HR Manager (Ref: HR-042024)

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HR Manager
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İlan Detayları

About the Position

HR Manager will oversee the human resources department and insurers of the functions and tasks being carried out by the HR team. S/He will be responsible for attracting, motivating, and retaining the most qualified talent by directing the administrative functions of the HR department. S/he will support current and future Yedi Basak needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital.

Job Purpose

  • To achieve Yedi Basak’s strategic goals and objectives by leading it and implementing its strategic plans. 
  • To give operational effectiveness to Human Resource policies and procedures.
  • To ensure that the organization has the necessary resources to realize its strategic plans in the short, medium and longer term and that staff are motivated and rewarded for their contribution and encouraged to maximize their potential and contribution to the organization.
  • To ensure provision of efficient personnel administration and office services for the organization.


Key Activities/Tasks/Duties

  • Executive Role:

    • As a member of senior management team contributes towards formulation and implementation of HR policies and programs that enable achievement of the strategic objectives in the organization.
    • Responsible for developing the organization HR Strategy plan as well as ensuring consistency in Human Resource Policies and Procedures.
    • Responsible for advising and coaching the department managers on all matters related to the staff compliment, HR Strategy, programs, policies, legal compliance issues and culture of the organization.
  • Leadership and Motivation:
    • Ensures managers and potential managers are able to access tools and frameworks to assess their capabilities and options to develop them.
    • Directs and motivates members of own staff to carry out allocated duties in accordance with set policies and procedures and to expected standards so that the departmental objectives are achieved.
  • HR Policies and Procedures:
    • Develops and implements HR personnel policies and procedures that are consistent with Yedi Basak’s HR strategy in order to facilitate effective people management.
    •  Responsible for providing input for development of HR, OD (Organization development) policies and Strategy by organization’s HO.
  • Manpower Plan / Organization Design:
    • Prepares and executes the manpower plans and budgets for the organization.
    • Formulates recruitment strategy and plans to achieve desired level and quality of manpower for the Organization.
    • Act as an internal consultant within the organization to address organizational design and capability issues.
    • Responsible for designing, developing and implementing processes and systems for tracking and evaluating the organization capability to deliver its strategic plan.
  • Recruitment:
    • Manages and participates in the recruitment process, ensuring that potential candidates are targeted in the most effective way and that appropriate interview and assessment processes are deployed to maximize the fit between candidates and the targeted area requirements and that it secures the best talent available to meet the targeted needs.
    • Provides required guidance to the team for developing and maintaining update of candidates’ data bank to facilitate recruiting people in a short notice with minimum lead time for recruitment.
  • Salary Administration:
    • Ensure efficient salary administration for the organization’s employees so that payroll and other benefits payments are made in a lawful, timely and accurate manner.
    • Responsible for implementing appropriate grading and salary structure that is in line with Yedi Basak HR strategy and as per approved structure to ensure administration of pay in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Performance Management:
    • Oversee and manage the performance appraisal system providing technical support to the management team and the Managers in implementing and detecting training needs, in accordance to operational requirements, in evaluating people performance and in implementing the associated action plans in order to improve people’s capabilities and their end results contribution to the organization’s goals.
  • Employee Relations:
    • Monitors implementation of policies on employee relations to ensure consistency and fairness.  
    • Addresses any critical issues involving individuals or collective bargaining groups and takes appropriate action for resolution.
    • Responsible for implementing Grievance System and provides all possible support to close all the gaps causing the problem without affecting or disturbing any of Yedi Basak policies and procedures.
  • Personnel Administration/Welfare:
    • Manages the Personnel functions of salary administration, leave entitlements, conditions of service and disciplinary provisions ensuring consistency and equity of approach to all staff.
    • Oversees the administration of welfare facilities provided in the respective location and ensures provision welfare as per the policy and law.
    • Manages and controls the welfare cost is kept within the approved budget.
    • Responsible for assessing employee morale on a periodic basis through surveys, opinion poll, report gathering etc., for improving and upholding the level of employee morale.
  • Training and Development:
    • Initiates the analysis of training needs, the development of appropriate training plans, securing the necessary budgets and the optimum matching of training needs with resources available.
    • Sets and implements plans for know-how sharing and staff rotation among branches to ensure best utilization of human resources and knowledge and best practices deployment and preservation.
    • Establishes and implements necessary manpower and training plans required for expansion projects for the organization.
  • Relations with authorities:
    • Establishes good working relations with concerned authorities for efficient processing of employment related formalities and enable good industrial relations.
    • Maintains good relationship with Government Labor Department for smooth operation of Labor relations.
  • Team Development:
    • Guides, directs and develops subordinates to ensure they perform to their best potential and work effectively together as a team.
  • Cultural and Operational Awareness:
    • Demonstrates and practices capabilities to understand and manage various cultural differences and demonstrates capability of understanding operational parameters in the organization to ensure results efficiency.


Required Qualifications (Education/Languages/Work Experience):


  • BA in Business Administration, HR Management, Industrial Relations or any other related field.
  • At least 5 years of proven experience in managing a similar position.
  • Advanced skills in the English language. Arabic is a strong plus.


  • Master in Human Resources Management is a strong plus.
  • PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP are highly desired.
  • Good experience in the Syrian context and stakeholders.
  • Verified experience in humanitarian work and principles.
  • Verified experience in dealing with donor’s policies, procedures, requirements and compliance.


We offer

Contract length: Till the end of December 2025

Designation of Duty Station: Gaziantep

Start date: The position is to be filled ASAP.

Application process

All applicants must upload a cover letter and an updated CV (no longer than four pages) in English.

Please send your applications to


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