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Uluslararası Mavi Hilal İnsani Yardım ve Kalkınma Vakfı (IBC) Kilis
Tam Zamanlı
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İlan Detayları


  • Under the direct supervision of the InfoHub Manager and technical supervision of the M&E Officer, to ensure that all data and information collection processes of beneficiaries are carried out correctly and completely, to compile the data required, to carry out monitoring and evaluation processes, and to prepare and submit them to the InfoHub Manager in accordance with the time schedule
  • To check all forms for the collection of necessary information in accordance with the expectations of the funding organization, and to store them in accordance with the principles of data privacy
  • To regularly add beneficiaries and account data by entering text-based and numerical information in source documents into the required database within the time frame
  • Regularly report to Infohub Manager and M&E Officer
  • To examine data for deficiencies or errors, correct mismatches, and check outputs
  • To research missing documents and learn more about them
  • To monitor the closure of case information/files, and keep the files in an organized and tidy manner
  • To comply with data integrity and security policies, and provide feedback/updates for the entire team
  • To install and configure computer hardware operating systems and applications when necessary
  • To act in accordance with the privacy of the beneficiary, and to support the other team members to comply with the same sensitivities, especially regarding child safety
  • To participate in all trainings and orientation meetings that may sometimes be held during the weekends
  • To fulfill the ad hoc tasks that may be delegated by the InfoHub Manager and to work within the general needs of the Project
  • To ensure that the project runs in a healthy manner in cooperation with all personnel; to avoid any kind of behavior and attitude in which the beneficiaries and personnel may be physically or psychologically damaged


  • Bachelor’s Degree (can be compensated with direct work experience in NGOs for at least 1 year in a similar position)
  • Work/voluntary experience with NGOs minimum 1 year, specially in community-based social work and/or protection activities
  • Knowledge of protection and key protection concerns
  • Computer literacy is essential
  • Good working knowledge of MS Office, specially Excel
  • Good knowledge of Turkish and English languages. Arabic is advantageous.


  • Teamwork and Cooperation (L3)
  • Stress Management (L3)
  • Behavioural Flexibility (L2)
  • Results and Quality Orientation (L2)
  • Commitment to IBC Principles (L3)

How To Apply

  • Interested candidates who meet the above mentioned qualifications should submit the application form HERE by uploading English CV and Cover Letter outlining their interest for the position no later than December 11,2022.
  • Applications by phone will not be accepted.

The application received after the closing date will not be given any consideration.

Only short listed candidates whose applications fulfill the required criteria will be contacted for interview.

The salary is based on IBC’s salary policy in line with the project budget. 

Submitting this application does not represent any responsibility on the organization of any kind, and the organization has the right to set standards as it deems appropriate for the job according to the information available about all applicants and to select candidates who will attend a job interview from among the applicants in accordance with those standards.

Uluslararası Mavi Hilal İnsani Yardım ve Kalkınma Vakfı (IBC)

IBC, a young and dynamic NGO, was initiated by a handful of idealist businessmen, who wanted to provide input in improving the lives of the people suffering, especially the most disadvantaged section of the world population.

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