EURECNA SPA is seeking for a Process Engineer (Ref: 01)

Tam Zamanlı
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İlan Detayları

Technical Assistance for Development of Research and Innovation Facilities for Improving the Regional Competitiveness of Food Industry (INNOFOOD)


NKE ToR – Process Engineer


Objective of the Project: To improve SMEs' R&D capacity and product development capabilities in food and beverage sectors.

Objective of the Position: To assist in the studies carried out within the scope of Role Model Projects on pilot processing lines at the Food Innovation Center.

Location: Gebze.  

Duration and Number of Working Days: Up to 100 days (Feb – Oct 23)



The main objective of “Development of Research and Innovation Facilities for Improving the Regional Competitiveness of Food Industry (INNOFOOD)” project is to assist the SMEs and start-ups operating in the food and beverage sector, mainly in 12 NUTS II regions on their way to increase the competitiveness of the sectors in the foreign and domestic markets by improving the quality and safety of their products and developing new value-added food products/processes as a result of R&D and innovation, with establishment of the R&D and innovation facilities and networking platform required for the development of food sector. Planed infrastructure related with INNOFOOD project targets to accomplish three defined areas of activity, namely:

  • To set up a food technology platform that will determine the scientific and technological roadmap of the food and beverage sector for the upcoming 15 years and to conduct public/private sector awareness activities for increasing awareness and dissemination purposes.
  • To establish a food innovation centre which will provide the technology/knowledge transfer, networking and innovation through the SMEs that are operating in food production to support the NUTS II regions through a number of R&D and related activities in order to sustain the development of food and beverage sectors.
  • To establish new laboratories/processing lines and systems for test/analysis, commercial applications and to identify R&D needs of the sector in the region.

Results are defined as establishment of the institutional capacity (administrative and operational structures) of the Food Innovation Platform of Turkey (TÜGİP) with regards to a well-developed strategic plan, having the Platform operationalized with awareness all over Turkey, establishment of institutional capacity of Advanced Food Safety Laboratory (AFSL) and Food Innovation Centre (FIC) to provide services to SMEs and start-ups in developing regions of Turkey, and increased R&D and innovation capacity of SMEs in food sector. 



Current State of Play

The project is started on 15 June 2020 and the period of implementation will be 40 months with the end date of 15 October 2023.


Task and Duties

The Expert will have the responsibility of guiding pilot production of the R&D studies carried in the framework of Role Model Projects at the Food Innovation Centre. During the implementation of the Role Model Projects pilot processing lines of Food Innovation Centre will be used by the researchers of TÜGİP and participant companies of the program. NKE is expected to assist researchers during the use of pilot lines and the management of the machinery park and the determination of technical maintenance and repair needs during the implementation. In the use of pilot processing lines, he/she will assist the researchers to ensure the operating safety of the studies.


The task and duties mainly cover executing and/or contributing the following tasks:

  • Guiding users during the production processes carried out in a healthy way by ensuring operational safety.
  • Preparing the work plans and monitoring the workflow regarding the use of pilot lines during the implementation of role model projects and to provide the necessary support for the proper operation of all these processes.
  • To have theoretical and practical knowledge about the basic facility rules of all pilot processing lines that will ensure the proper use of pilot facilities and the use of equipment in the facilities.
  • Ensuring the preparation of equipment and devices in accordance with the work plan of the lines.

The expert is needed to work in close cooperation with the Team Leader, OCU members and other NKEs. The expert will provide a mission report at the end of each month that he/she worked. All reports will include the information of the duties that he/she carried out during the implementation of Role Model Project in pilot lines.


Expected Outputs

  • Technical assistance and consultancy services delivery to the researchers during the use of pilot processing lines
  • Technical consultancy for implementation of Role Model Projects in the pilot processing lines
  • Mission reports that includes the information of the use of each pilot lines in the framework of Role Model Projects


Required Qualifications 

Educational Background:

Bachelor or MS degree in Food Engineering, Machinery Engineering or Engineering with food manufacturing sector experience.

General, all related to the food sector:

  • At least 5 years of experience in food processing and related machinery (10 years is an asset)
  • Experience mainly in dairy products, fermented fruits and fruit juice processing
  • Good command of Turkish and English
  • Excellent report drafting skills
  • Experience in operational safety in processing lines
  • Experience in R&D and innovation activities, is an asset
  • Experience in project management in food processing lines, is an asset
  • Experience in international programs or projects, is an asset


Monitoring and Evaluation of Inputs

The NKE inputs and outputs will be formally monitored and evaluated by the Team Leader.