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Savaştan Etkilenen Çocuklara Yardım Derneği (SEÇ) Gaziantep
Tam Zamanlı 4-9
Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced),Türkçe (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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İlan Detayları

Country Manager -Turkey

  • INTERVENTION SECTOR(S):  Health & Mental Health


  • CONTRACT TYPE: Full Time

  • PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT: 1 year, renewable based on performance and funding

  • SALARY: Based on Experience

  • SALARY RANGE:3500 to 3800(USD) Depending on experience 

  • EDUCATION DEGREE: Bachelor's Degree

  • ARABIC and / or TURKISH LANGUAGE: Fluent



INARA provides life-altering medical care and reconstructive surgery for children (0-18 years) who have injuries due to war, blasts, or unsafe living conditions, and are unable to access or afford treatment. INARA’s work consists of filling the gap in access to free-of-charge medical and surgical treatment. INARA also supports ongoing cases with medication, medical equipment (such as prosthetics, eyeglasses, glass eyes, and hearing aids), laboratory and diagnostic testing, transportation, accommodation prior/post-surgery, and other therapeutic regimens (speech therapy, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy). In addition, INARA provides psychiatric and psychological therapy services to children in need through its in-house mental health program.

INARA’s entire operation and staff in Turkey have been impacted by the earthquake. The earthquake zone is also where all our beneficiaries live. We have activated our Rapid Response Program, looking at where we are able to provide support not only to our beneficiaries’ families who are among the most vulnerable given that they already have traumatic medical injuries and mental health problems but also to all those who have been impacted by this devastating event.  Our main intervention is called Aid, Relief, and Assistance, where we are distributing relief items, providing medical aid for early discharged survivors, and psychological first aid and MHPSS assistance for children in temporary safe spaces. We are currently based in Adana and roving around the affected areas to assist as many families as possible through urgent assistance, this is mainly our first action based on the current needs, but we will be shifting next week to Gaziantep where we will set up INARA tents (Safe Spaces) in the city and in Antakya-Hatay, Islahiye, and Kahramanmas. On the other hand, we are just initiating a pilot project where we will deploy a mobile team constituted of a doctor or a nurse and a social worker in a well-equipped caravan to provide consultations and wound change for the survivors while also conducting basic psychosocial support, recreational educational activities, and storytelling for kids through the included mobile library. These two activities will go simultaneously through INARA’s mobile caravan to address the physical and mental health needs of the affected children and their families. 


The Opportunity

INARA, through its locally registered operation in Turkey, will be revamping its mental health program to address the impact of the earthquake on children. As a part of this effort, INARA is planning on establishing small field centers, operating out of tents, to run basic emergency mental health interventions for children ages 0-18 plus potentially expand into providing services to adults and family units. 

INARA is looking for qualified and dedicated individuals to help build up this program while maintaining INARA’s original program of providing medical and mental healthcare to war, conflict, and instability impacted children.. In addition, recruits would observe, and survey individuals to identify those that will need more targeted one on one interventions.


Country Manager is responsible for Turkey’s operations overall, including high-level representation and, program development, strategic planning, risk management, program quality, administrative processes, security, and all other aspects vital to ensure the health of the operations. The Country Manager must be dynamic, maintain the ability to work on both macro/ strategic and micro/ detail-oriented issues simultaneously, and have strong communication skills in order to work effectively with internal actors at all levels of the organization and external actors including but not limited to donors, government institutions, U.N. agencies, partners and other key stakeholders.


Program Planning and Development

  • Develop, in cooperation with the President and senior management, and Turkey’s  health coordinator, short, medium, and long-range strategic plans maintaining program focus in areas congruent with INARA’s program objectives

  • Maintain effective communications with donors by tracking trends and anticipating the likelihood of funding opportunities

  • Spot and forcefully pursue new opportunities for program growth and start-up which may include conducting full-scale assessments, in coordination with regional and global Programs.

  • Assess other implementing organization's activities using all available means to identify gap areas and overlap

  • Identify and participate in forums and meetings for the NGO sector where a strategic benefit for the organization exists

  • Negotiate contracts and agreements with donors and partners, in coordination with the regional fundraising officer and President as well as Grants and Contracts teams

  • Actively Seek and pursue local funding and fundraising opportunities in Turkey.

  •  Maintain effective communications with INARA’s global departments, regarding program development, funding agreements, security, staffing, and other operational issues

  •  Identify, and where necessary, initiate and maintain program partnerships with external agencies.

  • Coordinate with INARA’s local board in Turkey (through the locally registered organization) to engage them in developing fundraising opportunities and keep them informed on progress.

  • Coordinate with INARA’s local legal accountant to ensure that the organization is within the legal framework in Turkey.

 Program Management

• Oversee project implementation, including allocation of resources, ensuring that appropriate controls are maintained at all levels, by working with the health program coordinator

• Ensure that team members are effective and efficient and contribute the necessary work to ensure their programs are a success. Provide feedback to staff to ensure optimal performance.

• Ensure programs are completed within time, on budget, and achieve their objectives

• Provide adequate support to each program, including but not limited to strategic vision and technical input and advice

• Monitor project implementation, communication, and report both internally and externally


Team Management

• Provide leadership and management for staff. Ensure timely and quality staff performance management of directly managed staff, making sure all program team follows best practices in this regard

• Ensure that the hiring, promotion, firing, and termination of compensation levels of national staff are in accordance with local laws and practice

• Ensure the continued safety of all personnel and establish and implement emergency security evacuation plans as appropriate

• In collaboration with the HR team, address disciplinary, conflict, and abuse issues within the program team

• In accordance with INARA’s HR policy and in line with INARA’s staff care efforts, maintain a healthy work environment, with reasonable workloads and proper leaves. 

External Representation

• Maintain a suitable image for INARA in Turkey and protect INARA’S interests and assets

• Effectively liaise with lead agency representatives, as well as national government officials and counterparts within partner organizations, legal counsel, audit firms, etc

• Represent INARA at high-level, routine meetings, and sector meetings and in the press when required

• Initiate INARA’s response to disasters and emergencies when appropriate

• Facilitate donor visits to project sites as appropriate


Financial Management

• Ensure budget preparation, financial spending plan and monitoring at the country level

• Ensure that Turkey’s office maintains complete, up-to-date, and accurate financial records and that records are adequately reported and stored

• Ensure the timely preparation and accuracy of financial reports by working with financial accounting staff as required by INARA.

• Act as a signatory on bank accounts


• Act as the communication link between the national and global staff.

  • Direct all communications up or down, as appropriate.

• Maintain organizational consistency through the maintenance of strong, positive relations with field teams and Regional staff.

• Undertake additional activities as required by INARA’s President.


Based in Gaziantep, the working environment will be a combination of both field and office-based work. Field work may be in various settings such as hospitals, laser therapy clinics, non-profit social services organizations, and similar agencies with whom INARA partners. There may be times when the position holder is required to work on the weekends or evenings and undertake other duties which are broadly in line with the above responsibilities.


Essential Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in business management or any client-centered field; in certain cases, 9+ years of relevant experience is accepted in lieu of a degree.

  • A minimum of 7 years of program development and implementation in the humanitarian sector, preferably in Turkey or the Middle East.

  • Management of a team of 10 or more staff members, with excellent team leadership skills.

  • Strong written and spoken English skills are required, including report writing and proposal development, plus Turkish and/or Arabic at a conversational level.

  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

  • Strong ability to multitask and set priorities, and manage a varied workload.

  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills with an ability to communicate with a wide range of actors.

  • A demonstrable understanding of the current socio-political and refugee contexts in Turkey and Syria.

  • Experience in financial management and familiarity with administrative systems, including Microsoft Office.

  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability to different environments.


  • Experience working on the frontline with vulnerable people in Turkey or the Middle East.

  • Experience working with vulnerable children who have medical needs and corresponding knowledge of the principles and practices required when working with these children.

  • An understanding of medical issues which arise out of conflict situations.

  • Existing relationships within appropriate humanitarian organizations and/or medical providers.


Please send your updated CV and a cover letter in English, detailing how you meet the responsibilities and requirements to, with “Country Manager - Turkey” as the subject line. CV-only applications will not be considered, submitting a cover letter is required. and only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Please note that INARA does not cover any relocation costs for this position. 


Savaştan Etkilenen Çocuklara Yardım Derneği (SEÇ)

SEÇ is a non-profit that provides access to life-altering medical and mental health care to conflict-impacted children. These children are injured or traumatized by the horrors of war, in the aftermath of conflict, or due to unsafe living conditions.
Forgotten about once the bombs stop falling, they struggle to find someone to support them. At SEÇ, we step in to provide them with the care they need to heal, recover, and move on.
SEÇ fills programmatic gaps and takes on cases when no other institution can.
We currently sponsor children of all nationalities in Lebanon and Turkey who need medical attention and psychological help. We have a team of well-trained case workers and mental health professionals ready to step in.

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