Sales and Marketing Officer (Ref: WSE_2021_Surname)

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Sales and Marketing Personnel
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (B2, Level 4, Intermediate )
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Organization       :Small Projects Istanbul Women’s Social Enterprise

Position               :Sales and Marketing Officer

Commitment:      :Full time 5d/40hr/week

Location              :Istanbul / Fatih

Direct Report      :General Manager

Background        :Experience and knowledge in social fashion/business - marketing, PR and sales - customer relations -  brand development - event management - social/digital media 


Small Projects Istanbul Women’s Social Enterprise is looking for a new memberfor a full time Sales and Marketing Officer position. This role is responsible to develop, implement, improve and report all sales and marketing activities and outcomes related to SPI’s Women Social Enterprise (WSE). Through identifying potential channels to sustain and grow the local and global outreach of the WSE and the Muhra brand this role is responsible to support to set and achieve marketing and sales targets of the Social Enterprise that will ensure the core objective of securing regular livelihoods opportunities for the production team members of SPI’s Community.


About Small Projects Istanbul (SPI)


Small Projects Istanbul (Zeytin Ağacı Derneği) is a non profit and a Community-Based Organization (CBO) that has been operating since 2015 in Istanbul, Fatih dedicated to support the local refugee community displaced by the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa region to rebuild their lives in Istanbul and beyond through community integration, empowerment and inclusion. The Olive Tree Community Center provides a safe and welcoming space for children, youth, women; individuals and families to interact with each other and have access to educational, psycho-social, vocational training & livelihood opportunities and community outreach services that supports the integrity and well being of the community. SPI’s local community including 200 families and nearly 400 children & youth have the chance to get involved, participate and benefit from the activities and services delivered in the Community Center as well as in other physical and/or online platforms. 


About Women’s Social Enterprise and Muhra


The Women’s Social Enterprise (WSE) was established in 2018, evolved from SPI’s Women’s Skills Development and Livelihoods Program that offered +70 participants the opportunities and resources to develop a social network and textile handicraft skills to support in house production and refugee employment. With the outcomes of the Program In 2017 SPI has launched a socially conscious brand “Muhra”, which includes an array of beautiful and meaningful collections containing %100 handcrafted clothing, jewellery & accessories goods. The “Drop Earrings Not Bombs'' (DENB) collection has been offered a unique experience, connecting the artisan’s story to a teardrop brass frame and woven mercerized cotton earring which comes in many colour combinations. 


Ensuingly the Women’s Social Enterprise was formed in order to create a channel where the skillful and committed refugee artisan women can thrive further through professional engagement by getting directly involved in production, marketing and sales activities while being given the opportunity to reach out to an international community that shares common social and professional concerns. Currently 39 women with refugee backgrounds are actively supported through their participation and collaboration that has been enabling the growth of the enterprise over years. 


The WSE incorporates ethical and slow fashion principles by creating safe and fair working and income opportunities for refugee women by following a production and supply chain processes that reduces the negative impact on people and environment as well as supporting the local development by collaborating with local suppliers sharing aligned ethics and standards. 




By getting involved in Small Projects Istanbul and the community you will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of colleagues and peers coming from different cultures and backgrounds. Within the bounds of the Olive Tree Community Center, team members, volunteers and beneficiaries mix comfortably and share their daily working environments, creating a rich and rewarding experience in which each learns and supports one another. Within a growing organization and enterprise you will be greatly able to share your experience, knowledge and creativity with the team with a significant space to grow with further skills and practises, not only related to a social business but also in the field of humanitarian development.


I. Main Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for development, coordination, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the WSE and Muhra sales activities

  • Support the team in strategy development and setting targets

  • Manage relations with current customers,  retail partners and brand ambassadors

  • Research and reach out to potential partners with the aim to achieve targets and increase sales opportunities 

  • Maintain the database with existing, new and potential retail stockists / customers / brand ambassadors

  • Develop networks and ensure participation in local and international sales events with
    sustainable outcomes

  • Manage online sales platforms (Shopify, Hepsiburada, etc.) i.e. product postings and descriptions, products specifications etc. in order to optimize customer experience

  • Overseeing/ carrying out logistic tasks in relation to orders delivery and sales fulfillment

  • Track records of online & offline sales, sales targets and ensure regular updating. Keep tracking of the inventory on Shopify online store.



  • Responsible for development, coordination, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the WSE and Muhra marketing activities

  • Responsible for the development of marketing content and brand representation for sales platforms e.g. social media, web store, PR assets, and brand copywriting

  • Grow customer engagement and drive sales through effective and responsive management of social media, web-physical store, and various digital platforms

  • Develop and implement the brand digital marketing strategy and ensure effective brand positioning as relates to target audience

  • Analyze consumer profiles and behavior to better position the brand and maximize results of marketing efforts

  • Responsible to give creative direction and manage collaborations with volunteer or professional graphic designers, photographers, videographers and printers, etc. in the development of PR assets

  • Create, follow up with, keep record of and disseminate publications in relation to WSE/Muhra (media releases, newsletters, brochures, annual report etc)

  • Be a point of contact for media requests, participate in interviews to maximize the promotion of the WSE and Muhra brand

Operations Support

  • Support project/partnership activities as required ie. planning, grant submissions, reporting, etc. 

  • Supporting supplies search processes through online research, visiting supply markets etc. supported by Production Coordinator by means of finding desired supplies and contributing to product development. 

  • Contribute to decision making in relation to product design and development in line with market analysis

  • Follow up with new trends, consumer behaviours etc. in eco-conscious/social fashion by means of contributing to product design and development 


Production Team Support

  • Ensure safe and positive working environment for all production team members; promoting collaboration; keeping always in mind the SPI’s and WSE’s main principles and values of inclusion, equal treatment and equal opportunities 


II. Requirements

  • Minimum of associate degree in business administration, marketing, communications or equivalent studies

  • 1-2 years sales and marketing experience preferably in a social business 

  • Excellent command of verbal and written Turkish and English

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills 

  • Good knowledge and experience in digital and social media marketing, online design tools (e.g canva, mailchimp, shopify)


  • Good knowledge of Ms Office, Google Drive Applications 

  • Experience working with vulnerable groups and/or NGOs is an asset

  • Ability to work with multicultural team

  • Turkish Citizenship


III. Application


Please submit your resume and a cover letter as instructed below. Your cover letter should contain an introduction of yourself, explaining why you are applying for the position, why you think you are a suitable candidate. Please include your salary expectation in your application. Failure of submitting these information might result in your application being ineligible. 

All application documents must be submitted in English.

E mail address for application :

Email subject: WSE_2021_Surname

Deadline for application: 02.04.21

*All the steps of the recruitment will be done in TURKISH and ENGLISH.

Small Projects İstanbul

Small Projects Istanbul (Registered in Turkey under the Turkish name “ZEYTIN AĞACI DERNEĞI”) is an independant NGO operating a Community Center in Istanbul, dedicated to helping displaced families rebuild their lives. SPI supports community development through delivering programs and activities for social cohesion, education support, and empowerment.
In order to provide livelihood opportunities to the women in the community and empower them to generate a small income to support their families, SPI has developed a Social Enterprise “Iktisadi Isletmesi” within the framework of the registered Association.
In 2016 SPI established the “Drop Earrings Not Bombs” collection, which continues to grow its international recognition and make customers happy all over the world. Then in 2017 SPI launched the brand “Muhra” as the central vehicle through which the products of the Women’s Social Enterprise are marketed to the world.

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