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Request for Proposal

To assess/evaluate all the health services provided in all the facilities under this programme, according to Essentials Health Service Package (EHSP), and other components.

I. Expertise France

Expertise France is the French international technical expertise agency.

Its goal is to respond to the growing needs of developing or emerging countries and assist their institutions in developing efficient and sustainable public policies in the fields of Economic Development, Public Finance, Governance and Human Rights, Stability, Safety and Security, Social Protection, Sustainable Development and Health.

Under the joint tutelage of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy, Expertise France develops its actions within the framework of French foreign policy in the areas of development, solidarity, and influence. The agency holds a portfolio of more than 300 projects in over 80 countries manages an annual turnover above €130 million and has implemented 63,000 working days in 2015.

II. Context

The Syrian conflict has had a devastating and lasting impact on Syria and across the region. With the conflict in almost its ninth year, the affected populations need for assistance[1] are of an unprecedented scale.

European partners entrusted Expertise France to implement different programmes in order to respond quickly to the needs of the Syrian population in a way that is conducive to local governance, early recovery, and stabilisation, by directly engaging with reliable partners inside Syria to deliver basic services to the population.

III. Purpose of this Request for Proposal

Kindly find the terms or reference (ToR) by following the link: http://tiny.cc/8fs45y

Or alternatively copy the following full link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g4v5it6rr1o5dgc/ToR-%20Order%20%23%20FWC-EF-TPM%2009-%20EF-M_E%20Unit%20v.6.pdf?dl=0

This document contains details about the assessment for the health services implemented in health facilities under the PHCs programme of Expertise France. This project is funded by the EU and implemented by a partner organisation, UOSSM.

Beyond the impact evaluation objective, the final purpose lays in eliciting adequate corrective measures in the field of project design as well as policy regulations framework enhancement.

IV. Introduction to the Programme

The general objective of this 24-month programme is to strengthen the primary health care sector in the conflict-affected areas of Syria. The main two objectives of this programme are:

  1. Providing direct assistance to the population in Northern Syria.
  2. Stabilising community access to improved primary health care services in

It aims to extend and reinforce these two actions, and it has been articulated around the following three main components with respective specific objectives:

  1. Maintaining and expanding access to quality primary health care services for conflict-affected communities.
  2. Improving the capacity of the primary health care workforce.
  3. Strengthening basic health governance at the local level

V. Project Activities that Require Assessment

The first major activity consists of two components.

  • Delivering clinical services.
  • Referring patients to partners with medical facilities to respond to patients’ needs.

This activity will utilise and is complemented, by the components of the other activity that will facilitate the delivery of services, such as the development of human resources to deliver clinical protocols (services), medical facilities, and equipment, by which clinical services can be provided, and procurement of medicines that will enable covering consultations.

As part of this activity, the medical staff will apply clinical protocols in each of the facilities targeted by the action and will deliver the primary health care services based on the WHO essential health services package (EHSP).

VI. Objectives and Scope of the Assessment

  1. Overall Project assessment
  2. Health Facilities operational assessment
  3. Essential Health Service Package (EHSP)
  4. Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Hygiene
  5. Health Information System (HIS)

VII. Required Skills of the assessment team for applying

  • Experience in health or medicines related evaluation of projects or programs.
  • The assessment team should include technical expertise in the respective sector (Health, Pharmaceutical, and so forth).
  • Demonstrated experience to produce high-quality monitoring and evaluation report.
  • Good understanding and expertise on essential health service package protocols (EHSP), IPC, HIS and Health facilities.
  • Experience in working with multiple stakeholders.
  • Direct geographical access to the project site

VIII. Contact and Management

The assessment firm will work under the direct supervision of Expertise France Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Management.


IX. Application and Selection

The interested TPM firm should submit the proposal by 17th of May 2019.

The selection will be based on the fulfilment of the specifications established in the TOR. The submitted application will be assessed in three categories:

  • The expertise and competencies of the assessment team meet the criteria indicated in the TOR.
  • The geographical access and past-experience to/in the project site
  • Financial proposal

The study is expected to be conducted over a period of 40 days – Draft report to be submitted on 12th of July 2019 and final report to be submitted by 26th of July 2019.

Expertise France

The mission of Expertise France is in line with French co-operation, development aid, influence and economic diplomacy policies. The agency promotes French public expertise with a view to building public policies meeting the institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges of partner countries.
Expertise France supports administrations or any other actor taking part in the implementation of these policies, such as public institutions, Parliaments, civil society or the private sector, in order to:
promote democratic, financial and economic governance;
work towards a return to stability and respond to threats;
meet the challenges of sustainable development and climate change;
contribute to harmonious human development.
With a volume of activity worth 120 million euros, more than 300 projects implemented in 80 countries as well as 63,000 days of expertise delivered in 2015, Expertise France is the leading public agency of French international technical assistance.

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