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MSYD-ASRA istanbul
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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İlan Detayları
  1. About ASRA

ASRA, is a non-governmental and humanitarian aid organization which mainly aims at meeting basic needs and improving living conditions of the individuals and communities who are affected by humanitarian crisis, conflicts, human rights violations and natural disasters.


ASRA continues its works at national and international level within principles of non-discrimination, transparency, impartiality, and accountability, according to the international standards of humanitarian privacy. ASRA has a role in enhancing living conditions of crisis affected individuals and communities through activities and emergency responses carried out at national and international level.


ASRA, by carrying out field studies which regularly analyze the conditions of crisis affected people, and publishing situation reports; directs the attention of relevant organizations to crisis regions.


ASRA, pursuant to the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, impartiality and accountability, adopts direct and quick response to the crisis affected individuals and communities, as the main principle.

2  Job Summary


The Project Officer will be responsible for carrying out the work of MSYD projects in field offices in Istanbul. It will carry out activities to ensure that the general public, beneficiaries, local and national authorities, as well as regional organizations are aware of the nature and extent of humanitarian activities.

The owner of the position must have a good command of Turkish and English language, both verbally and in writing. They should be able to give advice to implementing partners and operational colleagues in the region and have the necessary qualification and maturity to work with them. They should be able to identify with strong organizational skills and its own priorities and also work in close supervision. If necessary, they should be willing to travel to the region covered by MSYD.


3.  Duties and Responsibilities:


Within the authorized task, the Project Officer Responsible will be responsible for the following tasks:


  • Supporting the initiation of new areas of activity by building stakeholder maps and mapping them, establishing relationships, providing support in evaluations, and helping identify and recruit new staff and workplace offices,
  • Supporting Community Health and Protection Assistants, Field Workers, Case Assistants, Psycho-Social Assistants and Volunteers in program reporting, management of donor files and monitoring activities,
  • Supervising and supporting the Community Health Center to be managed properly,
  • To support the application of measurement tools in the field for data collection together with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer,
  • To manage e-mails, to follow up and to answer questions in a timely manner,
  • Organizing weekly work schedules of volunteers and trainees regularly,
  • To perform various administrative duties,
  • To fill out a questionnaire with the beneficiaries to organize the FDG (Focus Discussion Group) and to provide the needs and interests of the POC (Anxious People),
  • Developing, planning and organizing courses and activities in line with the needs of the beneficiaries,
  • To monitor and supervise all activities of the Community Health Center,
  • To participate in activities, trainings and courses in order to evaluate the performance of the trainers and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries,
  • To provide continuous feedback to a supervisor about project progress, lessons learned, achievements, gaps, problems,
  • The Project Officer is also responsible for developing and filing all documents related to their partners and beneficiaries (eg TOR, participation documents, meeting minutes, evaluations, files of the beneficiaries, reports, pictures etc.)
  • Attending coordination meetings on a monthly basis,
  • Evaluating the quality of the services provided in the community health center frequently by conducting evaluation studies with beneficiaries, trainers, center staff and creating an appropriate complaints mechanism.
  • The Project Officer ensures that they follow the code of conduct, community center rules or other guidelines developed by MSYD,
  • To organize administrative / financial / logistics issues related to the center's activity,
  • Providing a weekly / monthly report on the number of cases seen and diagnosed by age and gender, as well as being a reference source using the spreadsheets and collection tools provided,
  • Providing administrative support to ensure that program processes are maintained effectively, up-to-date and accurately, such as event calendar, training calendar and staff files,
  • Responding to direct needs of community health needs identified through family or group interventions,
  • Participation in the trainings given in the program files and keeping pre-post test records,
  • Organizing individual assistance and group counseling sessions, and conducting relevant needs assessment during field office or home visits when necessary and appropriate,
  • Keeping separate files for each person visited, including detailed descriptions of the services provided,
  • Carrying out case studies on the beneficiaries and activities of the project,
  • Facilitating, designing and supporting collective activities for beneficiaries in the field,
  • Attending program meetings for strategic planning and evaluation,
  • Reporting all duties and responsibilities directly to the Project Manager,
  • Sharing the relevant information with the Project Manager and other supervisors,
  • Assisting in developing public health and awareness materials and educational materials,
  • To work in cooperation with other local and international institutions, if necessary, and relevant government institutions,
  • To ensure that all information and data related to registered cases are stored in a secure and confidential environment,
  • To increase the staff capacity to implement the related program,
  • To develop and maintain regular and transparent supportive communication structures.
  • Manage the budget for the assigned projects and ensure that all expenses are in line with the budget and meet MSYD standards in terms of financial management and accountability,
  • To hold Monthly Budget Spending meetings with the Program President to review expenditures and make correction suggestions for overspending or low spending.



4.  Required Qualifications:


  • It is necessary to graduate from the University on International Relations, Sociology, Social Services, Psychology and related Social Sciences programs,
  • Basic information is preferred in the fields of Psychology, Psycho-Social support or Sociology,
  • Having at least 3 years of experience working with NGOs or International Organizations,
  • Skills of fluent oral and written English and Turkish, Arabic language skills will be an advantage.
  • Being sensitive to cultural differences and having the ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships with partners, local governments and community organizations.
  • Knowing Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint programs very well,



5. Additional Responsibilities:

Regarding the skill and experience levels, the employee may need to perform additional reasonable tasks when necessary.




Mülteciler ve Sığınmacılarla Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma ve Destekleme Derneği (MSYD), bir sivil toplum kuruluşu olarak, mülteci hakları, doğal afetler, krizler, çatışmalar, insan hakları ihlallerinden etkilenmiş birey ve toplulukların ihtiyaçlarını, sorunlarını, yaşam koşullarının iyileştirilmesini ve temel gereksinimlerin karşılamalarına katkı sağlayan bir insani yardım kuruluşudur.
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