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Syrian NGO Alliance secretariat information management officer 1136 views23 applications

Immediate supervisor’s title: SNA coordinator

Code: SNA-CO-002

Duration: 12 months

Duty station: Gaziantep

 Line manages N/A

Overall objective:

The Information Officer is responsible for designing and implementing an Information Management strategy to analyses and disseminate collective information about the activities of SNA members


The SNA, Syrian Non-Governmental Organization Alliance, was established by nine Syrian NGOs in April 2014, in order to coordinate their activities from Turkey into northern Syria and ensure that the Syrian voice was heard at the highest levels in the coordination structure. The founders of the SNA and its membership feel that it is important to have a strong Syrian voice within the Syrian Response, particularly given the nature of the cross-border response in Turkey and given that Syrian NGOs are the main implementers on the ground who are still able to guarantee access to most of vulnerable Syrians. Nineteen Syrian and regional NGOs are members of the alliance as of February 2015, with membership growing.
The vision of this alliance is to support all Syrian NGOs in order to be able to lead the Syrian Humanitarian Response Operation according to the International standards. The SNA works closely wıth Syrian and international NGO members, other Syrian NGO coordination structures, United Nations agencies, departments and offices, and nontraditional humanitarian actors.
The SNA’s main objective are advocacy for the Syrian voice in the humanitarian response,

Purpose of the alliance:

The SNA has an important role to play in ensuring that the SNGOs have an active and representative voice in all coordination structures in the Whole of Syria response. This includes working with the humanitarian community to promote coordination aimed at minimizing gaps and duplication in humanitarian activities, including support and management functions performed in the Syrian response. The successful candidate will have significant senior level leadership experience, and will contribute to ensuring appropriate, accountable, and effective humanitarian action in northern Syria by harmonizing SNGO collective opinions, addressing issues not considered by UN-led mechanisms in the whole of Syria response, representing SNGOs at the Whole of Syria strategic level, and by providing consistent and constructive advocacy from within the SNGO community.

Primary function of the role:

The SNA IMO will manage the information coming from the SNA members and keep collecting relevant data and conduct trend analyses and statistics on SNA member’s activities, and other pertaining mandates related to SNA strategic, executive and/or periodical information management tasks.

Communication and Information products:

  • Responsible for supporting information sharing between , and to , members of the SNA , and to external stakeholders according to information management guidelines
  • generate, automate and produce operational reports and information products including :
    o maps
    o infographics
    o interactive content
    o dashboards
    o PowerPoint presentations
  • attend and participate actively in the STIMA working group
  • Provide support to thematic IM needs (health, education, protection, FSL, etc.)
  • Facilitate humanitarian information exchange and the promotion of data and information sharing protocols according to the parameters of the SNA
  • Shares Syria media key content review
  • Archiving, data collection and data analysis
  • develops and maintains records and archives policies and procedures
  • Act as a focal point for managing the alliance contact lists , mailing list , document management
  • build close relationships with the data collection and assessment initiatives such as REACH , MyMAPs , and CALL
  • Participate with the whole collaboration from SNA members IMOs in the NIF ( needs identification framework) leaded by the STIMA WoS in order to produce the HNO report , the NPM , and make sure that the data was treated in a transparent way and actually reflecting the needs of people inside syria.
  • Identify where information gaps exist, the Information Management Officer may help setting up primary data collection systems
  • Organize needs assessments, which may also involve other stakeholders.
    Distribution of information
  • Designs and implement a dissemination plan for all information products produced by the SNA secretariat including :
    o Establish and administrate the alliance official web-site
    o Produce a monthly E-Bulletin that includes the members summary of activities
  • Responsible for minute taking, archiving, dissemination, development of information management policies.
  • Design and implement a structured dissemination plan for all information products and services as appropriate (e.g. web portal, mailing list, information centres, etc.) including the definition of standard operating procedures for clearing information products for release.
    Technical support
  • Assist with processes relating to SNA database system upgrades, including reviewing release notes, formulating and running system tests, troubleshooting, etc.
  • University degree in Information Technology, IT, Statistics, Social Sciences or a related field.
    IT Skills
  • Knowledge of different data collection methodologies.
  • Proven skills to analyses statistical information.
  • Ability to formulate IM-related technical requirements and Operating Procedures.
  • qualifications or certification in some of the following applications is recommended
    o Standard tools
     OS : windows , windows server 2010 , Linux xx
     MS Office ( Word ,Excel , PowerPoint , Outlook) , MS Projects
    o Mapping tools
     Google Earth , Google MAPs
     ArcGIS
    o Data base servers
     MySQL
     Oracle
     MS Access
    o Web development
     Server side
     Ruby
     PHP 4/5
    o PHP CMSs (WordPress content management)
     PHP Frameworks
     E-Commerce tools
     PayPal integration
     Google wallet
     SSL
     Client side
     (X)HTML, HTML5
     CSS2, CSS3
    o Twitter Bootstrap
     JavaScript (DOM)
     Flash
    o Graphic design
     Corel draw
     Adobe suite : illustrator , Photoshop , flash , premier
    o Hardware
     Good familiarity with PC and Server hardware.
     Good familiarity with networking equipment: Layer 3 switches, Wi-Fi access points, ADSL routers, firewalls, POS systems
  • Languages
  • Excellent knowledge of English and good working knowledge of another UN language.

More Information

  • Sector Civil Society
  • Language Level English (C2, Level 6, Advanced), Arabic (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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