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Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) İstanbul
Geçici 10-24
İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced),Türkçe (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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Under the umbrella of DKH’s Capacity Building Initiative Asia (CBIA) Program that aims at enhancing the capacities of DKH partners in the region, an emerging need to support the partners in training, mentoring, and coaching has risen. Complying with the Core Humanitarian Standards and its indicators, alongside the commitments listed in the Charter for Change, strengthening partners’ capacities, and forming a stronger partnership spirit in the humanitarian assistance field is of crucial value. This assignment will directly contribute to building the capacities of DKH Asia partner’s staff, by equipping them with the technical and practical knowledge to grow the organization and programs which should ultimately improve the delivery of services to the most vulnerable people in their respective countries.


Position Summary:

DKH’s Regional Office West and Central Asia seeking to hire a Protection Expert/Consultant to institutionalize and guide the work of its partner in Turkiye; Support to Life (StL, Hayata Destek) Organization to strengthen their ongoing community-based protection programs and support in developing future protection strategies. The consultancy focuses on understanding and analyzing StL’s existing Protection capacities as well as guiding the design phase of PCM towards producing winning proposals.


 The assignment will be conducted at StL’s main office in Istanbul, and potentially in StL’s field offices across 6 provinces in Turkiye.


The Expert/Consultant’s tasks will be:


  1. Conduct a focused desk review of key guiding documents/policies in the PCM cycle that StL adopts in their Protection Programming. The Desk Review shall result in concise sets of recommendations, gaps, and strength areas in said Protection PCM cycles of StL.
  2. Provide technical guidance, technical tools, and capacity building to the protection team and other relevant staff.
  3. Advise on and provide strategic guidance on relevant protection-related issues that are required to improve the quality of project delivery at organizational and programmatic levels. Including but not limited to, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL)
  4. Create practical tools tackling the most pressing Protection issues concerning refugee communities in Turkiye.
  5. In close collaboration with DKH’s Country Coordinator and StL’s Protection Expert, the Consultant shall support in developing proposals that mainstream and focuses on Protection programming.
  6. Report on all activities as per the deliverables specified.



Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Desk Review: Conduct a comprehensive study of the existing Protection policies and handbooks. Evaluate, analyze, and conclude areas for improvements, and submit a set of recommendations to improve the quality of all Protection-related PCM. A summary of this is required in the form of a “Protection Desk Review Report.”
  2. Re-Development of Protection Programming Handbook/Manual: driven by the areas for improvement that are identified in the previous task, the consultant is requested to lead on developing/refining a concise and practical handbook that serves as a guide for StL’s current and future programming opportunities.
  3. Facilitate Capacity Building Activities: where Protection and relevant staff are orientated on the most pressing topics extracted from the previously mentioned Handbook/Manual.
  4. Review Community-Based Protection Programming Strategy: provide technical advice on the existing Community-Based Protection strategy and apply respective modification based on good practices and learnings on said subject.     
  5. Winning Proposal Development: focused on Protection Programming, the consultant will be tasked to lead on developing the technical section of prospect proposal(s)
  6. Reporting: each phase of the consultancy will be reported against by the consultant according to a pre-set schedule to be agreed on by all stakeholders (DKH, PVDP, and Expert/Consultant). A final Consultancy Report shall also be submitted at the end of the consultancy.


Coordination Scheme:

The DKH Country Program Coordinator, DKH Capacity Building Coordinator, StL’s Protection Manager, and Adviser/Consultant shall remain in full harmony keeping each other on-board with the progress of the mission and the planned activities.


The consultancy is based on achieving the set deliverables within a maximum of 16 days within a two-month timeline. The consultancy does not represent a full-time job nor is it considered an employment with DKH West and Central Asia Regional Office or with StL.




DKH expects to commence the mission as of October through December 2022.



Most of the meetings will be held in Turkish.

All reports are to be submitted to DKH in English.



16 days from signing the consultancy agreement.









  • Deadline for applicants
  • Selection and informing applicants / invitation for interview

Sep 30, 2022

Oct 6, 2022


Desk Review Report

  • In close coordination with StL’s Protection Manager and the DKH Country Program Coordinator, perform a diagnostic desk review to identify strengths and areas for improvement in the existing Protection Programming policies/handbooks
  • Report on recommendations that serve as working plan for the next deliverables

1 – 2 days of effort

Protection Programming Handbook/Manual

  • In close coordination with StL’s Protection Manager and the DKH Country Program Coordinator, revise the existing Protection Programming handbook that includes all Protection-related tools and forms including, but not limited to, MERL Tools and templates, Complaint and Feedback Mechanisms, etc.
  • Conduct orientation sessions with Protection and relevant StL staff to present the Protection Programming Handbook/Manual.

5 – 7 days of effort (including revisions)

Review Community-Based Protection Programming Strategy

  • In close coordination with StL’s Protection Manager, Program Manager, and other relevant staff, along with DKH’s Country Program Coordinator, review and provide technical advice on StL’s existing Community-Based Protection programming strategy reference.

 1 – 2 days of effort

Protection Proposal Development

  • In close coordination with StL’s Protection Manager and the DKH Country Program Coordinator, develop a Protection-focused proposal planned in November.

2 – 3 days of effort


  • Submit the desk review report
  • Submit the consultancy’s full narrative report on all of the activities commenced throughout the consultancy mission.
  • Obtain acceptance by writing from DKH on the completion of the consultancy.

1 – 2 days of effort



The final report must include:

  • Executive summary.
  • Introduction.
  • Main activities conducted in line with the set deliverables.
  • Description of challenges faced during the consultancy mission.
  • Annexed Desk Review report and recommendations.
  • Annexed list of meetings organized for the purpose of the consultancy, their dates and duration, with a summary of the meetings minutes.
  • Annexed Protection Programming Handbook in its final version.
  • Annexed Protection Programming Strategy


The proposal must include:

  • Consultant’s motivational letter
  • Consultant’s updated CV – including a concise summary of relevant competences and previous relevant experiences.
  • Technical Proposal including technical methodology (must not exceed five pages)
  • Proposed daily rate inclusive of all taxes.
  • Work plan against with a proposed timeline.
  • List of three professional references.



Required Competencies:

  • Proven experience in a senior Protection Sector management position within the Humanitarian assistance sector.
  • Experience working in Turkiye.
  • Ability to travel across different locations inside Turkiye, if necessary.
  • Fluency in Turkish
  • Fluency in English.


Budget proposal

Proposed budget should indicate the daily rate for a maximum of 16 days of effort, distributed according to the deliverables mentioned above. Logistical arrangements for the mission must not be included in the budget proposal, as they will be reimbursed separately. The daily rate must be inclusive of all taxes in compliance to the Jordanian Sales and Income Tax laws. Payment of the contract will be released in EUR or in the local currency via bank transfer according to the payment schedule to be determined in the contractual agreement.

Kindly submit your proposal (no more than 5 pages) with a subject line reading “Protection Adviser/Consultant” to: until Sep 30, 2022.

Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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