Consultant (Ref: CON#TR/2022/251)

IOM İstanbul,İzmir,Ankara,Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı
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İlan Detayları

Vacancy Notice Number:


Position Title:



Consultancy Contract

Duty Station:

Home based (with possibility of travel)

Deadline of Applications:

11 October 2022

Number of People to be hired



Internal & External Candidates


General Functions:

IOM Türkiye will conduct a randomized trial to measure the impact of the public information campaign under the “Harmonization, and Social Cohesion Programme across Turkey” project, which aims to raise the awareness of the general public in Türkiye about the positive contribution of migrants to home and host community as well as raise awareness on the rights and responsibilities of migrants and the efforts carried out for the migrants in Türkiye. In order to measure the impact of the campaign, IOM will be hiring a consultant with the approval of PMM to conduct an experimental impact assessment for the videos produced, which is one of the campaign's key components, together with the social media posts under the PI campaign. The main purpose of the assessment is to measure the impact of the screening campaign videos and informative social media posts, followed by a discussion with migrants in selected provinces on key outcomes. 

Project Context and Scope:

The EU-funded project "Harmonization and Social Cohesion Programme across Turkey" aim to contribute to the harmonization of migrants with different legal status in line with Türkiye's National Action Plan on Harmonization and EU approaches IOM's proposed 18-month response has three specific objectives focusing on (1) the provision of accurate, updated and integrated information to facilitate the access to rights and services; (2) improving social cohesion through supporting interaction between migrant and host communities; and (3) strengthening the capacity of PMM, PDMM, and other stakeholders through capacity development and technical support.

IOM will develop a combination of information and awareness-raising materials for migrants and host communities. A recommendation from the Harmonization and Social Cohesion Programme Across Turkey project was that Turkish authorities should provide information for foreigners in various formats, including audio, visual, and written campaigns. In line with this, IOM and PMM will develop an institutional communication campaign which will be responsible for informing, creating visibility, and establishing public relations for the project. The campaign will focus on two issues: a) highlighting the positive contributions of migrants and b) increasing awareness of the rights of migrants in Türkiye. In coordination with PMM, other UN agencies as well as the EU Facility for Refugees in Türkiye, IOM will ensure that migrants with diverse statuses, including Syrian under Temporary Protection (SUTP), foreign nationals under international protection or applicants, regular migrants, irregular migrants receive consistent and up-to-date information addressing their various needs. In coordination with PMM, other UN agencies as well as the EU Facility for Refugees in Türkiye, IOM will ensure that migrants with diverse statuses, including Syrian under Temporary Protection (SUTP), foreign nationals under international protection or applicants, regular migrants, and irregular migrants receive consistent and up-to-date information addressing their various needs.

The PI Campaign activity supports the "organization of awareness-raising activities towards the host community on cultural diversity resulting from migration". PMM in cooperation with IOM, will carry out an outreach campaign related to cultural awareness, harmonization, and migrants' rights. The online campaign initiatives will include website materials with short videos, social media posts, and podcasts.

The objective of the PI campaign study is presented in the table below:

General Impact of the Campaign

 Produced videos and informative social media posts/OR/PI campaign will help raise the awareness of the general public in Türkiye about the positive contribution of migrants to home and host community as well as raise awareness of the rights and responsibilities of migrants and the efforts carried out for the migrants in Türkiye.


1- To ensure the Republic of Türkiye, public institutions, and other national and international stakeholders are fully aware of the harmonization and communication studies conducted by the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM).

2- To facilitate migrants' access to their rights and services provided through the provision of accurate, updated and integrated information.

3- To highlight the commitment between the Republic of Türkiye, the EU, and IOM, to work together to support the harmonization of migrants with different legal statuses in line with Türkiye's National Action Plan on harmonization.

Specific Objectives

1- The campaign will highlight and create awareness regarding the positive contribution of migrants to home and host societies

2- To raise awareness of the host community and migrants on harmonization, changing attitudes towards migrants caused by misinformation or lack of information and increase awareness of reliable sources on migration

3- To announce PMM-led informative and awareness-raising activities

4- To increase mutual understanding and empathy among the host society for migrants who live in Türkiye

5- To ensure that migrants are provided with comprehensive information relating to their rights and services provided.

6- To inform the society about the efforts carried out for migrants


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

The Consultant is expected to perform the tasks in following tasks during executing the contract:

  • Perform the desk review of existing information on the context, national policies and priorities, and IOM’s work, including all relevant programme and project documents and reports, previous studies, research, and assessments;
  • Develop and provide detailed methodological guidance for the team with regards to the tool development and define the overall direction for data analysis and quality assurance;
  • Design and make necessary preparation of assessment deliverables;
  • Follow the methodology described in the ToR;
  • Manage the assessment work plan, respecting deadlines for specific activities and deliverables;
  • Maintain a high level of communication with the team members and IOM and PMM staff involved in the management of the study;
  • Lead the field mission and decide upon the division of roles and responsibilities among team members during the entire assessment process;
  • Conduct interviews with a range of key stakeholders and informants as per the inception report;
  • Conduct the capacity-building workshops in the selected cities;
  • Lead the consolidation of the teams’ inputs for the inception and field mission;
  • Undertake the inception mission and present the assessment to IOM and PMM, other stakeholders, and verify main deliverables with IOM;
  • Submit the inception report, the draft, and final reports, and develop and deliver: a) a PowerPoint presentation on the main findings and recommendations emerging from the assessment once the assessment report has been approved.

The Consultant’s functions do not include managerial, supervisory, and/or representative functions. The consultant will report and work in close cooperation with the IOM Türkiye MEAL Unit together with IOM and PMM Project Teams.

The above-listed activities are subject to further revision with the consent of IOM, in coordination with the PMM in line with the emerging requirements of the Project. If required by IOM, the consultant may provide additional consultancy services related to their competencies and expertise, in line with this Terms of Reference.



IOM will select an external consultant to conduct a randomized trial to measure the causal impact of the PI campaign on the level of information and knowledge on the migrants' rights and services in Türkiye and changes in awareness, behavior, and perceptions of host community members towards migrants. To assess the impact of the PI campaign, a counterfactual impact evaluation will be used. The impact assessment design will include a control group and treatment group as well as a data collection before and after the screening of campaign videos, which is planned as a baseline and endline data collection. The counterfactual assessment will describe a hypothetical state in which all conditions remain the same, with the only difference being that the project/activity was not implemented. A counterfactual will be established by randomly allocating individuals to treatment, and a control group and all other conditions will remain the same. The treatment group will participate in a video screening – in addition to the videos, social media contents and podcasts prepared by the service provider as part of the campaign will also be shared with these people - but the control group will not participate. There will be randomized treatment allocation, and individuals will be randomly assigned to either one of the groups to ensure that the treatment and control groups are comparable, and no systematic differences exist. During the inception period, the consultant will work on the methodology and provide an inception report which includes a detailed methodology and assessment questionnaires.


Desk review: The consultant will review the project documents, the ToR of the service provider of PI Campaign, and any other documents related to PI Campaign during the inception period. The consultant will review and include social media campaign data (likes, comments, shares) in the final report, if provided by the service provider.

Data collection: The data collection will include two groups to compare them over two periods of time, pre-intervention and post-intervention. While one group will benefit from the PI Campaign (treatment group), the other group will not (the control group). The consultant will conduct pre and post-measurements and collect data before and after the screening of videos.

Baseline data collection: The baseline data collection will be conducted before the video screening event, tentatively two or three days before. Importantly, the data collection will not overlap or interfere with campaign implementation.

First endline data collection: Participants, migrants and host community members will be randomly invited to video screening and to sharing of social media content and podcasts prepared as a part of the communication campaign in the three provinces of Türkiye. After these events, the consultant will have a discussion and/or conduct surveys with the treatment group.          

Second endline data collection: After completing the baseline survey, the consultant will conduct the endline survey, which is the second endline and last data collection, with the list of the participant who joined the baseline survey. The endline survey can be conducted through phone calls by setting up appointments with beneficiaries … months after the video screening event.


Organizational Department / Unit to which the Consultant is contributing:

The study will be conducted under the IOM Türkiye MEAL Unit within the scope of the Harmonization and Social Cohesion Programme Across Turkey project.

IOM and PMM will provide background materials for the consultant’s review, reference, and use. Neither IOM nor any of the Project partners are required to provide any physical facilities for the consultant’s work. However, depending on the availability of physical facilities and at the discretion of IOM and/or the relevant Project partners, such facilities may be provided at the disposal of the Consultant. IOM and/or the relevant Project partners will facilitate meetings between the IC and other stakeholders when needed.

The consultant will be reporting to IOM MEAL Unit and will work in close coordination and collaboration with other Consultants of the Project. Approvals will be required for the deliverables from the IOM Türkiye MEAL Unit, IOM project team, and PMM project team upon submission of the deliverables in the table below.

After submission of the deliverables, IOM MEAL Unit and PMM may have some comments and revision requests on the deliverables. The consultant shall address the comments of IOM and/or PMM and shall revise the deliverables as per the comments within at most five calendar days following notification of comments by IOM to the consultant.

All documents and data provided to the consultant are confidential and cannot be used for any other purpose or shared with a third party without any written approval from IOM.


Category B Consultants: Tangible and measurable outputs of the work assignment




Review of documents and preparation of a detailed inception report, including the Assessment matrix and preparing the data collection tools.


Planning and facilitation of the data collection activities, including pre-testing, logistical arrangements, and schedule.


Baseline data collection


Preparing the baseline report


Reviewing the baseline report and finalizing the report


Conducting video screening, sharing the social media content and podcasts with the group and implementing the first endline surveywith the control group and the treatment group


Preparing the first endline report


Reviewing the first endline survey report and finalizing the report


Conducting the second endline survey


Preparing the final assessment report


Reviewing the final report


Finalizing the report and submitting it to the IOM and PMM


The reporting and deliverables language shall be English and Turkish. All information shall be provided in electronic versions in word and PDF format. The consultant shall be solely liable for the accuracy and reliability of the data provided and links to sources of information used.

The title rights, copyrights, and all other rights of whatsoever nature in any material produced under the provisions of this ToR will be vested exclusively in IOM Türkiye. IOM will have a right to transfer the title rights to the relevant partners.


Performance indicators for the evaluation of results

The Consultant will be measured according to his/her work and ability to produce and deliver the products in a timely manner.

Performance indicators would be such as:

  • Providing the required contents on time and submitting to the IOM/PMM for approval
  • Making revisions in the deliverables specified in tangible and measurable outputs, upon request by the PMM and IOM
  • Coordination and collaboration with other consultants, organizations, and institutes IOM referred to.

The payment for each deliverable will be made in accordance with the lump-sum price of each deliverable after receiving PMM’s approval.


Required Qualifications and Experience:


Minimum Qualification Requirements


General Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education and/or any other relevant field
  • Good command of spoken and written Turkish and English
  • Full computer literacy
  • Min Master’s degree in Turkish Education and/or any other relevant field

General Professional Experience

  • Minimum 7 (seven) years of general professional experience
  • Having project experience,
  • Having books and articles on learning/education of Turkish
  • Carrying out studies on Turkish language learning and its evaluation.


  • Internships (paid/unpaid) are not considered professional experience.
  • Obligatory military service is not considered professional experience.
  • Professional experience gained in an international setting is considered international experience.
  • Experience gained prior to completion of undergraduate studies is not considered professional experience.


Travel required

The consultant may be requested to travel to/within Türkiye. The travel costs, accommodation costs (bed and breakfast), and living costs (terminal expenses, intra- city travel costs, lunch, dinner, etc.) of the missions to other provinces of Türkiye will be borne by IOM. IOM will arrange economy class round-trip flight tickets through its contracted Travel Agency.

In case of need for additional travels that are unforeseen in the ToR, the costs of the respective travels of the consultant may either be:

  • Arranged and covered by IOM from the respective budget without making any reimbursements to the consultant, through IOM’s official Travel Agency or,
  • Reimbursed to the consultant upon the submission of the receipts/invoices of the expenses by the consultant and approval of the IOM
  • Covered by the combination of both options.

As per UNDSS rules, the consultant is responsible for completing necessary online security training and submitting certificates and travel clearance prior to assignment-related travels.


Required Competencies

The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the following values and competencies:

Values - all IOM staff members must abide by and demonstrate these three values:

  • Inclusion and respect for diversity: respects and promotes individual and cultural differences; encourages diversity and inclusion wherever possible.
  • Integrity and transparency: maintains high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct.
  • Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges.


Core Competencies – behavioural indicators level 3

  • Teamwork: develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.
  • Delivering results: produces and delivers quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner; is action oriented and committed to achieving agreed outcomes.
  • Managing and sharing knowledge: continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate.
  • Accountability: takes ownership for achieving the Organization’s priorities and assumes responsibility for own action and delegated work.
  • Communication: encourages and contributes to clear and open communication; explains complex matters in an informative, inspiring and motivational way.



Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this vacancy notice is subject to funding confirmation.

Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for appointment, accreditation, any residency or visa requirements, and security clearances.

Only candidates residing in either the country of the duty station or from a location in a neighbouring country that is within commuting distance of the duty station will be considered. In all cases, a prerequisite for taking up the position is legal residency in the country of the duty station, or in the neighbouring country located within commuting distance, and work permit, as applicable.

Please be advised that this is a local position and as such only applications from candidates with a valid residence / working permit residing in Türkiye will be considered.


How to Apply:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application, including the most recent CV with a cover letter in English with contact details (name, position, phone and e-mail details) of three references by indicating name of the position applied with its VN number in the subject line of e-mail or to IOM Birlik Mahallesi Sehit Kurbani Akboga Sokak No:24 Cankaya, Ankara by the end of 11 October 2022.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.
With 165 member states, a further 8 states holding observer status and offices in over 100 countries, IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.
IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.
The IOM Constitution recognizes the link between migration and economic, social and cultural development, as well as to the right of freedom of movement.
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