M&E Officer

Uluslararası Mavi Hilal İnsani Yardım ve Kalkınma Vakfı (IBC) İstanbul
M&E Officer
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 940


İlan Detayları


  • Regular visit to the center to discuss the progress and monitor,
  • Monthly analysis the data in qualitative manner,
  • Check data quality and build capacity of the partners team to track progress
  • Answer / listen, process and respond to complaints and guide beneficiaries that seek help through the project hotline and other feedback and complaints mechanisms.
  • Ensure that up-to-date programming & other relevant information is available and shared with the people served through the hotline, helpdesks, outreach, and other information sharing platforms, in cooperation with the project partners,
  • Ensure that all complaints are channelled internally and to partners for review and response within 2 weeks, including taking beneficiaries´ satisfaction feedback.
  • Ensure that all complaints that are not addressed within 2 weeks, or sensitive feedback / complaints, are followed up and escalated to management as outlined in the standards.
  • Ensure that sensitive feedback and complaints are channelled through the right process immediately. (Feedback and complaints especially on child protection issues, staff misconduct, corruption and fraud)
  • Ensure a proper filing system for all the complaints and feedback received through the different feedback and complaints mechanisms, with a focus on the hotline.
  • Ensure that all feedback and complaints systems are functional, and are able to retain confidentiality of the people who provide feedback or complaints by regular physical verifications and by other means appropriate and approved. 
  • Ensure that the supplies / resources are available for the different feedback and complaints mechanisms to function without interruption. (printed forms, secured suggestion boxes, mobile credit, mobile units, etc.)
  • Ensure that staff (IBC) manning all the different feedback and complaints mechanisms are well trained on the operations of the systems, humanitarian standards & principles.
  • Ensure that daily, weekly and monthly feedback and complaints reports are prepared and shared with the supervisor and other relevant staff accountability staff.
  • Represent IBC at and take part in coordination meetings related to communication with communities as required by management.



  • University degree in a field related to business administration (e.g statistics, social sciences, quantitative works, etc.)
  • At least three years experience in a similar job
  • Ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences – smooth and effective communication skills are a key for this position
  • Ability to work in and contribute to team building environment, constructive attitude to challenges
  • Personal management including initiative, self-motivation and direction
  • Ability to develop structured approach to work, set priorities
  • Flexibility of mind, open attitude to work with an international team with diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Willing to work odd hours if necessary and under pressure
  • Knowledge of and previous experience with accountability systems and standards such as Humanitarian Accountability Partnership HAP
  • Experience in doing information products is an advantage
  • Experience carrying out M&E tasks, including survey work.
  • Experience in working within the humanitarian field and with Syrian refugees in Turkey
  • Excellent English skills
  • Arabic is plus



  • Teamwork and Cooperation (L3)
  • Stress Management (L3)
  • Behavioural Flexibility (L3)
  • Results and Quality Orientation (L3)
  • Commitment to IBC Principles (L3)


How to Apply

  • Interested candidates who meet the above mentioned qualifications should submit the APPLICATION FORM by uploading English CV and Cover Letter outlining their interest for the position no later than October 31, 2021.

Uluslararası Mavi Hilal İnsani Yardım ve Kalkınma Vakfı (IBC)

IBC, a young and dynamic NGO, was initiated by a handful of idealist businessmen, who wanted to provide input in improving the lives of the people suffering, especially the most disadvantaged section of the world population.

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