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Consultancy Solutions seeks English-Arabic/Arabic-English translators to work remotely from their home-base. Selected translators will be responsible for simultaneous transcription/translation of radio and television news and non-news programs. This includes news bulletins and summaries, as well as current – affairs, magazine and feature programs.  Preferred candidates will ideally have experience providing services to media clients, as well as knowledge of the terminology used in media reporting and programming.  Candidates should be able to process information quickly and concisely and recognize sensitive cultural differences. The position may include support for multiple media development programs.


  • Provide accurate, detailed, and timely written Arabic-English/English-Arabic simultaneous transcription/translation (as requested) of news, television programs, reports, emails, social media, and website articles;
  • Respond to CS’s and its client e-mails and other types of communication for clarifications, edits, and corrections as and if needed;



  • Native Fluency Arabic-English/English-Arabic required
  • Certification in English-Arabic-English interpretation/translation preferred;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in translation required, preferred additional experience up to 5 years [please provide references for any simultaneous translation services performed];
  • Previous experience providing translation services for radio and television production organizations preferred [please provide references from applicable radio and television production organizations];
  • Willingness to work in a flexible manner in terms of number of working hours, days of work.


Application process

  • All applicants must upload a cover letter and an updated CV in English.
  • Applications sent by email will not be considered.
  • Closing date for applications: July 31st, 2020.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be asked to undertake a written test and a verbal interview. Prior to engagement candidates will be asked to provide references. Engagement will require a successful reference check.

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