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Finance Officer
Tam Zamanlı
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İlan Detayları

Position                        : Senior Finance Officer, Partners


Reporting to                : Finance Manager


Duration                       : 12 months, extension subject to funding approval


Location                       : Gaziantep, Turkey


About RI:       ReliefInternational (RI) is a leading global change organization and home to teams ofhumanitarian professionals committed to transforming adversity into renewal forthe world’s most vulnerable populations. By partnering with beneficiaries andcommunities on the front-lines, RI innovatively bridges the gap betweenimmediate relief and long-term community development. Relief International isregistered NGO in Turkey and is based in Gaziantep to build capacities ofSyrian communities to respond their needs in health, water, sanitation andhygiene (WASH), and education. Relief International is currently seekingcandidates to be employed as Finance Assistant in Gaziantep as soon aspossible. 

Position Summary:

Under thedirect supervision of Finance Manager, the primary responsibility of the SeniorFinance Officer is to ensure compliance with organization’s/donors policies andprocedures, generally accepted accounting principles, to do technical financialreview of RI Partner NGOs/Sub-Recipients’ accounts, build capacity of PartnerNGOs, guide and supervise Finance Officer and Roving Finance Officer.

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

1.      Oversight of complianceproceduresand accountability,

·       Ensure proper compliance principlesare followed.

·       Ensure project allocation areaccurate.

·       Ensure that all financial proceduresare in line with RI policies and financial manual.


2.      Closely coordinate with Program Dep’t on payments to be made to PartnerNGOs and sub-offices,

·       Ensure meeting deadline for accruing partnerexpenses. Prepare Journal Vouchers and GL summaries.

·       Cooperate with program department onpayment data submission.

·       Follow up Roving FO and Finance officerto finalize review and verify Program data.

·       Review Backup documents and recordadvance in register and send reminder calendar to recipient to settle theadvance tracker is up-to-date.

·       Track advances to Partners andsub-offices




3.      Support all activities related to budgeting, financial audit andmanagement of Partner NGOs,


·       Review financial budgets and budgetnarrative of sub-recipients/partner NGOs and make sure that right costing ofproject expenses and host govt. statutory cost has been budgeted, e.g. socialsecurity contribution, taxes, severance, etc.

·       Ensure that the partners budget andexpenditures are in line with the agreed upon budgets and strategic plans

·       Provide feedback to the partner ontheir financial reports on monthly basis and as and when needed

·       Provide support to and work closelywith the partner to ensure a quality and timely submission of periodicfinancial reports

·       Identify / improve the financialreporting capacity of the partner

·       Keep track of requests for payments anddisbursements made by partner

·       Facilitate requests for payments madeby partners

·       Visit once in a quarter Partner NGOsoffice and review processes

·       Lead and prepare “issues report” withcoordination with program team and release for Partners/SRs review and feedback

·       Follow up the issue reports fromPartner NGOs and make sure to save the final signed off versions of FRs on boxdrive


4.      Supervise Roving Finance Officer and Finance Officer

·       Review and supervise travel plans ofRoving finance officer to visit partner NGOs

·       Make sure Roving FO visits partnerNGOs at least once in 02 months’

·       Review and take corrective measures onfield visit reports of Roving FO

·       Supervise Finance officer, and makesure he/she does the partners’ accounts’ desk review and assist in preparationof issue reports

·       Make sure Finance officer updates onbox drive “Partner Status Reports, BVAs, and Spend down plan”


5.      Assist Finance Manager in reviewing BVAs and Spend down plans ofPartner NGOs and share feedback with Program team

6.      Assist FM in external audits of the project and partner NGOs

7.      Assist FM in doing pre-assessment of new potential partner NGO,i.e. “Organization Capacity Assessment”

8.      Build capacity of Finance officers on review of financialdocuments of partner NGOs and processing of Payments


Qualification & Requirements:


1.      Professional background: minimum 3 years of relevantexperience.


2.      Formal Education: Educated to Bachelor’s level inrelated field such as Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Business Administration,or other educational background combined with relevant professional experience.

3.      Essential Skills:

·       Native Arabic speaker, fluent inEnglish

·       Previous experience in aninternational NGO

·       Proficiency in Microsoft Officepackage , especially Excel and Word

·       Strong communication, interpersonaland analytical skills

·       Ability to analyze problems andprovide systematic solutions in line with established policies / procedures

·       Ability and willingness to travelinside Syria when required


4.      Desired Skills (not essential but preferred):

·       Turkish speaker

·       Syrians with Turkish Nationality (Dualcitizenship)


5.      Personal  Qualities:

·       Excellent Monitoring, Reporting,Presentation, Facilitation and Communication skills.

·       Ability to work under pressure,independently and with limited supervision.

·       Flexibility

·       Ability to work in a dynamicenvironment and to multi-task to meet deadlines

·       Promotes team work, contributestowards building team consensus and acts as a team player

·       Consistently approach work with energyand a positive, constructive attitude

·       Demonstrate ability to identifyproblems.

Makes recommendations related to work procedures andimplementation of management systems.

RI Values

·       We uphold the Humanitarian Principles:humanity, neutrality, impartiality and operational independence.

·       We affirmatively engage the mostvulnerable communities.

·       We value:

o  Inclusiveness

o  Transparency and accountability

o  Agility and innovation

o  Collaboration

o  Sustainability

All staff, volunteers and interns are expected to adhere to thesevalues. RI is an equal opportunity employer. 

How to Apply

In case you meet the requirements and that you are interested in the position, please send your CV in English to before the 29 November 2018 stating in the subject “Senior Finance Officer“. In addition a 3 professional references. All candidates must be eligible to work in Turkey and have a valid Turkey ID.

Relief International

Relief International is a leading nonprofitable organization working in roughly 20 countries to relieve poverty, ensure well-being and advance dignity. We specialize in fragile settings, responding to natural disasters, humanitarian crises and chronic poverty. Relief International combines humanitarian and development approaches to provide immediate services while laying the groundwork for long-term impact. Our signature approach —which we call the RI Way— emphasizes local participation, an integration of services, strategic partnerships and a focus on civic skills. In this way, we empower communities to find, design and implement the solutions that work best for them.
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