Professional Trainers (Advocacy, Civic Education, Conflict Resolution, Nonviolence)

MARS Gaziantep
Doktora,Yüksek Lisans,Üniversite
Sözleşmeli 4-9
İngilizce (B1, Level 3, Pre-Intermediate ),Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 1247


İlan Detayları
  • Position Title: Professional Triners for the following trainings:
  1. Advocacy campaigns and awareness-raising Training (2 Trainers)
  2. Civic Education Training (2 Trainers)
  3. Conflict resolution skills Training (2 Trainers)
  4. Nonviolence culture and Peacebuilding (2 Trainers)


  • Duty Station: Online
  • Language of training: Arabic
  • Duration: Depending on each training agenda.
  • Deadline of Applications: 28 August 2022
  • Number of People to be hired: 8 Trainers ( 2 for each training)


Mars Organization is looking for professional trainers to conduct trainings within the project of (Non-violence Culture And Strengthening Social Resilience). The trainer must have the following qualities:

  • Full knowledge of the training content of the seminar or study.
  • The ability to encourage students to speak and express their opinions towards the content presented to them.
  • The ability to ask questions, interact with students' feelings, respond to questions constructively, and direct dialogue.
  • Active and lively to grab the attention of the participants.
  • The trainer should be able to deal with the information in many ways, as well as combine it with a lot of information from different aspects of life.
  • She/he must be  self-confident, able to choose, and willingn to refute opinions and deal with difficulties at work.
  • Full conviction of the training importance, and the development of the skills required for trainees.
  • Extracting indicators from feedback. Use an integrated training curriculum. - Demonstrate new behaviors - Ensure a safe training environment.
  • The trainer must have extensive knowledge of the work in the fields of history and origin.
  • Modifying training sources and motivation methods.  This work is considered one of the continuous tasks of the trainer because she/he notices and identifies the problems facing the participants in the training and addresses them immediately during the implementation of the training program.

To fully check training details, agendas and duration, please visit the following links:

1. Advocacy campaigns and awareness-raising Training

2Civic Education Training

3. Conflict resolution skills Training

4. Nonviolence culture and Peacebuilding


How to Apply:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application including the most recent CV with contact details (name, position, phone and e-mail details) of three references with a financial offer via the following link:

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



MARS ( Multiple Actions to Rebuild Society) is an independent civil society, and non-profit organization that is not affiliated by
any political party. It aims at spreading the concepts of freedom, justice, dignity and the rule of law, to realize a strong, conscious and effective civil society.
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