Health Coordinator

Tam Zamanlı 4-9
Arapça (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate),İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate)
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İlan Detayları

Job Purpose:

To design, plan and manage strategic plans and priorities of the health program at Qatar Charity. Supervise implementation of the health projects in side Syria and with refugees in Turkey ensuring that (i) all the deliverables are achieved in line with the budget plans and time schedules and the regular updates and (ii) health program strategic priorities are being aligned with the changing scenario in Syria and being updated


Essential Job Responsibilities and Duties:


Strategic Program Planning and Designing

  1. Stay updated on the latest developments by donors and governments regarding education in Syria while ensuring that an effective representation and value addition is contributed on the relevant clusters including protection clusters.
  2. To perform as the member of strategic programming forum of Gaziantep Office with proficiency, evidence based programming approach and ensuring integrity, transparency and learning for development attitude.
  3. Devise and adapt the QC strategic priorities in Health Program in view of the on-ground situation analysis, need assessments and research with a good understanding of the approaches of multi and bilateral donors, regional governments, and UN agencies
  4. To ensure CHS standards and other relevant global standards and cross cutting themes of child protection and gender mainstreaming are effectively incorporated in projects designing and are well understood by the staff.
  5. To develop robust health program quality targets, indicators and tools for the projects and programs in view of the issues and challenges found out in the relevant situation analysis, need assessments and research studies conducted internally or externally.  
  6. To review and reflect the long term and short term health plans, programs and projects on periodic basis, ensuring participation and/or consultation from internal and external stakeholders with a thrust to revise program approaches in view of the continuously changing geo-political scenario and its impact on the education sector for Syrian children both inside and outside Syria.


Projects, Partners and Networking

  1. To develop understanding of the health projects and programs of Qatar Charity in terms of overall goals, objectives, activities, budget, and strategic alignment with the long-term strategy.
  2. To design and conduct need assessments, developing need assessment reports and develop project proposals in consultation of Relief Coordinator
  3. To develop and maintain effective coordination with field teams and relevant staff of partner organizations to ensure that the effective projects and program planning is being done and regularly revised in view of the change of on-ground situations
  4. To ensure that necessary links are being developed and maintained with the external stakeholders and particularly with the health clusters and the relevant government authorities.
  5. To share regular project updates, reviews and reports with the line manager and other relevant stakeholders as per the agreed timeline
  6. To coordinate with the field staff ensuring that all the project related risks are regularly reviewed, re-identified, and amicably addressed; regularly updating the management accordingly
  7. To develop and/or review and verify the work progress and financial progress reports coming from the project staff/partners, ensuring that the compliance with the programs and operational SOPs are maintained and the donor terms and conditions are effectively achieved.
  8. To timely respond to the feedback shared by the MEAL Department while sharing the rectification measures taken to address the identified gaps. Ensuring that high level of integrity, transparency and quality-sensitive attitude is consistently demonstrated in this process.  
  9. To coordinate with the operations department addressing their feedback on operational compliance issues in project implementation wherever required  
  10. To conduct periodic project reviews with the field teams on weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis and to stay fully updated on the project performance and progress while settling the issues as far as possible.
  11. To stay updated on the new need assessments, research reports published from sectoral players, conduct need assessments and contribute to conducting situation analysis as and when required.
  12. To develop good capacity and become well-conversant on the humanitarian principles, core humanitarian standards and other relevant global standards.
  13. To comply with any other organizational policy, approach, decision or to perform any other task assigned by the line manager.



Job Requirements:

  • You should have a degree in Health Sciences, Public Health, or any other relevant field along with a relevant experience of 3-4 years is required.
  • Project planning and management experience of 2 years.
  • Fluency in both oral and written English and Arabic is essential; Turkish will be considered as an asset
  • QC employees are expected to work in accordance with the Organization’s core values, aims and objectives. They should be sympathetic to the cultural norms of behavior QC believes in.


Qatar Charity (QC) is a non-governmental organization working in both relief and development. With a considerable regional capacity, QC is a leading humanitarian organization in the Middle East region committed to transforming adversity into revival for the world's most vulnerable populations. By working with beneficiaries and communities, QC is keen to develop the links and continuum between relief activities and long term community development projects.
In the performance of its activities in cooperation with different humanitarian and development partners, Qatar Charity is committed to the principles of partnership such as equality, transparency, responsibility, and integration. QC is also committed to the fundamental humanitarian principles of independence, neutrality and impartiality.
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