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İlan Detayları

Organization Name    :RET International

Position Name           : Reporting Manager

Duty Station               : Şanlıurfa, Türkiye

Reports to                  : Country Director ( S/he supervises the Reporting Officers and Reporting Assistants)


Background information:

RET International,, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland,with offices around the world, is an independent, impartial, non-partisan organisation, with no religious or political affiliation. RET International was founded in 2000 to address the dire need for education in emergencies infragile contexts for vulnerable young people affected by displacement,violence, armed conflict and disasters.

Mission: What does RET do?

At RET we are committed to assisting communities to meet the educational needs, in the broadest sense, of YOUNG PEOPLE made vulnerable by displacement, violence,armed conflict and disasters.


RET International Values:

·        Adaptability

·        Dynamism

·        Dedication

·        Pragmatism


Job Description:

General Responsibility

·     Ensure that data on programme beneficiaries, processes, progress and performance are effectively collected, entered, analysed and documented, in a way to inform timely decision making and the adoption of sound corrective measures;

·      Lead the preparation of consolidated progress reports, based on reliable data collected in the field, for timely submission, after verification from the hierarchy, to RET International (RET) Headquarters and donors.

Specific Responsibilities

In consultation with the Programme Manager:

·        Revise the M&E plan and check it periodically against project Key PerformanceI ndicators’ level of achievement, as required;

·     Develop or adapt existing assessment tools to timely measure project performance indicators, analysis plans and data entry spreadsheets;

·     Provide training to relevant staff members on the use of RET global M&E system, as well as additional M&E training based on project/field needs;

·        Actively engage and follow up of the out sourced software development,

·        Close follow up of the Programme Work Plan;

·     Support implementation of M&E tasks and identify where adaptations might be needed to reach projects’ objectives and particularly its set of KPIs;

·       Oversee the quality of M&E process in all projects;

·      Review M&E forms uploaded to Dropbox, checking for accuracy and completion and share it monthly with the HQ;

·    Examine data collected at field level for inconsistencies and follow-up; upload key means of verification used to document the appropriate implementation of the project (attendance lists signed, weekly centre/club/school activity reports approved by the hierarchy, etc. to Dropbox and share it with the HQ; 

·    Identify and inform the hierarchy on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to Quality Assurance, project development, implementation and reporting;

·     Review monthly consolidated project report submitted by Project Coordinators and Project Officers against M&E forms and project KPIs;

·      Ensure archives are up-to-date;

·      Inform the hierarchy of any inconsistencies between monthly report and M&E forms;

·      Participate in monthly WG meetings;

·      Participate in monthly calls with the Programme Manager;

       Perform other Monitoring and Evaluation duties as requested by the hierarchy.

Secondary Responsibilities

·      Participate in the elaboration of articles and relevant documents aiming to disseminate RET’s achievements, lessons learnt and/or models of interventions

Inaddition, like all RET Staff, to:

·   Comply with internal policies, ensuring that activities and their performance comply with what is established in RET's Code of Conduct and other policy documents, such as RET Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy;

·     Work as a team to achieve RET’s goals;

·     Manage in a transparent way RET’s resources,fulfilling effectively and efficiently the tasks entrusted;

·     Propose, constructively, alternative solutions to problems that arise in the work area.


NOTE: Please note that only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We thank you for your interest in our organisation and wish you all the best in your career.






We envision a world in which young people are not only protected through education, but are also empowered and capable of leading their communities out of conflict and crisis and towards stronger social cohesion, peace and prosperity.
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