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Job Summary 

The psychiatrist in this position will evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with mental disorders and provide necessary psychiatric/behavioural health consultation to patients in the rehabilitation centers. The psychiatrist is expected to support clients by evaluating their mental health and psychosocial conditions; developing and implementing treatment plans, doing referrals to medical facilities in cases of need, and monitoring and evaluating treatment results. The psychiatrist completes all documentation related to consultations according to required international standards, provides updated professional information in a timely manner and participates actively in medical staff meetings.

Responsibilities & Tasks:  

Within delegated authority, Psychiatrist will be responsible for the following tasks:

• Performs psychiatric assessments, formulates diagnoses and develop comprehensive treatment plans, and initiates treatment modalities

• Provide high quality consultations including taking relevant client history, doing appropriate referrals, and following up with the actions taken throughout the counselling period

• Conduct and assist individual and group counselling sessions schedules and upon undertaken relevant needs assessment, within the community center and/or home visits when it is necessary and appropriate

• Provide education to clients and their families, and monitors client’s response to the consultations

• Design and support the facilitation of group psycho-social activities for beneficiaries in the community centre

• Monitor diagnostic trends and report to supervisor as needed tools provided

• Retain the confidential nature of client information

• Submit reports in a timely manner

• Participate in educational sessions for staff and clients as directed by supervisor

• Provide training to other staff as requested by supervisor

• Collaborate with other departments as needed to ensure smooth implementation and integration of service

• Adhere to administrative directives with regards to work schedules, record keeping, client communications, consumables and other items

• Adhere to ASRA Code of Conduct and internationally accepted humanitarian principles

• Provide all services to clients free of charge

• Give necessary guidance to the mental health care staff concerning the client care and follow up

• Conduct weekly meetings with the Psychologists and PSS Assistants to discuss client care, difficult cases, general problem

• Build capacity of staff to implement MHPSS programmes through training and other type of transfer of knowledge

• Help with developing psychological awareness materials and training material

• Train selected staff in key aspects of psychological first aid and relevant aspects of IASC guidelines

• Initiate training of identified staff in appropriate skills (e.g. frontline mental health care for PHC workers, community psychosocial support skills)

• Train “other staff/counsellors/other team members” to identify and mental health and psychosocial problems through: -Training sessions -Supervision-Psycho-education sessions

• Oversee the data collection and work closely with the M&E team on monthly analysis of the data and reporting

• In case of temporary/permanently leave situation, Handover Report will be filled out and submitted to the relevant departments,

Additional responsibilities:

In relation to their level of skills and experience the post holder may be required to carry out additional duties from time to time that are reasonable.

We offer

Contract length: 3 months

Level: Masters


Mülteciler ve Sığınmacılarla Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma ve Destekleme Derneği (MSYD), bir sivil toplum kuruluşu olarak, mülteci hakları, doğal afetler, krizler, çatışmalar, insan hakları ihlallerinden etkilenmiş birey ve toplulukların ihtiyaçlarını, sorunlarını, yaşam koşullarının iyileştirilmesini ve temel gereksinimlerin karşılamalarına katkı sağlayan bir insani yardım kuruluşudur.

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