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Job Details

I – Position Summary 

The ICT Coordinator is responsible for providing the technical leadership, foresight, support and ICT advice and information to meet the CARE Turkey’s IT’s requirements. Ensures that all ICT operating systems and applications are secured and fit for purpose, continually reviewed and enhanced and that they will best deliver on business needs.

Providing training and support for sound ICT management at all levels of the organization in working with relevant colleagues at the CO, the MENA region and CARE USA to monitor compliance with ICT policies and procedures across the organization and providing quality control in all the offices in Turkey.

Providing a secure and efficient network infrastructure to support CARE Turkey’s software and systems in order to improve the capacities and understanding of CARE Turkey and all staff in using ICT tools in the organization.

Contribute to mapping-out and creation of a strategic partnership with key and relevant entities e.g. other CO’s in the MENA region, RMU, HQ, IT vendors etc.

Reporting to the Facilities Manager providing line management to the IT Officer.

II – Responsibilities

Job Responsibility #1Network and Equipment maintenance and operations:

  • Ensure the efficient, secure and effective operation and performance of the network in all the CARE Turkey’s offices, where technically possible;
  • Ensure that an adequate plan for disaster recovery of the organization’s data is maintained and has been effectively implemented;
  • Management and Support of PeopleSoft financial system and providing the technical support to all PeopleSoft users;
  • Configure and maintain the user's email, including setup, software update, and hotfix, administrating the email group, Users’ mailbox permission, delegation etc. Maintenance of ActiveDirectory and Domain Management;
  • Install and configure Internet Routers, Firewall, MTU, and VOIP equipment;
  • Maintain the CO’s Email and Internet client level Applications;
  • Provide Technical support for Internet Email clients, including, the creation and disabling of e-mail accounts for new staff/users;
  • Continually Updating and Administeringanti-virus, firewall and VPN infrastructure (where needed) to ensure that all systems are secure and comply with Data Protection requirements;
  • Manage the LAN establishment and maintain the equipment and software;
  • Manage and maintain the staff computers, office printers, and security according to CARE Turkey’s requirements;
  • Manage and maintain the repairs and maintenance of all the computers and printers including troubleshooting of technical problems. This would involve analyzing the equipment performance records in order to determine the need for repair or replacement;
  • Support in the installation and maintenance of network equipment;
  • Maintenance of Data, Network security, and Back-up for internal and external file sharing;
  • Management of the Office365;
  • Design and deploy information and telecommunication systems and applications in accordance with the CARE Turkey’sstandards.


Job Responsibility #2: ICT’s Administration, Support and Information:

  • Provide inductions to all new staff on the computer system at CARE Turkey including the use of all relevant software packages. Provide inductions to relevant staff as and when new software/hardware is introduced;
  • Create and manage user accounts on Active Directory and Exchange;
  • Provide organization-wide ICT systems, tools, training, and support, including a centralized ICT Helpdesk service to all CARE Turkey’s users with adequate connectivity and ICT back-up on the ground;
  • Write and maintain guidance notes for users, both in response to requests and in anticipation of future needs;
  • Ensure site documentation for each office is maintained and updated;
  • Provide clear and accessible ICT advice and information to the supervisor and SMT members in order to meet the organization's needs and to guide strategic and operational decision-making of Senior Management and managers;
  • Provide support and guidance to all staff on a full range of operational ICT issues;
  • Research hardware and software options as new needs arise, making reasonable recommendations on purchases in line with the current IT infrastructure, needs, and budget availability;
  • Remain abreast of developments in computer hardware and software, and information technology in order to ensure appropriate application of ICT within CARE Turkey and the ability to provide up-to-date information and support;
  • Regular troubleshooting of the network problems and provide solutions;
  • Administrate, Monitor and Maintain the CO’s firewall and software protection to protect the network from external hackers, spam, Adware, and spyware (Cyber roam Management);
  • Provide online support for network clients.

Job Responsibility #3: Knowledge Management, Line Management, and Technical Guidance:

  • Support with policy development and implementation;
  • Support, maintain and further develop CARE Turkey’s systems and existing databases;
  • Have a good understanding of the relevant ICT technologies and how these can be deployed to achieve an excellent shared ICT service;
  • Able to manage workloads to meet searching and complex targets set by the CARE Turkey’s management bringing set objectives to successful completion within agreed deadlines;
  • Well-developed networking, promotional and negotiating skills and the ability to communicate
  • Ability to manage technical experts and external service providers based on the constant changing needs of the organization;
  • Demonstrable commitment to customer-focused service to achieve organizational objectives;
  • Be accountable for all aspects of performance management for the IT Officer;
  • Provide learning and development opportunities for staff line managed;
  • Provide technical guidance and updates to staff as required, exercising judgment as to which are the most appropriate and relevant.

III – Requirements 


  1. Four (4) years of experience on the relevant field. Experience in network management
  2. Very good knowledge of computer hardware and software systems
  3. Written and spoken Turkish and English Language skills is a must
  4. Sound technical knowledge about IT, security of systems and latest developments in the field
  5. Excellent management, organization and time management skills
  6. Excellent observation and analytical skills
  7. Excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills
  8. Strong accounting and mathematical abilities
  9. Good knowledge of internet security and data privacy principles
  10. In-depth understanding of diverse computer systems and networks
  11. A University degree in Computer Sciences andEngineering on any other relevant field.


  1. At least Two (2) years of experience on the relevant field with an NGO or an NGO.
  2. A Master’s degree in Computer Sciences andEngineering on any other relevant field.

Child Protection Policy

 Child abuse in all forms is unacceptable to CARE Turkey, which recognizes its responsibility to protect children from harm in all areas of its work. CARE Turkey is committed to ensuring a child-safe environment and is applying a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of child abuse and exploitation.


Discrimination, Abuse and Harassment Policy

CARE Turkey expressly prohibits and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, harassment (sexual or otherwise), based upon race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, disability, or military status. CARE employees and related personnel must under no circumstances take part in any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse (physical, sexual or verbal), intimidation or exploitation, or in any other way infringe the rights of others inside or outside CARE.



Employment is subject to the possession of valid identification documents (passport, residency card, temporary protection card etc.) and successfully obtaining permission to work by the Government of Turkey (work permit). CARE will submit the work permit application on behalf of the selected candidate after the job offers accepted. Candidate can start to work for CARE only after work permit is received. Failure to provide the required documents or rejection of a work permit application by the Government of Turkey will result in your employment offer being rescinded.



Interested candidates, please send a Curriculum Vitae in English and a Cover letter (in a separate file of no more than one A4 page) describing how your skills and experience match the requirements of this post, to the following e-mail address: TURCAREHR@care.org

Applications in languages other than English will not be reviewed.

 “Applications are strongly encouraged from female candidates“

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

** CARE International is an Equal Opportunity Employer**

CARE International

CARE International in Turkey (CARE), together with its partners, is providing humanitarian assistance to people affected by the Syrian crisis, both in Syria and Turkey. CARE began projects responding to the needs of Syrian refugees in southern Turkey in October 2014.
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