Project Coordinator (Arabic speaker)

Sözleşmeli 1-3
Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced),Türkçe (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 1399


İlan Detayları


Doctors Worldwide Turkey is an international humanitarian aid organization who serves medical relief to communities in need through the provision of sustainable medical relief and health based development programs over 40 countries worldwide.


1.       Tasks and Responsibilities:


·         Ensure the implementation of the program and its follow-up in its different aspects.

·         Prepare project concepts by field visits and other research methods.


·         In order to ensure the project activities are carried out in a timely and complete manner:

o   Make the necessary formal correspondence,

o   Develop and maintain an effective field based team, which includes medical and volunteer staff

o   Conduct field visit plan to follow the field work when necessary,

o   Ensure regular communications are maintained with the partners,

o   Manage procurement processes and to ensure compliance with the project budget/regulations.

·         Report activity, performance and risk realizations on project execution and update the project concept in line with the feedback provided to complete the project.


·         Report other needs related to fieldwork and assist in project planning when necessary.

·         Participate local or international workshops, congresses and meetings related to the project subjects when necessary.


1.        Required Qualifications

·         University degree in relevant field of study (e.g. development, social science or statistics)

·         Fluency in Turkish, English and Arabic required.

·         Willing to live and work in challenging conditions.

·         Ability to travel and relocate if requested.

·         Confident and proficient in the use of MS Office programs.

·         Good interpersonal and written and oral communication skills.

·         Good at team work.