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İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced),Türkçe (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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Program Services Associate is an exciting new role that supports the Sustainable Marketplace program's core services team and external service providers delivering Training, Mentorship and Business Development services. The Program Services Associate will support the team to achieve and exceed program targets and ensure operational excellence. Close coordination and planning will ensure there are no duplication of efforts with other program activities. In addition, this role will include training and mentorship coordination to expand and enhance all capacity building and training efforts Building Markets undertakes in Turkey. Program Services Associate will support Program Services Director to oversee and coordinate training and mentorship services serving the project's business development goals. Program Services Associate will ensure a robust flow of information, data and insights between training mentorship and business development teams and assist Program Services Director to conduct external outreach to drive all program targets. Program Services Associate will also support internal coordination between the program services team and research, admin, and M&E teams.

The Program Services Associate will ensure information sharing, coordination and to support the Program Services Director's designated priorities. The Program Services Associate will work closely with the Program Services Director and the Finance & Administration team to ensure compliance excellence.

Key Responsibilities and Scope


  • Assisting operations and communication with Digital Agency.
  • Assist PSD on supplier management.
  • Support year-end activities, success story processes and program needs as required.
  • Process development between program teams,
  • Assist PSD and Comms Coordinator on tasks as needed. 
  • Support PSD on regular admin duties (Translation, contracts, travel forms and other relevant admin duties)
  • Additional tasks when needed, as agreed with the management team.


  • Assist and help coordinate Moodle engagement campaigns in accordance with the training and communications teams.
  • Monitoring and reporting on Moodle-related activities.  
  • Coordinate mentorship services, including oversight of mentorship network and service delivery; ensuring SME and mentors selection, matching, and sessions serve business development targets. 
  • Collect feedback on trained & mentored SMEs to integrate into business development and matchmaking strategies in coordination with the PSD

Event Coordination:

  • Arranging invitations with Program Services Director,
  • Coordination of communication with invitees before (invitation, registration, etc.), during (technical support), and after (post-event survey) 
  • Technical moderation and online platform support (letting participants in, coordinating participant feedback, ensuring a smooth flow of the event including prompt troubleshooting in case needed)
  • Post-event reporting.

Program Management Support:

  • Monitor results and use data to support program activities as required to meet and exceed program targets.
  • Ensure all M&E requirements are met by the program teams for completed services. 
  • Assist Turkey management to ensure effective allocation of resources and prevent duplication of efforts.
  • Assist PSD on information flow among team members and identify lessons learned, best and leading practices to contribute to operational excellence.
  • Any other tasks required.

Reporting Line: Reports to Program Services Director/Global Head of Programs


Knowledge and Skills:

Education: Degree in Business Administration, Engineering, or other related field. Substantial equivalent in professional experience is also considered. 


  • Degree in Business Administration, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Business, Business Law, Accounting and Finance or equivalent degrees.
  • Degree in Business Administration, related field or substantial equivalent in professional experience;
  • Regional experience and professional network;  
  • Familiarity with mentorship, startup and business ecosystem in Turkey and the Middle East;
  • Experience working with civil society and/or educational institutions in Turkey or similar context is preferred.

Skills and Attributes: 

  • Graduated from relevant departments of universities,
  • Using MS Office programs (especially excel) effectively,
  • At least 3 years of experience on related field,
  • Strong communication and partnering skills with business units
  • Highly motivated, committed, analytical person and result oriented
  • Strong desire to meet the deadlines and self driven personality
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks and meet critical deadlines while maintaining accuracy and quality
  • Compatible with teamwork, able to keep up with flexible working hours and busy work pace,
  • Fluency in Turkish and English (written and spoken);
  • No obstacle to travel within Turkey
  • No military obligation for male candidates


To Apply: Please send a CV and cover letter to refrencing the position in the subject line of the email.

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