MSYD-ASRA Hatay,Şanlıurfa
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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Direct Supervisor:

Project Manager and MEAL Officer



  1. About MSYD


The Association of Assistance, Solidarity and Support for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers (MSYD) was established as an independent non-governmental humanitarian aid organization in Istanbul in 2015 to identify the needs of individuals and communities adversely affected by natural disasters and human-made conflicts, and to improve the living conditions of different social segments among the affected populations.


Our Association has the vision of establishing a dignified and equal life for everyone by starting to build lives with the motto “share the kindness” for refugees and persons of concern, affected by natural and/or human-made disasters. MSYD acknowledges, protects, develops and represents the importance of the concept of solidarity in the field with the affected population, and is determined to always reflect the added value of any practice that is woven between all connotations of the concept of solidarity with affected population groups. MSYD also closely monitors current and possible trends at local, national and global level towards excluding girls, women and disabled people in certain positions. In this sense, MSYD attaches strategic importance to preventive, responsive and gender-based methods in activities carried out in line with the unmet needs of these population groups.

Our Association aims to equip its institutional structure to meet the emerging needs of refugees and persons of concern, to play a pro-active role in determining the needs of the groups we serve, to develop integrated and combined project approaches and to implement humanitarian aid projects, to evaluate the feedback from the communities we serve, and it has the mission of functionalizing it as an important impetus in the way it functions and service. In this context, the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, impartiality, accountability and gender equality are adopted as the founding principles of MSYD in the context of national legislation and international humanitarian aid standards. In this general context, it is planned to carry out activities within the framework of emergency action plans in order to meet the urgent and prioritized basic needs of the target groups immediately after the crisis developments, and then the implementation of projects in order to meet special and specific needs on the axis of reconstruction and rehabilitation works.

 MSYD pays attention to reflect its institutional technical expertise and significant experience in humanitarian aid to every layer of project implementation. MSYD, as a principle and value, produces durable solutions for different social groups (girls, women, youth, adults, disabled people, etc.). MSYD also determines its strategic plans and program specific activities to develop potential and alternative service approaches based on gender equality.

* As MSYD, we support the applications of qualified female candidates in this field.

  1. Job Summary


The Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant will monitor the field activities based on project implementation plan and evaluation assessments towards the quality of provided services and satisfaction level of the direct beneficiaries through MSYD monitoring and evaluation tools.


  1. Essential Job Duties and Scope of Work:

Within delegated authority, the Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant will be responsible for the following tasks:


  • Monitor the field activities based on project implementation plan through MSYD monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Assist to developing operational monitoring tools (checklist, questionnaires, databases, interview and survey forms, etc.)
  • Monthly data collection, data entry & data analysis based on project requirements with ensuring from data accuracy and reliability.
  • Provide timely inputs for new initiatives and improvements on M&E issues to the management team.
  • Participate in the project’s quality, implementation, particularly through identifying weaknesses and strengths in MSYD M&E issues and report to the management team.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the project’s results and achievements.
  • Actively collaborate with MSYD MEAL Officer and provide inputs to develop databases on project activities and assist to updating regularly the database according to the project requirements
  • Actively participate to project implementation & coordination meetings.
  • Assist to developing technical concepts, guidelines, manuals, procedures, concept papers on M&E issues upon request of the management team.
  • Provide inputs to project reports and publications upon request of the management team.
  • Prepare weekly/monthly schedule of monitoring and evaluation related activities.
  • Provide M&E verbal and written reports on a weekly basis to the management team
  • Assist to maintaining a clear and transparent filing system
  • Aim in continuously develop personal and organizational expertise on M&E issues (using training, distance study, experience sharing with partners, etc.)
  • Support short-term M&E evaluators and experts as required.
  • Support research and study activities on M&E related issues.


  • Regular reporting on project status and achievement levels and consolidate program-related information into program.
  • Provide inputs requested by the grants department related to the regular internal and external reports.
  • Work with the MEAL department to ensure proper projects indicators tracking in the field and facilitate on-site monitoring activities.


Working Relationships

  • Maintain frequent and pro-active communication with MSYD Executive Director and Head of Programs, program managers, donor representative(s), and government representative(s) to report on implementation of program activities and objectives, operational needs or constraints, program successes, and any seen or unforeseen challenges that are encountered during program implementation;

Safety and Security

  • Model good practice in safety and security at all times, complying with all MSYD internal security policies regarding movement restrictions, obtaining necessary authorization before beginning any domestic travel, and following personal security best practices;
  • Ensure application and compliance of security protocols and policies by all subordinate staff, document any security incidents experienced during program implementation, and disseminate security warnings or announcements to program field teams as appropriate.

Required Skills/Qualifications:

  • University degree in Social Sciences or another relevant field;
  • At least 2 years of working experience in a similar position with local or International NGO;
  • Be able to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities;
  • Competency in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint;
  • Very good English written communications skills including the ability to prepare reports;
  • Good knowledge of Arabic is an asset;
  • Team player and ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and cope with pressing timelines;
  • Problem solving and basic counselling skills
  • Stress & Time management skills


Additional Responsibilities:


  • In relation to their level of skills and experience the post holder may be required to carry out additional duties from time to time that are reasonable.



Mülteciler ve Sığınmacılarla Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma ve Destekleme Derneği (MSYD), bir sivil toplum kuruluşu olarak, mülteci hakları, doğal afetler, krizler, çatışmalar, insan hakları ihlallerinden etkilenmiş birey ve toplulukların ihtiyaçlarını, sorunlarını, yaşam koşullarının iyileştirilmesini ve temel gereksinimlerin karşılamalarına katkı sağlayan bir insani yardım kuruluşudur.
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