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Position:           GBV Sub Cluster Information Management Officer

Location:          Gaziantep, Turkey

Department:      Program / GBV Sub Cluster

Report to:         GBV SC Co-Coordinator




Global Communities is an international non-profit organization that works closely with communities worldwide to bring about sustainable changes that improve the lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable.


Global Communities is providing humanitarian support to vulnerable households in Syria including protection programming and specialized GBV services. Moreover, Global Communities support coordination structure for the prevention and response to GBV from Turkey cross border to Syria, with a full dedicated international co-lead that works closely with UNFPA. GBV sub cluster partners have been increasing in number since establishment of the forum in 2015. GBV SC team is composed by the UNFPA lead and Global Communities co lead and a support senior officer hosted by Ihsan. Global Communities seek a GBV sub cluster IMO to work with the team to improve information management of the sub cluster and to be the focal point for data collection initiatives as GBV IMS, create hub specific dashboards and support protection cluster IM on the 4W process.


Under the overall supervision of the GBV Sub-Cluster Coordinator and in close collaboration with UNFPA coordinator, this position is responsible for maintaining, strengthening, leading and managing the GBV Sub-Cluster Information Management function/ information management for the sub cluster. The IMO will work in coordination with the Protection cluster information management officer based in Gaziantep and in the framework of the strategy of the whole of Syria GBV information management.

Improved information management is necessary to feed into elaboration of programming strategies, humanitarian funding processes, mainstreaming GBV into other sectors, engaging in advocacy and preparing situation reports.  Information management is therefore an integral part of a coordinated approach to GBV.


The GBV SC Information Management Officer is responsible for the following:

Data Collection and Management

  • In line with WHO’s Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Researching, Documenting and Monitoring Sexual Violence in Emergencies:
  • Preserve all documents and data related to GBV Subcluster in safe, easy to access platforms, making sure of its integrity.
  • Work closely with IMOs from other hubs to consolidate existing assessments on the GBV situation and/or work with relevant agencies, the displaced and host populations to conduct relevant participatory analyses of GBV. 
  • Ensure sub-Cluster partners provide timely, consistent and compatible data and information on 4W. Provide support, mentoring and capacity building on 4Ws to new members
  • As necessary, develop quarterly report formats that capture relevant information that support the analysis and evaluation of program progress and outcomes.
  • Prepare regular analytical reports on emerging issues.
  • Ensure application of appropriate information technology for maintenance of Cluster partner lists and archiving information.
  • Promote the use of inter operable technologies and best practices.
  • Participate in building the capacity of partners on IM related topics in a regular manner.



Education and Training

  • Advanced technical degree in social sciences, (e.g., in public health, humanitarian affairs, political science, development studies, demography or a related field) or the equivalent combination of education and experience in a related area.
  • 3 years of professional experience in IM for the humanitarian sector, including secondary data reviews, 3/4/5W reporting, gap analysis, etc.
  • Familiarity with Excel, desktop publishing software, and basic website management.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the survivor-centered approach to GBV programming, particularly in the context of information management.


Other Qualifications

  • Ability to synthesize large amounts of information into concise, effective resources for decision-making and advocacy purposes.
  • Strong interest and motivation for inter-agency coordination.
  • Flexibility, diplomacy, leadership, cultural sensitivity and the ability to work well both alone and in teams.


Language skills

  • Good command of spoken and written  English and Arabic.
  • Turkish speaking/writing skills also desirable





Global Communities is an equal opportunity employer. As an international humanitarian organization, we highly respect and value diversity and ensure that all qualified applicants receive consideration solely based on required experience and capabilities regardless of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, or marital status. All Global Communities employees, regardless of their position, are prohibited from engaging in any form of discrimination, harassment, exploitation, or abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal), or in any other way breach the rights of others to thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

We consider Humanitarian Principles as an integral part of our relief and humanitarian work across the globe and are fully committed to promoting the recognition of human rights, especially the safeguarding of children, women, and adults at risk. We believe we are accountable to those in the communities we serve, and as such, it is our responsibility to ensure that, we as an organization, must not contribute in any way to harming or exposing those communities to further risk. Global Communities applies zero tolerance to any act of exploitation, abuse, harassment, and discrimination in every aspect of its work.

Therefore, as part of our recruitment process, a range of pre-employment checks/screenings will be conducted in conformity with Global Communities’ Safeguarding Policies.  

Level of contact with children for this position




Global Communities does not charge any fees at any stage of the recruitment process.

Global Communities

Our Vision
We envision a world where everyone has the freedom, means and ability to live and prosper with dignity.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create long-lasting, positive and community-led change that improves the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable people across the globe.
About Global Communities
We don’t tell the community what to do, they tell us.
Global Communities is a global development organization committed to working in partnership with communities worldwide to bring about sustainable, impactful changes that improve the lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable.
Development is not something we do for people; it is something we do with them. We believe that the people who understand their needs best are the people of the community itself.
We make a difference by engaging with communities, governments, the private sector, and NGOs as partners for good—bringing together complementary strengths and shared responsibilities to work toward common goals.
Global Communities has existed for more than 60 years. Until 2012, we were known as CHF International and, before that, the Cooperative Housing Foundation. We are a non-profit organization.
What distinguishes our work?
The power of what we do lies in our ability to develop relationships that put the people of the community at the forefront of their own development. Enriched by the ability to build trust and understanding, it is our heartfelt focus on community and partnership that distinguishes our work.
Global Communities currently works in more than 20 countries around the world in Africa, Asia, Europe & the Caucasus, Latin America & the Caribbean and the Middle East.
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