Re-Advertiser/Legal Compliance Officer

Syrian Forum İstanbul
Tam Zamanlı
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İlan Detayları

Job Purpose:

To ensure the organization functions in a legal and ethical manner. Responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing policies, and advising management on possible risks.

Key Responsibilities
- Acting as the Focal point between all programs within SF and the legal accountants, lawyers, and consultants
- Coordinate all legal matters between the organization’s departments and its programs, including the organization and employees’ SGK
- Managing the legal archive and documents of the institution and maintaining its confidentiality
- Mastermind compliance policies and protocols on behalf of the organization
- Develop and implement a compliance program to ensure the organization operates in accordance with Turkish laws
- Remain up to date on Turkish laws related to the organization and update policies accordingly
- Perform internal audits to determine whether the established policies and SOPs are being followed
- Respect and apply all the PSEA principles, and show high commitment to report any SEA action
Note: the above-mentioned vital responsibilities/accountabilities are illustrative ones. Other future responsibilities/accountability may be assigned to the job depending on the department’s organizational chart.

Qualification (Education/Work Experience)

  1. Essential:
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business administration, or related fields
    • 2 years of experience in general Turkish laws
    • Advanced level in Turkish, and Arabic
  2. Desirable:
    • Master’s degree in business administration, or related fields
    • 3 years of experience in general Turkish laws
    • Fluent level in Turkish, and Arabic
    • Advanced in English

Core & Technical Competencies:

Core Competencies:
- Communication
- Teamwork
- Planning and organizing
- Accountability

1. Creativity
- Stakeholders Orientation
- Commitment to Continuous Learning
- Technological Awareness.
2. Supervisor/Managerial Competencies:
- Leadership
- Building Trust
- Vision
- Managing Performance
- Empowering Others
- Judgment/Decision-making.
3. Technical Competencies:
- Computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook)
- Attention to details
- Analytical skills
- Experience in working with NGOs
- Knowledge of writing SOPs
- Management and organizational skills
- Strong moral code and sense of ethics

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Syrian Forum

A systemic, sustainable, comprehensive, institutional response that comprises, and goes well beyond, direct humanitarian assistance, to include ways in which the Syrian people can help themselves rise up from the depths of tragedy and despair, and into sustainable security and prosperity.
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