Logistics and Procurement Intern (Ref: HIHFAD-2024-060)

İyilik için Elele Derneği (HİHFAD) Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı Yeni Mezun
İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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İlan Detayları

Announcement Code: HIHFAD-2023-136

Job Title: Logistics and Procurement Intern

Reports To: Logistics and Procurement S.Officer   

Department: Logistics and Procurement Department  

Job Location: Turkey/Gaziantep

Contract Duration: 6 months

Closing date: 11 -June- 2024


Brief description of HIHAD:

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHFAD), previously operating as Hand in Hand for Syria, was established as a UK registered charity soon after the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011 by a group of British Syrians to deliver humanitarian assistance to civilians impacted by the conflict in Syria. From humble beginnings the charity has grown to become one of the leading humanitarian actors serving Syrian communities both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, employing over 1000 staff in Syria, Turkey, and the UK. As the organization grows, it now handles multiple institutional donors such as UN, International NGOs, and bilateral governmental agencies.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare all the documents related to the procurement processes entrusted to him and ensuring that they comply with the procurement policy. 
  2. Collecting quotations from suppliers and making sure that they are correct and error free 
  3. Document all purchase requests with all the necessary papers and archiving them in proportion to the needs and implemented projects. 
  4. Collecting all stationery needs and forward it to the direct manager so it can be followed up and purchased  in coordination with project managers and in accordance with the items of project budgets and the approved procurement policy. 
  5. Follow maintenance requests in coordination with the Maintenance Committee. 
  6. Receiving items and documenting the process with a GRN and signing it 
  7. Perform a recurring inventory to ensure the safety of all assets 
  8. Send assets to external maintenance (when needed) and following up accordingly 
  9. Receiving shipments at the crossing border, ensuring that the materials are matched in terms of quantity and quality, and issuing the related documents 
  10. Publish tender announcements and hand over tender documents to interested suppliers 
  11. Receipt of tender quotations, and prepare the receiving doc's accordingly 
  12. Carry out inspection procedures for all purchased items before reciving it and send it to Syria, in accordance with project managers and ensure their conformity to the specs and the related contract. 
  13. Representing the department in all meetings (such as project launch meetings, partner meetings, and others) and reporting it to the line manager, following up on the points raised in cooperation with the team  
  14. Contribute to the process of managing the car registry in all the organization's offices, checking its information and papers in cooperation with the team, and verifying the validity of the recorded information in cooperation with the administrative department team, and reporting it to the line manager 
  15. Follow up the archiving system of the car's record in the organization in accordance with the work requirements in a manner consistent with the implemented projects and update the information on the system periodically in cooperation with the team and in coordination with the administrative department in each office 
  16. Follow-up the status of maintenance requests according to their type, in coordination with the maintenance committee in the warehouses, and follow-up updates of their status, and communicate with the appropriate suppliers to secure maintenance according to its type and priority. 

Knowledge and Qualifications:

  • University or Institute degree in any related field.
  • Good level of English Language.
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Turkish nationality is preferred.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should fill the application vie the following link: here

Only candidates who are short-listed for interviews will be notified.

İyilik için Elele Derneği (HİHFAD)

İyilik için el ele Derneği (Hand in Hand for Aid and Development) is a UK registered charity that has been at the forefront of providing humanitarian aid in Syria since the start of the conflict in 2011. registered  in Turkey since 2013 and established by a group of British-Syrians, the charity has grown to become a leading humanitarian force that serves the Syrian communities inside Syria and neighboring countries.
Dedicated to saving lives and rebuilding communities inside Syria, we go where others cannot.

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