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The Program Officer will support media for development projects being implemented by Consultancy Solutions. Under the supervision of the Deputy Project Director, the Program Officer will coordinate with designated media outlet partners, project staff, and technical experts to arrange and provide technical and grant assistance. The Program Officer will follow-up on a regular basis with media partners and monitor their project activities. The role will be based in Istanbul, with some travel inside Turkey required.


  • Support media outlet partners to design their programs, establish objectives, and source technical expertise.
  • Coordinate the design and delivery of an integrated package of journalism and production trainings for designated media partners.
  • Follow up on technical assistance provided to media outlet partners by CS staff and technical experts.
  • Review grantee progress reports for compliance with the technical requirements of grant agreements.
  • Identify any potential risks and challenges facing either project delivery or media outlet partners.
  • Maintain regular communications with designated media outlet partners and build solid relationships based on trust.
  • Develop excellent working relationships with a wide range of stakeholders and ensure these relationships are managed effectively.
  • Provide regular input into all project reporting requirements.
  • Identify and effectively communicate program successes to internal and external audiences.
  • Develop good understandings of the operational context of projects being delivered.
  • Travel to regional project sites within Turkey for assistance and monitoring.
  • Undertake such other duties and tasks as may lie within the scope of this role to ensure the effective delivery of projects.



  • Minimum five years of working experience, preferably in media or media for development field
  • University degree in a related field is preferable
  • Demonstrated experience in program management, budget reviews, and working in partnership with other organizations.
  • Experience in working across more than one project simultaneously.


  • Excellent written and verbal Arabic and English language skills.
  • Computer proficiency in MS Office and Excel.
  • Good understanding of social media statistics and interpreting results.
  • Strong negotiation and problem-solving skills.
  • Good budgeting skills and understanding of budgets.
  • Professionalism in written correspondence and report writing, excellent presentation and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member, with ability to take initiative, meet deadlines, and be flexible. 

To Apply:  Please send a resume and a cover letter to  and Add Program Officer 01-2021 in the subject line of the email.

  • Closing date for applications: September 24th, 2021.


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