Project Coordinator for Women’s Legal & Community Center (Ref: PC_2022)

Project Coordinator
Tam Zamanlı
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Vacancy Position: Project Coordinator for Women’s Legal & Community Center, Izmir


TITLE                                  Project coordinator (female preferred)

PROGRAM                         Women’s Legal & Community Center

LOCATION                         Izmir, Turkey 

TYPE OF CONTRACT       Full-time position; until 31st of December with possible extension

START DATE                     18.07.2022


The Association

The Women’s Legal & Community Center is a space run by Yaşamak Sosyal Alan ve Dayanışma Derneği. It aims at supporting marginalized individuals and communities (particularly refugee and migrant women) to start a new life in Izmir and to foster solidarity among Turkish society and migrant communities. 

The center offers coordinated legal, psychological, and social support to overcome barriers to social and economic mobility and to facilitate daily life.

Additional to the above-mentioned services, the following programs are aimed at fostering integration and the clients’/participants’ autonomy: various workshops and activities including social events, gender equality sessions, practical workshops, assistance for finding jobs, interactive anti-discrimination sessions (theater, art, and music-based), and a holistic peace-building program. 

Above all that, the center is available to participants as a free, open, and participatory space, as well as a place of meeting, exchange, mutual learning, and common activities where everyone has a feeling of belonging, security, and trust. In this frame, language-speaking and experience-exchange groups take place.

The center includes a separate area for child-care to enable women with children to participate in the center’s program.


Job Description

The administrative coordinator will be responsible for the administration of external matters such as representing the center towards the outside and establishing and maintaining good relations with governmental institutions as well as non-governmental stakeholders. Furthermore, the position includes the responsibility for the administration of internal matters such as fulfilling organizations’ duties, budget planning, monitoring, and management of procurement and the writing of reports and funding requests as well as the further development of the center (together with the other staff, associations’ members and participants).


Responsibilities and Duties:

Administration of external matters / representation

  • Establish, strengthen, and maintain partnerships with institutions, partners, and other stakeholders
  • Represent project towards relevant authorities 
  • Represent Yaşamak Sosyal Alan ve Dayanışma Derneği in relevant meetings and conferences


Administration of internal matters

  • Fulfill the organization’s responsibilities and duties and ensure that all actions taken comply with all requirements/regulation
  • Budget planning, monitoring, and management of procurement
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of all project reports and other relevant documents 
  • HR management (responsible for the organization and confidentiality of HR files - personal records, contracts, career development plan, etc.)
  • Arranging the logistics of the center’s activities with the request of the team members and in cooperation with the finance and logistic officer
  • Further develop the center with its activities, programs, and offers


Project coordination 

  • Supervise and assess the overall development of the center and monitor the project progress
  • Develop strategic planning on all technical matters 
  • Organize and implement measures to foster the development of the project and its working structure such as team-building, meetings, and evaluation
  • Identify, monitor, and report unmet needs
  • Develop/adapt and implement protection strategies 
  • Follow up the implementation of the center policies as well as the documentation systems in the various areas


Qualifications Required:

  • Preferred Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economy, international relations, social sciences, law, or psychology
  • Experience in administrative coordination / administrative works in the field of (organizations working in) migration-related issues
  • Experience in project development, management, implementation, and evaluation
  • Experience in liaising with governmental institutions and other stakeholders
  • Experience with finance management (finance planning and monitoring)
  • Experience in working with women and vulnerable groups
  • Good knowledge of internal and international migration issues
  • Fluent in Turkish and English (speaking and writing)
  • High resilience and flexibility
  • Ability to adapt to needs, think creatively, and take on responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skills


Please send a CV and motivation letter to

Only candidates who pass the first round will receive an answer. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by July 8th at the latest.


Yasamak Dernegi is a non-profit, non-governmental grassroot-organisation founded by a group of individuals, who have been active in different projects for many years. The association carries out educational work circling around life in exile in its wider context of a past-colonial, globalized world as well as the Women's Legal & Community Center which aims to support female refugees and migrants and their families residing in Izmir to overcome every-day burdens and to increase their social mobility and autonomy.

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