.

● Key stakeholders that will work with the Consultant include: PSEA Coordinator (Headquarters), PSEA Focal Points (Country Offices in Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey), Senior Leadership (Headquarters/Country Offices), Security personnel (Headquarters/Country Officers), HR Personnel (Headquarters/Country Offices), and focal points from implementing partners.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

● Review and Update PSEA/ Safeguarding Policies

○ Assess existing materials and policy to identify priorities to update and upgrade the materials and policies.

○ Update and upgrade material with the support of SAMS staff and in consultation with relevant coordination efforts.

○ Schedule discussions on key issues to be addressed, approaches to adult learning, and review of draft materials with the PSEA staff Group to ensure a consultative and collaborative process.

○ Carry out consultations (to be convened virtually) with field-based managers and focal points based on draft materials to receive critical feedback feeding into finalization of materials.

● Develop Reporting and Investigation Mechanisms

○ Develop internal procedures for staff and other personnel to report incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse, consistent with applicable international standards on PSEA response and investigation.

○ Develop internal investigation procedures for SEA allegations in line with SAMS PSEA and Safeguarding policies.

○ Design and support roll-out of a system for beneficiaries to report incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse, consistent with applicable international standards and in-country national laws.

○ Consult with country focal points on local investigation mechanisms in relevant PSEA networks and structures.

○ Liaise with PSEA Focal Points in SAMS areas of operation to ensure that material relevant to the operational context are reflected in the final product.

● Deliver PSEA/ Safeguarding Training of Trainers to relevant stakeholders at HQ and in the field

○ Develop a series of training modules based on the topics outlined, in both English and Arabic. The modules should include a variety of engaging learning tools and methodologies that can immediately be rolled out both in an in-person context, and in an online forum. Specific attention should be given to the development of an appropriate and engaging methodology for the online training.

○ Develop the modules so that a more intensive specialized training can be easily condensed and adapted for shorter trainings that targets different categories of staff (i.e. health workers, social workers, managers, volunteers, implementing partners, etc.)

○ Carry out virtual training of trainers on PSEA/Safeguarding policy with relevant staff members

○ Develop a ToT guide and host a consultation session to ensure trainers are prepared to train other staff members .


● At least 5 years of professional work experience in design and development materials and policies for humanitarian practitioners

● Experience of interactive/innovative training approaches engaging humanitarian workers, including e-learning methodologies.

● Demonstrable track record in conducting successful workshops and training of trainers (ToT) for humanitarian practitioners working in humanitarian crises.

● Familiarity with the principles, standards, and operational challenges of prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse.

● An understanding of the role of language and culture in humanitarian crises, and in delivering training in diverse humanitarian contexts.

● Familiarity working with situations of armed conflict and understanding how the dynamics of humanitarian crises affect vulnerable populations.

● Excellent written and visual communication skills, including ability to present complex processes and issues clearly to a diverse audience.

● Advanced university degree in social sciences including humanitarian action, international development, human rights.

● Able to balance the need to work independently while collaborating closely with the SAMS team and other relevant actors.

● Fluency in English and Arabic language

Syrian American Medical Society Foundation

SAMS Foundation is governed by an appointed board of director and its operations are implemented by dedicated staff and volunteer medical professionals in five countries.
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