Media Assistant (Female) (Ref: BO-TR-PR1125)

Bahar Organization Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate),Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 282


İlan Detayları

About Bahar

Bahar Organization is an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable people without any discrimination in all its forms. BO is operating to respond to the needs and basic requirements of the humanitarian crisis in Syria in the middle of the affected communities caused by the conflict the basic principles of BO’s activities are to enhance the basic living standards of the affected population by delivering humanitarian aid based on the needs.

Job Purpose

Transforms messages into visual art that optimizes communication between Syrian and the World through creativity, innovation, and lateral thinking along with digital media and printing materials.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create visually stunning designs for a variety of projects,
  • Create a cohesive final product using raw footage, video, and audio (music/dialogues)
  • Participate in building and designing marketing campaigns, including website, online advertisements, social media templates, and email templates
  • Oversee layout (artwork, design, photography) and check content for accuracy and error.
  • Test concepts and review results with the senior officer.
  • Create website designs and covers in cooperation with the Senior Creative Designer.
  • Produce sample sites.
  • Demonstrating and receiving feedback about draft sites.
  • keeping up to date with recent technological developments in programs.
  • Developing skills and expertise in appropriate video making, stories, and infographics.
  • Digital retouching and image editing.
  • Meet deadlines and budget requirements.
  • Note: the above-mentioned key responsibilities/accountabilities are illustrative ones. Other future responsibilities/accountability may be assigned to the job depending on the department's organizational chart.

Qualification, Experience, and Technical Competencies:

  • Good experience is needed.
  • Academic certification is an added value.

Required Skills and Capabilities:

  • Proven experience as a Digital Designer, Graphic Designer, or Web designer
  • Advanced in both Arabic and English.
  • Proficient in Adobe Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, or After Effects
  • Strong understanding of design principles, typography, and layout
  • Basic understanding of web design
  • Branding, Digital Design, Video Editing
  • Fundraising or NGO works experience is an advantage

Core Competencies:

  • Communication
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Creativity
  • Commitment to Continuous Learning
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Stakeholders Orientation
  • Technological Awareness.

Safeguarding & Ethics:

Bahar is committed to ensuring that all individuals we come into contact with through our work, whether team members, community members, program participants, or others, are treated with respect and dignity. We are committed to the core principles regarding the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse laid out by the UN Secretary-General and IASC. We will not tolerate child abuse, sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment by or of our team members. As part of our commitment to a safe and inclusive work environment, team members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, respect local laws and customs, and adhere to the Bahar Code of Conduct Policies and values at all times. Team members are required to complete mandatory Code of Conduct e-learning courses upon hire and on an annual basis.

Bahar Organization

Bahar Organization (BO) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, working in the humanitarian field regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political view. Bahar is committed to the core standards for humanitarian work for organizations (SPHRE). Bahar contributes to the collective work of humanitarian response in Syria, by providing support to people affected by the conflict and reducing the burden on the shoulder of the hosting community through provisions of financial and in-kind support and laying the foundation for sustainable projects in order to increase the resilience of individuals of communities in the field of health, food security, non-food items and camps
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