Protection Project Officer (Ref: SR-TR-PRO-POF)

Suriye Yardım Derneği Hatay
Tam Zamanlı
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 870


İlan Detayları

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

Preferred Bachelor degree in Education, Psychology, Social Studies or Business Administration etc. Significant relevant work experience in these specific areas will be considered as an added value.

General Work Experience:

Minimum 1 year of experience as a Project Officer/ Coordinator with relevant experience and understanding of the same sector. Has the flexibility to deal rapidly with numerous and often simultaneous problems in an effective manner. Patient and good communicator who can function in an organization employing a multi-national staff, and whose sites are geographically distributed in areas of the country difficult to access during certain periods of the year. Remote management experience desired.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Assist Protection Project Manager in managing the successful implementation of assigned projects on a day to day basis.
  • Provide day-to-day technical support for Protection Teams in the field
  • Facilitate technical trainings as needed
  • Attend Partner’s technical meetings when required
  • Facilitate projects reporting and information flow to the Project Manager to complete the reporting requirements within agreed timeframes
  • Liaise with other supporting departments to ensure that Project(s) activities are being implemented according to the agreed implementation plan.
  • Contact SR Security and Safety Focal Point to collect data about the security situation of Protection Projects locations and share any significant issue with Project Manager.
  • Archive Protection Project(s) documents and data in SR Share
  • Prepare projects Procurement Requests and projects Requests for Payment (advance for running cost, salaries etc.).
  • Ensure that all signed projects financial requests are delivered to Finance (both soft and hard copies).
  • Coordinate closely with Education Project Manager to ensure all Protection reporting requirements are provided
  • Work closely with Logistics to attend any procurement related meetings (CBA, Quality Check, spot check etc.)
  • Coordinate with Compliance and Admin to host meetings with external stakeholders (donors, partners, government officials etc..)




  • Languages: Good in English and Arabic (writing –reading –speaking) other language will be desired especially Turkish
  • Computing: Proficient in Microsoft Office including, excel, word, outlook etc.
  • Communication skills: negotiating, facilitating and presenting as well as strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Time management, organization and work prioritization
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Project Management
  • Remote management
  • Work overtime when required
  • Collaborative with other related departments e.g. supply chain, finance & HR …etc

How to Apply:

Please send a CV and cover letter indicating your experience to the attention of HR Department in Syria Relief with the job code “SR-TR-PRO-POF“ in the subject line.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this vacancy.

Due to the urgency of the position, suitable candidates may be selected prior to the application deadline.

“All Suriye Yardım Derneğ members (staff, volunteers and interns) are committed to the SYD policies such as, SYD Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy, Reporting Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Reporting Conflict of Interest, Reporting Misconduct.”