FIN/ HR Assistant

SUT Danışmanlık Ticaret Limited Şirketi istanbul
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (B2, Level 4, Intermediate )
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 1264


İlan Detayları

Our Mission:

Developing social development projects conducted in third sector’s public and private spheres and improving the management of the provided services through technical trainings and consultancy services.


Our Vision:

We are imagining work ethics internalized by practice in which all corporate and individual structures aim social benefit. We build projects and services running accordingly in a proper strategic frame by prioritizing the terms of wholism, productivity, capacity of influence, utility and professionalism.


Our Principles:

  • Responsibility towards people and society
  • Productivity
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Respect to privacy
  • Openness to sharing information


What we do:

Providing consultancy services on human resources, finance management, project cycle management, and commodity market; doing research on third sector activities; organizing trainings for capacity building; preparing communication materials for visibility

SUT Danismanlik is advertising for the following position: FIN/HR ASSISTANT


Place of work: Based in Istanbul/Turkey,

Level: 6

Others: Please be informed that this is a local position and as such only applications from candidates with a valid residence / working permit residing in Turkey will be considered.

Main Purpose

Execute administrative and human resources tasks and support for daily financial tasks according to administration manager’s indications and SUT procedures, in order to ensure  daily tasks are carried out and proper information flow is present.


•      Execute administrative and legal related tasks, under supervision of the Administrator Manager, checking payroll calculations and updating personal files in order to ensure accuracy, compliance and on time payments.

•      Implement financial management procedures in order to ensure the highest control and security, and ensure cash availability. 

•      Prepare employment contracts in conformity with legal requirements including specific amendments when necessary in order to ensure local labour and fiscal law compliance.

•      Enter data into the HR database and personal files and keep them up-to-date in order to facilitate HR processes management. 

•      Update Social security  Tax office employee files in order to meet legal requirements and duties.

•      Assist Administration Manager to draw up monthly pay slips for all staff, editing and updating the necessary data, in order to ensure the punctuality and accuracy of staff payroll.

•      Draw up the final pay slip and employment certificate at the end of a contract in order to meet legal requirements while defending both SUT ’s and staff’s interests.

•      Follow up all expiring rental contract dates and inform the Administration Manager in order to leave enough time to arrange a renewal or look for some other alternative. 

•      Assist the administration manager in the prevision of monthly treasury and planning in order to ensure the coverage of daily needs, advances on salaries, payroll,etc.

•      Support with payment to suppliers and keep strict on all documentation involved,informing the administration manager of any sort of disparity.

•      Make all administrative information available to the staff (posting, meetings, etc.)

•      File the accounting documents and enter the accounting pieces in the accounting software, with the support from the Administration Manager and/or the Accounting Manager (ACMA).

Support the Administration Manager in translating documents into local language. Assists the Administration Manager in meetings upon request.

     •      Assist visa application process for staff and visitors and other relatedadministrative procedures

     •    Support Admin team withmanagement of per diems, accomodation, travels Book travel tickets for thestaff upon request and arranging travels;

    •     Preparing welcome package andfollow up induction for new staff;


  • Education:  
    • Desirable finance, business or administration related diploma.
  • Experience:  
    • Essential previous working experience of at least one year in relevant jobs                
    • Desirable experience in SUT or other NGOs in developing countries
  • Languages:
    • Turkish (Native or C1 and above)
    • English (B2 or above)

Interested applicants should send a detailed CV and Cover Letter in a single document in English to the email address provided in this vacancy. 

CV should be in this format, so we can identify and file them easily: SURNAME _Name _Kinds of Docs Ex: DOE_John_CV and Cover Letter

Please indicate “2018 FIN/HR ASSISTANT” in the subject line:


Deadline: January13, 2019 Sunday at 23.59

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview and technical test.

We encourage applicants to submit the application as soon as possible; Position can be closed before deadline depending upon enough number of CVs

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