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Tam Zamanlı
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İlan Detayları
Vacancy Notice Number: VN#TR/2018/110
Position Title: Consultant
Classification: Consultancy Contract  
Duty Station: Ankara- Turkey
Deadline of Applications: 16 November 2018
Number of Vacant Positions: 3

General Functions:

Turkey, which was traditionally a ‘source’ and ‘transit’country for migration, has now become also a ‘destination’ country with its strengthening economy and relatively political stability. Geography, economics,and regional politics all have played a role in the evolution of Turkish migration trends and policies. Since beginning of 2000th Turkey has become an immigration country for particularly for economic migrants from the neighbouring countries and 3.5 million Syrians under temporary protection.

In last years, Turkey made significant steps toward managing regular migration with a special focus on attracting qualified migrants and countering irregular migration to Turkey.

In 2013,the Law on Foreigners and International Protection established the Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM) under the Ministry of Interior with duties of; implementing policies and strategies in the field of migration, ensuring coordination among the institutions on these matters, executing work and procedures regarding foreigners’ entry to and exit from Turkey, removal, international protection, temporary protection and protection of victims of human trafficking.

After establishment of DGMM, Turkey now better prepared to manage migration in line with EU standards and take advantage of the potential benefits of migration while managing the more problematic aspects.

After approval of the Law No. 6458 Foreigners and International Protection, there were need to bring legislation on foreign employment into conformity with the Law No. 6458. The International Labor Force Law No. 6735 has entered into force on 13/08/2016. The Lew has established the Directorate General on International Labour Force within the MoLSS.

Among the duties of the Directorate General on International Labour Force,

-         Conducting work and procedures related to work permit / exemption.

-         Developing a policy for the international workforce.

-         To contribute to the preparation of labor contracts and social security contracts to be signed with foreign countries.

-         Conducting business and operations related to the international workforce.

-         One of the key function of the Directorate General on International Labour Force is to bring high skilled migrants to Turkey.

The targeted research will be conducted under EU-Turkey funded“Supporting Turkey’s Efforts to Manage Migration” project. The overall objective of the project is to support institutional and legal reform in migration management of Turkey. The project aims at:

-         Reinforcing legislative and administrative capacity of migration management in compliance with EU standards, EU best practices and the national legal framework.

-         Strengthening the institutional capacities at local, central and international level to implement the Law on Foreigners and International Protection and enhancing inter-institutional cooperation and public awareness of migration management.

-         Enhancement of human rights driven dialogue and cooperation with key countries of origin, transit and destination to improve understanding of migratory patterns and challenges.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Intervention Rationale

Within the scope of this research, DGMM will cooperate with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security(MoLSS), Directorate General on International Labour Force on conducting a needs analysis of labour market and academia for (high) skilled migrants in Turkey. The research will be conducted in line with priorities of DGMM and MoLSS as well as support the Migration Research Center of DGMM in conducting policy analysis, producing reports, and reporting their outcomes to the policy audiences.

 2. Main objective

The overall objective of the targeted needs analysis is to assess the needs of the Turkish labour market and/or education sector in(high) qualified migrants and identify competency gaps and support in developing a policy on (high) qualified labour migration to Turkey.

The goal of the needs assessment is to provide the government with recommendations on priority sectors in the labour market and/or education sector on how required qualifications and competency gaps could be addressed through attracting high qualified migrants.

The outcome of this assessment will provide the government with necessary information on required skills and competency gaps in the prioritized sectors of the labour market and/or  education sector in order to support the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Directorate General of International Labour Force and the Directorate General of Migration Management in developing the policy on attracting qualified foreign labour to Turkey in line with the needs of the labour market and/or educational sector. Building on bilateral and multilateral consultations conducted with the project partners the Directorate General of Migration Management and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security,the below specific objectives have been identified.

 3. Description of main tasks

The consultant will collect and review data, statistics and literature on the policies and practices related to high skilled migrants in Turkey and selected countries.

The main tasksof the needs analysis are as per below:

(a)    To describe currently available data sources and methodology for assessing labour market demand in the specific sectors for qualified foreign labour; the existing data sources/methodology have to be assessed as to their effectiveness in terms of feeding policies on (high)qualified labour migration and possible gaps.

(b)    To map the market demand for (high)qualified foreign labour in the specific economic sectors and/or educational sector with a particular focus on affect of qualified foreign labour on economic development of Turkey and individuals; a special focus should be made on the identification of the gaps in the labour market and/or educational sector as well as feasibility of employing qualified foreign labour.

(c)    To examine the policies of selected immigration countries on attracting (high) qualified labour.

The best practice will provide a view on how each country addresses the issue, what methods are used and what is effect on economic development of the countries. The assessment will also provide an information on the counties of origin of (high) qualified migrant workers in the selected countries and Turkey. 

(d)    Based on (a) data source and methodology description and (b) the demand and gap mapping, (c) experience of other countries to provide technical support for Turkey in developing a road map for policy on high qualified labour migration which can be offered to the governmental stakeholders as a possible tool for attracting high qualified labour to Turkey.

(e)    To draft policy recommendations on improving labour migration regulation for (high) qualified migrants in view of making their contribution to Turkish economy and education more attractive, the development of such recommendation will prepare an infrastructure for easy/practical employment and providing proper life conditions which will attract the foreign professionals to Turkey.

This needs analysis will be first of its kind in Turkey with its focus on high qualified labour migration and research and development sector (AR-GE).

 4. Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Project Manager in coordination with the National Project Coordinator, the Researcher will directly be responsible for conducting the sectoral needs analysis in coordination and cooperation with the Research Team. IOM shall be available in case of further explanation and clarification is needed throughout the process.Within this scope, the proposed initiative will call for the below listed steps of inquiry as a guide in the implementation of the assessment. Duties of the researcher shall include;

  1. To consider and develop a research strategy coupled with in depth analysis of the existing literature consistent with those previously developed.
  2. To conduct an analysis of the labour market and/or academia demand and gap for high qualified foreign labour. The focus will be done on research and development sector.
  3. To sustain and promote high-quality research and maximize opportunities for relevant research innovation, development and support.
  4. To support the experts in setting up meetings/interviews with local authorities, academia, private sector and civil society members.
  5. To coordinate the development and implementation of surveys in line with the overall objective of the needs analysis.
  6. To report back on progress to IOM on monthly basis.
  7. The researcher should remain available for incorporating MLSS, DGMM and IOM’s feedback on the provided draft report to reach the quality level of the final product in line with IOM’s expectations.

5. Language

The output produced will be written in the Turkish language.

6. Submission of outputs

A draft version of the trainer’s manual and trainee’s handbook shall be submitted four months after signing the contract. The IOM will circulate these drafts to partner agencies and submit a consolidated version of the comments to the consultants. The final needs analysiswill be submitted to IOM 8 month after signing the contract.

 Required Competencies


  • Ability to work with flexibility and integrity;
  • Ability to work independently, with excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills;
  • Ability to work in challenging settings, under pressure while respecting tight deadlines;
  • Capacity to learn and gain new competencies, while accepting/giving constructive criticism



Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this call for CV is subject to funding confirmation.

Only candidates residing in either the country of the duty station or from a location in a neighbouring country that is within commuting distance of the duty station will be considered.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application including the most recent CV with a cover letter in English with contact details (name, position, phone and e-mail details) of three references by indicating  name of the position applied with its VN number in the subject line of the e-mail to or to IOM Birlik Mahallesi Sehit Kurbani Akboga Sokak No:24 Cankaya, Ankara by the end of 16 November 2018.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 


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