Project Coordinator (CP & MHPSS) (Ref: MV052024-PCO)

Maya Vakfı Hatay
Tam Zamanlı
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Project Coordinator (CP & MHPSS)

Full time

Based in Hatay

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Technical support and supervision to partner staff in the set-up and implementation of Protection services, including Individual Protection Assistance and Protection Monitoring of risks and gaps. Be a source of technical supervision and coaching to ensure quality service delivery of IPA in line with quality benchmarks and standards.
  • Engagement in the development of a community engagement strategy. Technical support and supervision to partner to ensure that community engagement activities identify individuals most at risk for protection issues, that safe and ethical referrals are made in a timely manner and that community networks are meaningfully engaged.
  • Ensure service map and referral pathways are up-to-date and functioning in the areas of operation.
  • Ensure standard operating procedures (SOPs) and eligibility criteria for the IPA are in place.
  • Convey technical excellence and work with partner to “internalise” quality standards and best practices in the field of Protection and IPA  in their programs.
  • Close collaboration with partner and Programs Coordinator to ensure that work plans, performance monitoring plans and reports are timely produced and submitted, in compliance with internal and donor requirements.
  • In collaboration with related departments, the development of a Guideline and Toolkit for monitoring and evaluating the IPA component of the project, and work with the partner to adapt and embed this into current systems.
  • Support the establishment and maintenance of relationships with local authorities, humanitarian actors, and community leaders, ensuring effective coordination and consultation.
  • Co-lead (and be ready to lead) the representation of Maya Vakfı in technical fora, such as the Protection Working Group.
  • Manage the MHPSS team, support with team building, performance reviews, and professional development of staff.
  • Closely work with local NGO partner(s) and relevant government focal points for the implementation and monitoring of MHPSS project
  • Support the development of MHPSS referral pathways with partner NGO(s) and external service providers to strengthen links to available MHPSS- and Protection-related services.
  • Oversee monitoring and evaluation of MHPSS programming, and development of M&E tools and collection and analysis of program data.
  • Work closely with support departments to support program administration and the logistical implementation of activities in program sites.
  • Coordinate regularly with other sectors' teams for integrated approach to activities and trainings.
  • Responsible for overall supervision and coordination of the project team and activities.
  • Responsible for planning, project design, and to ensure its proper implementation at the field level to meet the goals and objective of the project.
  • Ensure the program is in line with community and beneficiary needs.
  • Establish communication and manage relations with other key actors, relevant public and private institutions, and all stakeholders in the field.
  • Responsible to prepare Narrative Report and working for Financial Report in coordination with Finance Department
  • Ensure effective communication and good coordination with all stakeholders, partners, donors, and beneficiaries.
  • Work in coordination with Clinical Department, Grants, Procurement, Finance, Communications, and monitoring & evaluation departments to ensure project objectives are met.
  • The program coordinator supports the efficient execution and management of the clinical process by sharing the mhpss-based programmatic work plans and updates of the program with the clinical director, if needed.
  • Liaise with senior management for the effective implementation of project activities.
  • Identify and evaluate the risks and possible threats associated with Programme activities and take appropriate action to control the risks.

Strengthen Coordination and External Communication

  • Coordinate with the Programs Manager in developing relationships and partnerships with local NGOs, CSOs, networks with other actors to enhance quality implementation of program.
  • Liaise with government officials and be in frequent contact with ministries and relevant officials.

Human Resources and Performance Management: 

  • Lead, manage and motivate the team, ensuring that they have clear performance objectives and receive meaningful feedback on their performance on a regular basis. Facilitate peer-to-peer support mechanisms in coordination with Clinical and Program Department
  • Responsible for day-to-day team management including tracking of leave and time management of the team (planning, approval of leave requests, time / attendance sheets approval process), handling disciplinary issues in cooperation with HR, developing staff development plans and maintaining a clear focus on staff wellbeing.
  • Make sure that safeguarding standards are understood and met.
  • Fosters a positive team spirit and good interpersonal relations. 

Administrative And Budget Management of Project Activities

  • Lead the preparation of all procurement and administrative documents required for program implementation. 
  • Ensures that project documentation is properly generated, approved & archived in the internal databases. 
  • Ensure that the project budget is effectively managed.



  • At least 3-year of experience in the field of Protection, primarily in Individual Protection Assistance and/or MHPSS
  • Education in BSc/BA/BEng level in Social Work, Human rights Law, International Relations, Development Studies or similar, or equivalent field experience.
  • At least 3-year experience in project management (e.g. monitoring, reporting).
  • Excellent knowledge about the Turkish legal framework and social welfare system.
  • Experience of successfully taking on a role of technical supervision and coaching, with particular focus on IPA to vulnerable groups. 
  • Ability to identify the main Protection risks and gaps in the given context to inform a holistic response for individuals.
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluating Individual Protection Assistance services. 
  • Experience of and commitment to working through systems of community participation and accountability
  • Ability to write clear and well-argued assessment and project reports.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. Fluency in English and Turkish required.

Interested candidates can send their CVs and cover letters to by writing "MV052024-PCO" Job Application to the e-mail subject

Maya Vakfı

Maya Vakfı doğal afet, pandemi, aile kaybı, göç ve zorbalık gibi sebeplerle psikolojik travmaya maruz kalmış 5-24 yaş arasındaki çocuklara ve gençlere psikososyal destek hizmetleri sunmaktadır. Özgür, güvenli ve üretken bir çocukluk yaşamış sağlıklı bireylerden oluşan bir toplum hayaliyle Haziran 2015’te faaliyete geçen Vakıf, çocukların travmayla başa çıkmalarına yardımcı olmak için Psikolojik İyileşme Becerileri (SPR) modelini sanat terapileri metodu ile birleştirip uygulayan ve bu konuda öncülük yapan tek kurumdur. Programlarının odağına öncelikle imkânı kısıtlı ve travmaya maruz kalan çocukları yerleştiren Maya Vakfı, bütüncül bir yaklaşımla çocukların hayatına etki eden kişi ve kurumların da özellikle psikolojik travma konusundaki duyarlılığını artırmak ve kapasitelerini geliştirmek üzere çalışmaktadır.
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