Field Operations Coordinator

Greenpeace İstanbul
Doktora,Yüksek Lisans,Üniversite
Geçici 1-3
İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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Purpose of the Job:

Greenpeace is a campaigning organization that builds its strength on the ability to communicate and expose problems and advocate solutions in a way that engages people and inspires them to act for a change. We want to empower and support citizens to take part and eventually become leaders of a movement for environmental justice, starting with our own supporters and volunteers.

As a Field Operations Coordinator you will be required to provide leadership in building and integrating volunteers and local groups to our program, campaigns and projects. We would like you to play a crucial role in building volunteer capacities, implementing enabling tools, integrating between online and offline activism, and in enabling billions of acts of courage throughout society.


This position is temporarily available for a period of 9 months.



Main Responsibilities:

Campaign engagement

●      Contribute to campaign project strategies and development and ensure a strong focus and synergy with volunteer work

●      Coordinate and manage all logistical arrangements for volunteer and community campaign activities as required

●      Organize creative and engaging activities supporting our campaigns and projects

●      Develop strategies, tactics and methodologies of public engagement within campaigns and project work.

●      Implement local events and community activities to enhance project objectives.





Communications and representation

●      Help to translate campaign and communications messaging into mobilization language which is relevant to our volunteers base

●      Responsible for communication and relationship development between office and volunteers.

●      Manage and edit regular volunteer communications including a newsletter, email updates and campaign leaflets and informations

●      Have a regular contact with volunteers, by organising meetings, setting up and managing volunteer centres, with the purpose to keep volunteers motivated and informed

●      Advise and educate other members of staff on to build and maintain good         working-relationships with volunteers


Volunteer Mobilization and Coordination


●      Ensure that a proper and updated policies is in place and is followed by relevant parties

●      Develop and implement strategies and plans for volunteer and public engagement work

●      Manage and maintain an efficient system of communication and interaction with volunteers (induction package, training, mailing lists, meetings etc.)

●      Develop creative volunteer projects and supervise volunteers to carry out projects, including coordinating media opportunities, photo-ops, and events

●      Seek out opportunities to engage and mobilize people in Greenpeace campaigns

●      Implement plan for volunteer recruitment including identifying potential volunteers and volunteer leaders

●      Empower volunteers to build relationships with grassroots groups in accordance with campaign areas.  In relation to this working with grassroots organisers.

●      Work with communications team to develop online mobilization and cyber activists in online/offline integration.

●      Ensure that all volunteers taking part in GP work are in line with basic GP history, core values and campaigns, maximize their capacity and environmental knowledge thus enhancing involvement and feeling of belonging.

●      Identify knowledge and skills gaps within the active volunteer base, recruit, mentor, train, and develop volunteers in the discipline of organizing and how it can be applied to their specific projects.            

●      Responsible for designing and implementing volunteer training programs, organising logistics and content for these trainings.   

●      Work with the Programme Co-Director to continue to build a sufficiently large and well trained base of motivated activists

●      Ensure there are appropriate mechanisms available to recruit, retain and network a growing Greenpeace movement, where required, utilizing a multiplier program. This may include leadership and campaigning skills development.   

●      Manage risk through knowledge of and compliance with laws and regulation regarding volunteering. Responsible for all aspects of health and safety of all personnel involved or implicated in volunteer activities throughout the preparation and during the execution.

●      Be responsible for budget and administrative duties regarding the volunteer operations

●      With the guidance and instructions of the Co-Programme Director, be responsible for equipment and other assets and investments related to volunteer operations.



Set up and maintain strong standards and capacity building for actions

●      Setup protocol and clear guidelines for proper planning, preparation, resourcing, delivery and evaluation of actions; this includes making sure that all the staff involved in any public actions is aware of appropriate policies

●      Ensure that there is a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities of all people before, during and after any risk-taking activities

●      Ensuring that actions do not go ahead unless they meet required safety standards including those described in the global policies and SOP’s

●      Design annual plan for activist development trainings based on Programme needs and vision.

●      Facilitates exchanges and skill sharing within the region as well as with other NROs

●      Maintain and develop excellent relations with the direct actions staff throughout all Greenpeace offices including Greenpeace International.

Project leading

●      When agreed and appointed, function as a project leader for a specific project (can be highly variable in scale and time). The tasks then include management of a project with a diverse team of colleagues, making sure that it is on track with approved plans and objectives, coordination of its outputs, management of the respective budget, reporting and evaluation.


Skills and Qualifications:

●      Fluency in English and Turkish language

●      Knowledge and experience of campaigning and an understanding of how campaigning can achieve change

●      Demonstrated a minimum of 2 years experiences in successful organizing and volunteer management, development and or and campaigning, including planning, implementation and evaluation.

●      Experience in working across diverse communities including demonstrated cross-cultural communication skills

●      Strong personal organization skills including ability to manage multiple projects with competing priorities and timelines

●      Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to handle constantly evolving work

●      Ability to devise and conduct innovative and quality communication in campaigns

●      Ability to make and maintain effective contacts and relationships

●      Computer literacy in Microsoft Office

●      Willingness to work long hours and weekends when necessary

●      Willingness to travel locally and Internationally

●      Ability to deal with pressure

●      Driver license is an asset

●      Experience as a Greenpeace volunteer/ activist is an asset

●      Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its mission.

You can apply to with your cover letter by writing the position name of the job postings in the Subject. 


●      Integrity

●      Concern for order and quality

●      Teamwork and cooperation

●      Achievement Orientation

●      Planning and Organizing

●      Adaptability

●      Effective, appropriate and transparent communication

●      Conceptual Thinking,

●      Impact and influence

●      Creating a positive climate

●      Initiative

●      Accountability,

●      Coaching and leading others



Commitment to Diversity:  Greenpeace welcomes and values diversity of people, cultural experiences

and perspectives.   Through our campaigning, we create solutions that promote environmental

sustainability rooted in social justice.  Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive work

environment that is a reflection of the global campaigns and missions that we champion.



Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning network that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. It consists of 26 independent national/regional organisations in over 55 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific as well as a co-ordinating body (not headquarters) Greenpeace International.
Offices located in: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Beijing, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Phillippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taipei, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA.
In the administration of our employment policies and practices throughout the network, Greenpeace does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, personal appearance, family responsibilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, veteran status, matriculation, political affiliation, or genetic information.
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