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İlan Detayları

Position:                             3 Enumerator(s) 

Location:                            Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Turkey

Reports to:                        M&EOfficer      

Background on RI:

Relief International (RI) iscommitted to transforming adversity into renewal for the world’s mostvulnerable populations. By partnering with beneficiaries and communities on thefront-lines, RI innovatively bridges the gap between immediate relief andlong-term community development.

Launched in 2015, RI’s program inTurkey is now implemented in 8 provinces across Turkey with 7 implementingpartners. The program entails the following:

•       Contribute to improving access to specializedhealth service delivery for refugees, focusing on mental health and psychosocialsupport services (MHPSS), physiotherapy, prosthesis & orthotics, dentalhygiene promotion, and leishmaniosis prevention and control;

•       Work with local partners to build their capacity(organizational and project management) in order to ensure long termsustainability;

•       Replicate the existing successful models inother geographic areas with high numbers of refugees;

•       Contribute to scientific studies by engaging intechnical and needs assessments to fill the evidence gap on disability andMHPSS for refugees in Turkey.         


Purpose and Scope:

The main aim of thisrecruitment is to conduct Post Monitoring Survey to assess the quality of theservices provided, beneficiaries' satisfaction with the service and serviceproviders. In addition to, obtain beneficiaries suggestions and recommendationsto enhance the quality of the services. As well as detecting gaps and errors toensure isolating them in the coming period of the project. Also measure theimpact of service provided


Enumerators will be trained on using the mobile data collectionplatform KOBO Collect, and on the questionnaire beforehand.  They are expected to conduct individualinterviews with project beneficiaries in projects’ centers.  Enumerators will be conducting the surveyswith RI M&E officer.      


·       Interview refugees through the Post evaluation survey developed byRI.

·       Record and submit the data on the KOBO platform on a daily basis.

·       Conduct Key Informant Interviews with community leaders or centerstaff and/ or managers (whereas  applicable and directed by the teamleader). 

·       Conduct focus group discussions (FGD) with RI M&E officer.



Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Diploma in a social science or related field-Degree in social sciences or related field preferred.
  • Fluency in Arabic is required; fluency Turkish and English is highly preferred. 
  • Experience with surveys, customer service, and mobile data collection are an asset. 
  • Good contextual knowledge of local issues, community priorities, social and cultural constraints and realities.
  • Female candidates are preferred.
  • Turkish Nationality required.
  • Valid bank account in Turkey. 



The enumerators will be paid based on a daily rate of$45, including transportation costs.  Thepayment will be made at the end of the assignment.  The assignment is expected to last for 5working days.      



RI Values:

·   Weuphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality andoperational independence.

·   Weaffirmatively engage the most vulnerable communities.

·   Wevalue

o  Inclusiveness

o  Transparencyand accountability

o  Agilityand innovation

o  Collaboration

o  Sustainability

How to Apply

In case you meet the requirements and that you are interested in the position, please send your CV in English to turkey.recruitment@ri.org   before the 18 January 2019 stating in the subject for Gaziantep: “Gaziantep-Enumaretor“. For Istanbul:“Istanbul-Enumaretor“. For Izmir: “Izmir-Enumaretor“  In addition a 3 professional references. All candidates must be eligible to work in Turkey and have a valid Turkish ID.

Relief International

Relief International is a leading nonprofitable organization working in roughly 20 countries to relieve poverty, ensure well-being and advance dignity. We specialize in fragile settings, responding to natural disasters, humanitarian crises and chronic poverty. Relief International combines humanitarian and development approaches to provide immediate services while laying the groundwork for long-term impact. Our signature approach —which we call the RI Way— emphasizes local participation, an integration of services, strategic partnerships and a focus on civic skills. In this way, we empower communities to find, design and implement the solutions that work best for them.
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