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Position: Psychologist

Job Location: Gaziantep
Reporting to:  MHPSS Team leader and technically MHPSS officer

Working area: Gaziantep, Turkey


Number of positions open: 2


Key relationships: Psychiatrist, Team Leader, PSS workers, MHPSS Center staff

General objective of the position:

Psychologist is to provide Psychotherapy service through comprehensive assessment, Therapy plan, implementation, follow up in additional to participating with other MHPSS activities.


 Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Working affectively with the other MHPSS Center’s team members to ensure a high quality of work with full respect of the Humanitarian Work Principles.
  • Conducting comprehensive assessments of the situation of the individuals on the psychological, social and mental level.
  •   Conducting psychotherapy sessions with individuals with MHPSS Disorders and supporting their care givers to understand the individuals’ problems and how they can support them.
  • Conducting group psychotherapy sessions with groups of individuals with similar MHPSS Disorders.
  • Conducting additional assessments such as (IQ test…etc.) when needed.
  • Following up on the recovery process through gradual coordination with the psychiatrist and the PSS workers for the beneficiaries who are receiving additional PSS and Mental Health Sessions. 
  • Continue coordinating with the others MHPSS Center’s team members to ensure linking the beneficiaries with the suitable services to their needs when it exceeds the MHPSS center’s abilities.
  • Providing the needed psycho-education to the beneficiaries and their care givers and family members.
  • Taking in consideration the reported evaluations of Beneficiaries’ satisfaction into consideration to improve the MHPSS service quality.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of beneficiaries’ information documented in the assessment forms and the clinical soft and hard copies with ensuring good quality of documentation of the beneficiaries’ files and information.
  • Participating in the ongoing group and individual technical supervision sessions.
  • Providing weekly/monthly regular updates and reports to the supervisor.
  • Participating in raising awareness regarding the MHPSS disorders and the rights of people who suffer from them on both individual and the community level.
  • Active participation in advocacy campaigns and celebration of world days related to MHPSS such as (World Mental Health Day, international Day for people with disability…etc.).
  • Facilitating group activities for beneficiaries and group activities of care providers of the beneficiaries.


Mandatory Qualifications required

- A university degree of relevant field of study (e.g. bachelor of Psychological counseling/Psychology or any related field of study.

- One Year experience at least of working as a psychologist.

- Ability to conduct individual and group psychotherapy sessions and group activities specifically in MHPSS issues.

  • Attended Psychotherapy Techniques training and having experience certificates.
  • Having basic proficiency in using e-mails and filling beneficiaries’ information on electronic forms.
  • Commitment to the basic morals of working with vulnerable people and respecting confidentiality.
  • Ability to work independently and with a team in the same time.


  • Fluency written and spoken in Arabic
  • Upper-intermediate written and spoken English



The salary will be defined regarding the SAMS Turkey Office salary scale on-going.

Interested candidates may please send their resume and fill the application in the following link

Last date for application is 01/ May / 2019


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