MHPSS Coordinator (Ref: PRO-001)

Association of Detainees and Missing in Sednaya Prison Gaziantep
MHPSS Project Coordinator
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MHPSS Coordinator

Supervisor Position:                                     

Psychotherapist Trainer (technical)

Programs Manager 

Programs Manager Location


Job Schedule

Full Time

Duration of Initial Contract:

1 years initially (Extendable)                                                                                



Association of Detainees and The Missing in Sednaya Prison, aka (ADMSP), was established in 2017 as an association for survivors, victims, and their families. ADMSP seeks to uncover the truth and to achieve justice for those detained in Syria, also works to expose the fate of the missing and forcibly disappeared persons in the Sednaya Prison and Syria overall by documenting the numbers, geographic locations, date of disappearance, detention-related violations, and the alleged party responsible for the arrest of detainees and disappeared persons.

Through ADMSP’s family center, rehabilitation services focused on psychological health are delivered to survivors of torture, war, violence, or other human rights violations and conflict-related crimes.

ADMSP strives to promote recognition of the harm suffered by detainees, truth-seeking, accountability, designating the fate of the missing, and reparations for victims and survivors as asserted by international human rights and humanitarian law.



The MHPSS Project coordinator develops, leads, monitors and evaluates the assigned MHPSS project(s). This involves effectively managing and reporting on the projects in line with the objectives, timeframe and budget. Other important aspects of the role include Service management, managing and training staff to meet quality standards in mental health care delivery, encouraging beneficiary participation, liaising with other stakeholders and anticipating, planning and contributing to the development of MHPSS components for new health project proposals and reports.

MHPSS Coordinator will take a lead role in the management and on-going supervision of the clinical work, under the supervision of the Psychotherapist Trainer. The MHPSS Coordinator serves as the focal point for the communication of Psychosocial Counselors (PSCs)/Physiotherapists (PTs) concerns and needs with the Psychotherapist Trainer and ADMSP administrative staff. Also maintain open lines of communication with all relevant departments and managerial levels.


Key responsibilities & Duties:

Psychosocial Support Project Management:   

  1. Manage the assigned MHPSS projects in order to meet the project objectives within budget and within the allotted time frame, reporting promptly operational concerns to Programs Manager (PM) and Psychotherapist Trainer (PsyT) (e.g. projected failure to meet objectives; increased beneficiary needs; projected over or under spending on project budget).
  2. Contribute to development and implementation of an appropriate and effective MHPSS strategy with (PM) and (PsyT).
  3. contribute in setting clear objectives and indicators for MHPSS activities in collaboration with the PM and Psychotherapist.Contribute in developing new proposals, linked to the assessed needs and gaps and the ADMSP strategy, in conjunction with the field team and Psychotherapist Trainer.
  4. Ensure Interdisciplinary approach services for survivors of gender-based violence, torture, and war including clinical management and psychosocial support. 

Clinical Supervision and Training:

Progressive responsibility in conducting supervision, formal training, staff support, promote self-care, mentoring and modeling to psychosocial counselors. Alongside the Psychotherapist Trainer, continually assess learning needs of psychosocial counselors, develop, and modify individual professional development plans, and adapt training and coaching accordingly. Adapt training style, content, and frequency to meet both individual and team needs. Participate in hiring and orientation for new psychosocial counselors.

Clinical Management: 

Progressive responsibility in managing performance of supervisees and providing regular feedback both through formal and informal assessment. In close coordination with the Psychotherapist Trainer, manage day-to-day operations of the clinical department, manageand oversees  clients file and provide menoting for the supervisees about their files wich need to meet the crieteria of the orgnization digital security policies and the donors wishes .

being available to answer questions from the clinical team, and work closely with the relevant ADMSP administrative staff and other departments.

Promote collaboration between disciplines of counseling, physiotherapy and social work.  


Coordinate communications between the MHPSS team and the other department like the legal documantaion, the media, the case management, and the admenistaration.

Create and devolp commication pathways and channels that can support the coordination between the different apartments.


In some rare scenarios depends on the psychotherapist trainer guidline, the MHPSS coordinator may provide psychotherapy to individuals, families and groups impacted by torture and war, in order to help the team meet the needs of high risk individuals, and to model methods and build capacity of psychosocial counselors.  

Reporting and evaluation:

Contribute to the writing of reports regarding clinical and training activities, including training and workshop sessions, that focus on progress achieved toward program objectives.

Participate on regular, quarter, and annual reports.

Report monthly for the programs manager and the psychotherapist trainer about the MHPSS center activities.

Coordinate with the communications offiecer to document and marks the success stories of the center.

Documentation and Reporting: Ensure disaggregated and cumulative tracking of clients and documentation of all activities and outcomes Participate in preparation of internal and external reports, including submission of weekly reports to coordinators. Take responsibility for collection and reporting of mental health project data including MHPSS service management Information System reporting and patient outcomes (e.g. functioning scale, client satisfaction surveys).Support project staff to maintain program records and documentation as per project management minimum standards, including maintaining the confidentiality and security of MHPSS client data Promote the culture of learning and documentation so that lessons learned, and good practices are documented and shared for institutional memory and learning as well as to advocate.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Psychotherapy Trainer and ADMSP Programs Manager in the implementation of program activities.



Qualifications and Experience:                                                                                                                                                 

  • Required education, experience, certificates, licenses or registrations

  • Degree in Psychology, Counseling or related discipline. Master’s degree strongly preferred.
  • At least five years of experience providing culturally appropriate psychotherapy.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the impact of war and torture on a person’s psychological, physical and social well-being.
  • Experience in managing and supervising staff required.  Experience supervising mental health counselors preferred.
  • Understanding of and experience developing and providing training for mental health professionals using interactive methodologies. 
  • Experience providing training and sensitization on the effects of trauma and war. 
  • Experience of conducting outreach activities and establishing referral networks.
  • Skilled at working as a member of a team; Experience working as part of an interdisciplinary team desirable.
  • Demonstrated flexibility to adapt to changing program requirements, beneficiaries needs and political climate. 
  • Fluency in Arabic and English required.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills and demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels.
  • Skilled at carrying out needs assessments and program evaluation desirable.
  • Interest in or commitment to human rights.


Other requests:

  • Turkish citizenship is mandatory.                                                                                                                            


General Conditions:

  • General Conditions:
  • Maintain neutrality regarding any sensitive issues such as religion, minority or political affiliation.
  • Strong commitment to serve beneficiaries of ADMSP’s project regardless their religion, gender, minority affiliation or political background.
  • Is strictly committed to respect ADMSP’s confidentiality policy and to not use any information that s/he will know about a client outside of ADMSP and to not approach (potential) beneficiaries for their involvement in none ADMSP activities without prior approval of ADMSP’s supervisor.

          I, the undersigned, declare that I have read and understood the present job description, and agree to fulfill the tasks               mentioned above.


How to apply:

  • Please submit your application before Aug 21, 2022 on
  • Reference Code: PRO-001                                              
  • Only candidates who have been selected for shortlisting "an interview" will be contacted.                                   
  • Applications by email will NOT be considered.

Association of Detainees and Missing in Sednaya Prison

The Association of Detainees and the Missing in Sednaya Prison (ADMSP) seeks to reveal the truth about, and bring justice to, those detained on the basis of political opinions or activities. It strives to uncover the fates of missing and forcibly disappeared persons in Syria in general, and those in the infamous Sednaya Prison in particular
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